Arc Two. Chapter Thirty-Eight. Girl Power
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Alexsi wheezed as the blade made breathing difficult and painful. Since his transformation he'd never felt pain anything like this, the blade extended through his chest had pierced his still thickening skin like it was butter and now blood stained his lips as he spoke. "Oh shit Pete, so you're Venom huh?" he coughed, breathing was hard but the pain was fading and he knew that wasn't a good sign "shit if I knew I'd have paid you more." he laughed at his own joke but the blade and the pain cut it short.

"You will tell us where Sandman, Electro and Ock are, or we will make your suffering worse." The black symbskin had fully covered Peter now and as Alexsi slumped to his knees, Venom towered over him.

Venom felt something, Osborn formed in his mind, and he spoke out loud “Osborn?” 

Alexsi coughed again, his breath short as he struggled to find air, "Osborn fuck, I don't know, honest Pete, I don't, shit, this hurts, please, just, 0324069, the safe, please, just."

He was cut short as Venom changed the blade in his chest back into a simple claw and pulled. Alexsi felt no more as his spine snapped and his insides spilled out onto the floor.

Venom took a deep breath. He'd promised himself he wouldn't kill so as not to involve the cops but if Alexsi was behind the bank break-in then his whole crew were too. Alexsi must have misunderstood, thinking Osborn had sent him there to kill him which meant Osborn must have been behind the break-in. fuck thought Peter, hoping he'd seen the last of Norman or Harry. It didn't matter right now though as the results were the same and hopefully the safe would provide the answers he was looking for.

Anything and everything in the safe was stuffed into a bag, including several thick wads of cash. Venom rifled through drawers, taking any paperwork he found and even breaking locked cabinets open. All of Alexsi's files were bagged and once he had looted everything Venom stared at the body on the floor. Even with Peter working there a body would bring the cops, would give Stacy an excuse to grab Gwen home, no, she is ours. He spied a propane heater in the corner and after moving it closer to the desk and into a better position he took Alexsi's lighter. "Smoking kills'' he chuckled to himself and knocked the pressure seal off the top of the tank.

After moving Alexsi's body near the tank he set the lighter aflame and set it on his desk. Swinging a line out he sat on the building across from the junkyard, Alexsi had been good to him, had been almost a friend but life wasn't that fair, of all people Peter knew life was never fair. He would have to kill again to protect those he cared about, they were all that was important. They were his family now and as the gas reached the lighter he watched the small office explode in a fireball, destroying all evidence the Venom was ever there.

"Holy Shit Peter" MJ slumped back in her chair, "you killed someone", she looked over at the body, "You killed two people, Peter, two. Do you know what that means?"

"I'm fired?" Peter replied and Gwen snorted.

MJ just shook her head, "This isn't the time for jokes, shit Peter, we could all go to jail for this" MJ waved her arms at the mess of the warehouse, Felicia had been moved onto another more comfortable bed and Gwen had poured bleach over the table and dumped the invader on it.

"MJ, it's fine, Gwen, Poison can create a caustic bleach right? Cover the agent guy in it, I’ll web him up then throw him into the bay." Gwen nodded and started to work.

"That's, that's not what I meant Pete, this is a crime scene, we, we need to call someone." MJ curled herself up, holding her legs.

"And what MJ? Tell them that I'm Venom and you two are infected as well? Tell them that Alexsi Sytsevich was Rhino and he sent a kill squad after us? That Felicia is Black Cat? Think MJ, think. Yes it sucks, but these people tried to kill me, tried to kill us. Felicia is dying and probably won't make it, and you're worried about the cops? Sorry, I love you I really do but you're being stupid right now. This," Peter motioned around him at the warehouse "this keeps us safe, and right now I doubt the cops are looking for either a secret agent guy or Felicia. Sure, they'll want to talk to me but I've got two alibis, you and Gwen, and if you keep your shit together like I know you can, then we'll be fine"

"Wait, you love me?" MJ was blushing and she leaned forwards excitedly.

"Of everything going on, that's what you take?" Peter was exasperated, he would do anything to keep them safe and murder was a small price for that.

"Oh well, excuse me for finally getting the words from the one person I wanted to hear them from, sorry it took you killing two shitheads to say it" MJ had stood up and was shouting at Peter

"Look, emotions are high enough, we all need to calm down and it'll be fine." Gwen had finished the task and had climbed back up to her deck, but really, if you two are gonna fight or fuck, please do it on your own house, I'm not cleaning up after you."

MJ stared wide-eyed at Gwen, and Peter just laughed. The tension in the air was gone, MJ rubbed her arm "love you too, stupid shithead" she whispered

"Yeah, enhanced hearing, MJ, sorry" Peter retorted and MJ blushed, batting his arm.

The symbskin flowed over Peter "We will be back" and leaping down to the table lifted the cocoon under one arm. He leapt up and out of the skylight exit in the roof.

“Is it going to be like this more?” MJ asked Gwen who shrugged.

As she at staring at her cold coffee she really didn’t know. “We both knew Pete was Venom, we both knew that he went out at night. Can we complain now? I mean, we knew Rhino and those assholes attacked him, that he wanted to get back at them.”

MJ sighed “I know, but murder. I didn’t think about that, I didn’t think it would go that far. It’s Peter you know, stupid dorky lovable Peter, not some monster, not a killer.”

Muse twisted and MJ's outfit changed into something more casual, she had been dressed for going out but now back in the warehouse she wanted to be comfy. "but I don't want to fight, Gwen. I've had enough of people like Flash," she rubbed her arm "like my father, but this, this whole thing. Why is Felicia in a costume? Why are people trying to kill us?"

"I don't know," Gwen replied, "I don't know MJ. But we can ask Felicia when she wakes up." She wouldn't admit it but seeing Muse shift as MJ's clothes irked her, Poison refused to do anything unless Gwen bribed her and either sugar or Pete was her choice most of the time.

"If she wakes up," answered Peter.

He had only taken a few minutes to dive into the dock and secure the body to the riverbed, using more webs he'd wedged it down with added rocks and even after Gwen's caustic web fluid had done its work nothing would float to the surface. 

He had also discovered a new power, as he dived down and his lungs burned he let out a breath and found clean air, he could breathe. Whatever his symbskin was made of allowed fresh clean air to pass through it without him drowning. It was just the wrong time for sharing his excitement about a new power.

Venom slipped back and the trio stared at one another as his symbskin retracted and became a set of clothes again. Gwen looked at MJ and then at the floor biting her lip, frowning. 

"What did you do?" Peter asked her,

"She was dying Tiger, not just a little bit but really dying, so uh, we saved her."

"And by we you don't mean you two," he motioned between Gwen and MJ, who shook their heads. 

"No, Muse, uh, Muse spawned, as Poison did. She told me how to do it. Felicia was dying Peter, so don't give me that look, two deaths are more than enough, I'm not a killer, and neither should you be." MJ poked a finger at him, her anger was evident and Peter knew better than to push it.

Peter rubbed his forehead, Gwen had been on purpose even if it was the first time, MJ an accident but they all knew each other, they all had history but Peters only history with Felicia was the math club and while he would call them friends he doubted very much Felicia felt the same way. 

"Fine. Shit," he swore and his shoulders slumped "but if she acts like you two we could be in real trouble."

"Oh don't worry Venom, You’re not." A black and grey-skinned symbiote covered Felicia limped up the stairs and joined them on the deck, her symbskin was black, with dark grey stripes, like tiger markings over her body, and a long flowing ponytail which glinted like fine silver thread hung from the top of her smooth black mask. As her yellow crescent eyes narrowed she spoke, "We are Huntress and you have some explaining to do." her threatening demeanour was spoiled however as the trio stared at the small cat ears that adorned the top of her mask and as Gwen aww’d, Peter burst out laughing.

Huntress looks like White Tiger (Ava Ayala) but her skin is black with dark grey stripes and silver hair, rather than white with light grey stripes with black hair