Arc Two. Chapter Forty. Morning Would (NSFW)
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Felicia stretched and felt Huntress stir within her, she had welcomed the symbiote with open arms, it gave her power, it gave her what she needed to take down that rat bastard Norman Osborn. When Peter had killed Rhino the files he took led Felicia right to Oscorp.

Not only the serum that had changed her into Black Cat but the job her father had gone missing on were listed in the files. Alexsi Sytsevich kept a very close eye on what Osborn was up to as a countermeasure to a double-cross. There was no denying that Alexsi was just as dirty but he was always dirty. Brought up on the streets he hustled from a young age and falling in with the mob was a given, falling in with Norman Osborn was as simple as greasing the right palm.

She had spent the night going over the files and had walked out of the porta-office without a care in the world, She usually had her breakfast waiting on a plate, preferring to grab an energy bar or canned protein drink but she plodded towards the breakfast table with her eyes half-closed. The strange wooden table was a different sight from the normal plastic-coated one she had at home. Even the cup and plate were missing. Scrunching her face up she realised she wasn't alone.

"Uh Felicia, I'm not gonna complain but uh, could you maybe put some clothes on," Peter asked her, Felicia looked down and her tight white panties didn't hide very much and as that was all she was wearing naturally, Peter got an eyeful.

Without shame, she stood and stared at him and in return, he stared right back. Gwen and MJ were both beautiful and since they became hosts they had toned down and put on muscle but Felicia was that way naturally. Her arms and legs were muscular from working out and fighting, even her taut stomach had very little fat on it and he could see the lines of her abs as she stood in the morning sun. As his eyes drifted up they stopped at her chest, he had no idea how breast size was measured but Felicia had gone right past cup and right into bowl. Her breasts were large but perky with light pink and slightly hard nipples that sat over largeish circles of her areola and as his eyes slid further up, her hair, still messy from sleeping, hung down over her slender neck. It's platinum blonde colour catching and reflecting the sunlight.

"Meh" was all she uttered as she took the cup from Peters's hands and began to drink his coffee, to stop him from taking it from her she sat herself down on his lap and grinned as she felt his erection digging into her ass. Rocking back and forth slightly she felt it slip between her legs and settle into a more comfortable position, her panties had moved and she could feel the burning heat of his manhood spreading her lips, she sighed happily as she finished his drink.

"Pete, Peter, Petie, hmm, Nah, Pete is best, there's a lot going on in here, Huntress tells me all sorts of good things, all sorts of dirty things too, but mainly good things. So, lets cut the shit, you saved me, you got me the files I wanted, you got me an upgrade, and most of all I'm digging the digging you're doing, so how about you lose the slacks, we lose the panties and we continue this until you're sure I'm grateful for everything huh?"

Peter didn't even wait to respond, lifting her he slid down his slacks and moving her panties to one side slid her down his length. Felicia gasped, she had expected rough but that was intense. Huntress was making her wet already and she could feel that the symbiote hungered for him, taking after the others. It knew the power he had and it wanted to taste it but Felicia had only second-hand knowledge to go on. His cock pulsed and radiate a flaming heat inside her, she'd never dated any men and had settled as a lesbian but this, her pussy tightened up around Peters manhood and she began to push herself up and down on it, using the table as leverage.

She had closed her eyes and yelped in surprise as someone else hands pinched her nipples, opening them she found Gwen drinking a coffee and touching her all over her chest "Oh don't mind me, you took my breakfast so you gotta pay kitty cat".

Felicia didn't care, while Gwen was a bit rougher than she wanted the thick hot cock was pulsing and pushing her buttons more than she could have imagined. As he was pistoned her up and down his cock grew, filling her completely, no space inside was left untouched and Gwen, holding the coffee cup with one hand was between her legs, rubbing and teasing her clit with the other.

Peter felt her tense up and he started to move faster, bringing himself to climax as she had already done so, he knew the symbiotes loved his taste and even without protection they would never allow their hosts to get pregnant, Peter loved that though he could shoot his cum into any of the girls and never have to worry about it and with that he did, his cock twitched and pulsed and Felicia felt him shoot more and more cum into her, driving her orgasm from a wave into a tsunami. She had never had sex with a man before and never had anyone cum inside her, as the heat of his seed filled her he gasped and rode the intense wave of her orgasm.

Gwen watched in rapt awe as he fucked Felicia in front of her, her own fingers had put down the cup and moved onto her clit and she had been massaging it with one hand and Felicia with the other until she came close to cumming, she knew she'd be a mess if she let things get any further, plus she wanted to watch them.

"Oh shit, Pete, that was, oh hell, Huntress was right." Felicia lifted herself off of Pete's lap and felt the sudden rush of emptiness as he slid out of her, the feeling both satisfying and a bit lonely, she and Huntress had both enjoyed themselves but now it was time to get to work. She leant over and kissed Gwen on the lips, "and you'll get yours later Gwennie, naughty naughty pinching me like that". Felicia had cupped both of Gwen's breasts with her hands and was rubbing her thumbs over the now very erect nipples under Gwen's shirt. "Later taters, gotta run" she whipped a line out and swung herself up into the walkways, her symbskin covering her completely and she hit the emergency roof hatch running and swung out into the daylight.

Gwen cursed and looked at herself, her nipples were now very erect and poked through her white top, biting her lip she checked her time, if she was quick she would make it to Oscorp in plenty of time, "Okay Pete, stay there". She lifted her skirt, pulled off her soaked underwear and lowered herself down onto him "Pete, You've got 10mins, hard and fast, rough as you like"

He did, thrusting straight into Gwen neither of them cared he'd just finished inside Felicia, Gwen's tendencies meant the MJ would wake up with more than a friendly hug but Felicia had outright stated she would be interested in a relationship with Gwen and that had driven a spike right into Gwen's sex drive. If Pete was accepting of Felicia then she would broach the subject later, not wanting to hurt MJ’s feelings that she was only her friend because she was attracted to her, and not wanting to hurt Peters that she wanted to cheat on him.

Imagining the raven-haired beauty with them both her climax had begun even before Pete had sunk himself into her, thrusting harder and harder, sensitive enough from his last orgasm that he didn't last long and feeling the hot cum flooding inside her, neither did she, she collapsed against him, "Shit that was amazing, now, I gotta run too." She slid off him, leant forwards and kissed the end of his soaked cock, licking all their cum from it, savouring its sweet and salty taste before heading into her home, grabbing fresh underwear and running out the warehouse door.

Peter, exhausted but satisfied leant back in his chair. Felicia had taken the files away with her and spent the rest of the morning reading them, promising an update once she had put them in order. Gwen and MJ had both left for work and now that Peter had killed his boss he had nothing to do.

Once Gwen and Mj had gone for a small nap and Felicia hid to recover he had doused the table with bleach, scrubbed it clean and then washed the floor, all the blood was gone and while he might sand and revarnish the table later it was clean enough they could sit at it again.

He knew would have to face the police at some point, but with Gwen and MJ as alibis, he would get out of that easily enough. Rhino had been easier to kill than he'd thought, but Electro would be a problem, while he could ground himself against some current he had no idea how much power he could generate, he needed some kind of device to ground Electro himself, easy enough to make, he might just have to break a few microwaves to do so, using the large magnets inside.

Sandman was easier, he could use some kind of heat emitter to just melt him into glass slag and if that wouldn't work gum him up again. While he had tested out the new symbarmour against Gwen, Sandman hit a lot harder and he might need to have a backup plan against the pair. He'd asked Gwen if there was any kind of acid or solvent that dissolved silicon or metals and she had shown him several different ones. Easy enough to make and store he could carry small vials, enough to blind or stun while he incapacitated him. He also wondered if Sandman had a limit, even if he wasn't flesh, having large chunks of his body cut off must still hurt and should eventually kill him.

Lastly, there was Ock. The four-limbed asshole was strong with under armour, the punches barely making a dent on his body, if Electro could throw lightning at him and Ock wasn't moving to avoid them, his limbs must be shielded against it, which was another problem, but more for the man than the machine. Even with shielding there had to be a way to short out the electronics of the harness and Peter wondered if he could make a small short-range EMP to disable him. He would need to be careful though, while easy enough to build the last thing he would want was to kill power for a city block or two.

Tapping his finger against the table, deep in thought, Peter plotted his revenge.