Arc Two. Chapter Forty-Five. On The House
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Venom and Huntress sat on the edge of the apartment block across from their target. It was well known as a whorehouse and not for good reasons. It was one of those places that dealt with a certain type of clientele. The kind of clients that were not just publicly powerful but were held in the spotlight, meaning indiscretions were difficult to avoid and a girlfriend showing up with a black eye could be a career-ending move.

In the back streets of Manhattan, in a small and unobtrusive looking building was the brothel, it was lavish, richly decorated and stocked with anything and everything an up and coming or established celebrity could want, illegal or otherwise.

While the rooms were soundproofed there was plenty of evidence from Alexsis notes to let them know what was going on, the first floor was a party room, get a drink and pick a girl, then head to the first floor for sex, drugs and rock and roll. The second floor was the more perverse rooms, want a spanking or a little blood? then this was your stop. The third floor was the drug rooms, take a girl, do your drug of choice and if it was a party drug then fuck or just chill out.

It was the fourth floor that rained fire in Peter's blood. The rooms here were waterproofed and more than soundproofed, easy to wash down, easy to remove any signs of what went on. These were for the clients who liked to spill blood, who'd just lost a SuperBowl or record deal and needed to vent, who needed someone who'd disappear afterwards, no questions asked. Girls and the client went in, the client came out. This was the worst of the worst, and tonight, Huntress and Venom planned on burning it to the ground.

The plan was to go in through the top floor, with it being the worst it would also be the most heavily guarded and the men there the most heavily armed. While the plan was to get anyone inside out they had no care if the people who ran the place escaped, this was a clean sweep operation, not a capture or kill.

Venom had made a headset for Huntress, one thing they needed was to be able to communicate if something unexpected showed up. The last thing they needed was to be separated and contained. Venom tapped the side of his new setup, now including a mic tied to the other one Huntress was wearing and spoke: "this is V, can you hear me?"

"of course dumbass, I'm right next to you but yeah, I heard you, H out"

Venom nodded, and they separated, they figured that each floor had multiple guards but going in together would only draw them to one spot. With Venom's size, it would make fighting in a narrow corridor difficult, so Venom would go in one window and Huntress another, only meeting up to head downstairs.

Venom's heart raced in his chest, this was the first time he'd taken out such a big target and as Huntress counted down to one they burst through the blacked-out windows. Inside a well-muscled man was thrusting himself into the ass of a woman who was tied to a bed, he had a larger black dildo in her pussy and with each stroke, he was spanking her with a horse paddle. "get the fuck out", Venom said and the man took one look at him and ran for the door. Venom expected him to bolt but instead, he pressed a red button and an alarm sounded through the building.

Venom shrugged and slashed the bindings holding the woman down, she pedalled back in the bed and grabbed a sheet to cover herself but Venom didn't care. He had much nicer looking women at home, some hooker, even if she was a bit kinky, wasn't going to phase him. One room down, he grabbed the man by the face and threw him at one of the walls, he thudded satisfactorily and Venom ripped the door off its hinges. Not stupid enough to just leap out he stuck his head around briefly and a spray of bullets chewed up the door frame where his head had been.

Fuck, Venom through to himself and grabbing the door snapped it in half, while it was sideways he heaved the door found the corner and as the guards or whoever fired ducked he swung out, jumped to hang from the roof and then dived towards the men.

There were two guards, both with small automatic rifles, easy he thought and even as they raised their guns at him he landed between them and slammed both their heads together. Not risking anything he took the guns and ripped the magazines from the bottom, throwing them down the corridor and then started going room to room.

Huntress had a worse and easier time of it. As the alarm sounded she was busy punching a senator she recognised, his wrinkly ass was being pegged while he fellated a much younger man, but as Huntress batted his partners away he slashed at her with a knife. Feeling angry at having to see wrinkly old man junk, had taken it, broken the blade and then driven her fist into his face, several times.

After venting a bit she poked her head out the door, no guards and she clicked her mic "you got here guards, none on this side?"

"Yeh, taken care of, sweep the rooms" and while most of the rooms were empty a few had men that got a broken nose for their efforts.

The floor had a square design, four rooms with a cross-shaped corridor between them and once they were done Huntress and Venom met up at the stairs where guards were waiting for them. Bullets sprayed up and Venom shook his head. "You think I'm bulletproof?" he asked and Huntress could only shrug. Taking a risk Venom stuck an arm out and as the bullets hit his enhanced armour they bounced off, leaving minor marks, "yup, bulletproof" and with that, he leapt down the stairs at them. Huntress took a more practical approach and leapt onto the walls and crawled up onto the ceiling, avoiding Venom who was in the way while he smashed heads together and webbed up guns.

Huntress had passed by and entered the rooms, where she found strung out girls smoking what smelt like coke with naked men lounging at their feet. Pipes and hookahs of various shapes were neatly arranged with bongs and other drug paraphernalia, a few men snorted white powder from the chest and asses of laughing girls, even now that fad never faded. "Fuckfaces, out!" Huntress yelled and the calm atmosphere was spoiled, girls and men alike grabbed clothes and rushed for the exit while Huntress leered and postured at them, the idea to scare was boring but no deaths were the rule.

Venom had finished quickly and the rooms here were empty, it was a chill floor, "you think It'll get worse?" and Huntress shook her head,

"Nah, should be guards downstairs plus private security but unless they're dumb the place should be empty by now."

Venom shook his head "you just had to jinx it didn't you?" and Huntress laughed,

"sure, blame me, so if I'm right, how about you do anything I ask and if you're right I'll do anything you ask?" and she wiggled her ass at him. This was it, she felt like they had something they could bond over, she could make him her partner, in more ways than one and the stupid rules her father gave her could go fuck themselves. She saw her way to getting Peter on her side, and with Peter, she could get to MJ, she would have a life free of her father, a life with friends and more.

Venom shook his head laughing, "Sure, but you'll regret that," as he looked down the stairs, "We need to move before cops come."

He won the bet. The guards downstairs having lost contact with the teams upstairs and hearing the alarm were waiting but having discovered his strong armour Venom just waded into them. Huntress, however, had stayed on the second floor, several girls were crying and scared shitless at the pair and while Venom rampaged Huntress comforted and undid any bindings they had. She shook her head as the track marks on the girls indicated what kind of treatment they were receiving and even though she felt a pang of guilt she still had work to do. She had found a pile of cash and threw down wads of bills, sure Venom would be mad she gave away what looked like a few thousand dollars but it was, in her mind, for a good cause. The girls grabbed clothes and the cash and bolted to the fire escapes.

Her job now was to round up anything incriminating from the whorehouse, drugs, money but also phones and wallets, not just a simple robbery, no, they wanted evidence, names and phone numbers, texts, and anything that tied these scumbags to other more heinous deviants. If they could get proof then they all could be exposed.

Her mic clicked "it's clear, no one left" Huntress looked around, the drugs were evidence but so what? It's not like they were all in individual baggies with names and addresses written on them so she emptied them out and sprayed the pile with webbing, nothing good ever came from places like these mixing with drugs like that.

Room after room she collected everything into a huge tote bag, and as she made her way down to the main room she found Venom standing with a clawed hand over a scared and very piss soaked man, on his knees begging for forgiveness.

"Safe code, now," Venom said and the man shook his head "They'll kill me, I can't, I can't," Venom grabbed the man and lifted him up, the maw splitting and his tongue snaking out "I'll kill you right fucking now" and had to hold the man back as a stream trickled down his leg.

"Venom, wait" and taking a look at the safe Huntress places a hand onto it, she stared for a few seconds and then pressed four digits on the keypad and the lock light turned from red to green and the door sprang open.

"Smart" Venom said and Huntress shrugged. with no use for the man, Venom threw him across the room where he landed on one of the sofas, taking one look at the pair he took his chance and ran, slamming the door behind him as he bolted.

"Really, how?" Venom asked

"No one ever cleans the buttons" and she pointed to four worn keys.

The contents of the safe were emptied into the tote bag and the pair headed back upstairs if there was a welcoming committee waiting for them outside it would be at the front door, the roof was easier and safer to exit from, even if it meant breaking another set of windows.

Taking one last listen, the place was empty. Venom sprayed a message on the wall, making his webbing last as long as possible, even solvent wouldn't shift it and satisfied with their work for the evening they checked the window Huntress had entered from and swung off into the night.

Huntress took a chance and as they swung she held onto Venom, whose eyes narrowed as he held her close but if he thought anything was wrong, he didn’t say a word.