Arc Two. Chapter Forty-Seven. Fortunate Son
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Flash clenched his hands again, hoping that feeling would return to them soon. He'd been on the balance bars for an hour over what his physio recommended but he didn't care. He was going to get this, he was going to get revenge.

Jack watched his son and had been keeping track of him since the accident. Once a graceful and masterful football player that every coach, even the ones he didn't pay, said would not only go pro but be one of the best, had been cut down in his prime. He watched as he raged, threw and smashed things, yelled at everyone, himself included, and then break down crying.

He'd hired the best therapist for his son, and she'd told him it was just the accident, nothing to worry about, a few months on antipsychotics and he'd be fine. Of course, he would be, he was his son. Jack walked into the training room watching as Flash lifted himself up, straight-armed on a balance beam, holding his legs straight along its length. The latest artificial limbs adorned the bottom of his legs, sleek and if you didn't know better an almost perfect match for his originals. The limbs were from Oscorp, Jack getting a great deal on them, nothing but the best for his son.

"Son, take a break, you're going to hurt yourself" and Flash just looked at him. 

"It's fine." was all he said. Jack felt a pang of guilt, it wasn't and he knew it. Since the accident, he realised he wasn't the best father he could be, pushing his own goals and dreams onto the boy, maybe pushing him too hard at the time.

"We should talk Eugene" Jack used his name, a name he knew Flash hated but hoped would get through to him just how serious this was.

Flash shook his head and sprang down, stumbling slightly as his artificial feet slipped on the sweaty floor. Jack leapt forwards and grabbed his son, but Flash shrugged him off and growled "I don't need help" and inwardly Jack sighed.

"I know son, I know"

"So, what?" Flash asked as he towelled himself off.

"Eugene, no. Flash," Jack sighed "I know I've not been the best father to you, I know I could have been there more, or done more" Flash just stared at him, the towel resting on his shoulders

"So, call this number, you can cancel the Oscorp internship, cancel your therapist if you want, and the money in your trust fund will be made available to you, son, you might not believe me but I am sorry"

Flash just stared at him but took the card, "really?"

Jack nodded, "your future should be your future son, not what I want, not what I think you should do, so, it's all on you now." The family had never been one for hugs, fatherly love was a rarely shown emotion between the pair but right now was the closest they had ever gotten

"Although, son, if you have that kind of fun with your therapist, make sure the doors closed eh?" And Jack laughed.

Flash knew exactly what he meant, he'd had an outburst, a showing of feelings in her office, a rare vulnerability and in taking his hand they had kissed, and then a whole lot more, Flash assumed his father had paid her to screw him, but now he wasn't so sure, maybe he'd see if she wanted a repeat.

"Thanks Dad, really. Thanks. Oh uh, you still have the number for John right?"

Jack forward, "John Jameson?" The boy had done some work for Oscorp after a space mission went bad but he'd been off the radar for a while now, "sure son, why?"

"Send it to me, I need his help."

Flash formulated plans in his mind as his father frowned but shrugged "Okay, whatever you need son"

Over at the Oscorp building Harry was having a similar talk with his father, but with a much different tone.

"See son, see this is why you can't trust anyone with your work." Since Spider-man and Venom had demolished both drones and the city had billed Oscorp for the damages his father had been mad with rage.

"Fucking Venom. Harry, the military are rethinking their contract and I've had to push the live fire demo up the schedule."

Harry hadn't failed to notice the container on his father's desk, he was now no longer even hiding the fact he was taking the neural enhancers from him, ironic as Norman was the one that shut down Harry's interest in researching the formulas.

"Dad, don't worry, with Liv your test will be fine, Venom and Spider-man got lucky that all."

"Lucky? Lucky those bastards trashed two states of the art drones like they were nothing, fuck, Harry, sometimes," Norman shook his head.

"If you see Liv, send her in, I need her."

Harry knew that was his cue to leave, his father never had time or patience for him. He sent a text to Liv

"Dad wants you, stick to the plan" and then smiling, he made his way to the executive cafeteria, it was deconstructed taco Tuesday, thick steaks with rich herb crumb and creamy cheese sauce, one of his favourites.

Taco Tuesday was always one of Peters favourites. Even if they weren't at high school anymore he still liked the tradition and this time Aunt May had joined them. The threesome sat quietly around the table while Peter served up freshly made chilli with a variety of taco shells. He had splashed out as Aunt May apparently having some news to share.

"so, um Peter, I know this might be fast but uh" May fidgeted, she had trouble with what she wanted to say, "I've met someone"

Peter had the taco halfway to his mouth when she broke the news. He frowned a bit then bit into the taco anyway. Grinning as he chewed. "hats make unt May" he said

"Peter!" she scowled disapprovingly. "his name is Otto and he's attending one of my keep fit classes"

Peter shrugged "Aunt May, as long as your happy then I don't mind if you see people, you’re not old you know," Peter thought back to his last conversation about this and decided to keep quiet. He was praying the stupid spider pheromones wouldn't work on a family member and had stuffed his armpits and groin with webbing to keep the smell in, the aircon in the warehouse blasting out fresh air, even though the weather was beginning to turn chilly.

"I, I'd like you to meet him, maybe come for dinner sometimes, uh, and once you've met he can come and meet MJ. I uh, will warn you though, Otto, he's disabled. So no staring and no asking, the poor man lost a limb in an accident, so when you meet, behave okay."

"I will" Peter rolled his eyes, he wasn't going to ask the disabled man anything too stupid.

"Of course, dear," May said, and she and MJ shared a look, they both knew Peter would probably put his foot in it at some point during the evening and May would have to prepare Otto for that, while MJ would have to prepare Peter not to be too oblivious. MJ definitely had the harder job of the pair.

Listening in but not intruding Felicia had been going over the phones and evidence they had collected from the two houses they raided. They had turned out to be a bust, sure the cash was great, almost 25,000 dollars in unmarked bills but the phones were all burners and none of the numbers came back as listed. Felicia guessed no one was stupid enough to take condemning evidence to a whore house.

She rubbed her eyes and then, of course, there was Peter afterwards, normally he was the passive one, letting the girls take the lead and after earlier talk of pheromones and influence, she understood why. Last night however they fucked as they swung, she didn't even want to call it lovemaking or screwing, he took her and even after they were both sated he kept them connected as they made it back to the warehouse. he had been wild, taking her and even as she thought about it she felt wet, it was intense, primal and she had loved it.

It also brought home two things. Peter had slipped back into the warehouse after they were finished, leaving her alone. They had continued on the roof, Venom pounding her against the water tower and in their passion, she had felt his anger at her. He hadn't hurt her, he would probably never hurt her but he, and probably the rest, were tired of her attitude. She knew she had a choice to make, even if she knew it wasn't even a choice.

Why not admit you like the peter? Huntress asked

it's complicated, I only like girls not boys

the peter is not a boy, he is the peter, so don't care, tell him

no, it's not like that for humans, we have genders and sexuality, we're not just symbiotes

bah, it's stupid, you love him, I love him, we love him, tell him to make him push us down again, the swinging was more fun with him within us

Felica leaned back and rubbed her head but what about Gwen or MJ

what about them? we love the Gwen too, the MJ is a strutting peacock though, beneath us, ignore her. now go, take the peter and tell him

she laughed, okay okay.

MJ waved at Felicia when she finally appeared from Gwen's home and Aunt May raised an eyebrow at Peter, "What? That's uh, Gwen's friend, she’s staying for a few days."

"Yes, of course, she is," May said sipping her coffee. Aunt May could alway tell when Peter was lying, he’d always look so guilty trying to sound honest.

"Uh, Hi Mrs Parker, uh Peter, can we talk?"

"Uh sorry May, landlord stuff, I'll be right back," he said and he shrugged at MJ frowning

Felicia looked scared and Peter tilted his head confused, "so uh, nothing bad I hope?" he looked at the piles of money stored and banded, and the pile of phones, “look, I know you’re still on edge but you’re safe here, with friends, so chill, this badass bitch routine isn’t necessary here.”

"That's not it,” and after a brief pause “I love you," she whispered.

"Um huh?"

"I love you, shithead," Felicia shouted and Peter grinned. He had been worried for nothing.

"Uh okay, thanks Felicia and when my Aunt May, you know the one we just told we weren't in a relationship, wants to talk to me I'll just send here in here okay?"

Felicia looked shocked, "shit I'm uh sorry Peter" but he just shook his head, he could hear Aunt May holding her stomach as she broke down laughing from here.

As much as this was funny he wasn't completely stupid and pulling Felicia into his arms, he rested his chin upon her head and as she cuddled into him, "Love you too" he whispered.

Once Felicia had been introduced to Aunt May, and he’d explained what was going on, much to Aunt May's disapproving glare, Felicia seemed to relax. She even took MJ to one side and while Peter didn’t listen in he did spot as MJ burst into tears and Felicia hugged her and then she did the same he figured that they had solved their issues.