Arc Five. Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Five. Feeling The Fury
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Peter had made his way across the bridge to Shield headquarters and after flashing his credentials been shown up to one of the glass-windowed meeting rooms. Inside sat Nick, Natasha, a blonde man with piercing eyes he didn't recognise, and Tony Stark, who shook his head at him.

“So, save the world, make a murder bot, not bad, not bad. Although maybe go with something smaller next time huh, like a wheel, something that won't threaten the city.” Tony said smirking.

“Well, after seeing Iron Man, I thought I needed something that was just as cool you know, and I got the ego right at least." And Fury shook his head.

“Is there a reason you’re in a wheelchair?” he raised an eyebrow at Peter.

“Uh, don't ask, temporary paralysis. Too many girlfriends, think I broke my pelvis,” and it was Tony's turn to shake his head.

“Maybe once you’re an adult, kid,” and patted him on the shoulder. It was Natasha that raised an eyebrow with a smirk on her face.

“Okay, that's enough, recess is over you two. Ultron, how and what the hell Parker?” Fury asked.

Peter sighed. “A year ago four enhanced villains broke into a vault and stole an Oscorp processor, you have that file.”

Fury tapped a few keys on the computer in front of him, “sure, Rhino, Electro, Sandman, and Doc Ock. Let me guess, you dealt with them?"

“Yup, Alexsi Sytsevich was Rhino, killed in a gas explosion, Max Dillon was Electro, and Flint Marko was Sandman, both killed when Doc Ock tried to explode a nuclear bomb in New York.”

That got a few looks, “and why am I hearing about this now?” Fury yelled and a few agents outside the office jumped.

“Probably because I covered it up and took the evidence. This is where it gets messy. See, Max and Flint were both enhanced by experimental serum, and ended up with crazy powers. Max could generate electricity and Flint was sand, like silicon instead of carbon in his DNA.

Tony shook his head, "not possible, he’d die” and Peter tutted.

“Okay, when Bruce Banner breaks the law of physics, I’ll tell him it's not possible and he should just pop out of existence,” and as Peter shook his hand his image of Tony deflated. “Jackass,” he whispered. “Electro transferred himself into a harness, the one Doc Ock used, and Sandman was melted into glass scrap, but both survived, add in a gem Harry Osborn had and now we have Ultron.”

Fury stared at him. “You have another gem?” and Peter took a double-take,

“You are in so much trouble, Parker.” Fury pressed a button on his phone. “Get me a containment team to the Parker address, they are after a second gem." And Nick shook his head, and he glared at Peter as he scowled in anger. “Oh, that's it, it’s jail time. I've had enough of this shit dealing with the Osborn crap, now you too?”

"Wait huh? But it doesn't matter, Ultron has the gem. He took off with it, the harness, the glider, and a broken set of goblin armour," Peter explained.

"Shit," Fury swore, "cancel that team," he spoke into his intercom.

“You’re still in deep shit though, do you have any idea of the damage Ultron could do with that gem. Do you have any idea what the hell you let slip through your fingers?” he stood and was yelling.

“Uh, one of six stones. Remnants of the first singularity that created the universe, containing all the knowledge of the universe. Referred to in legend as the akashic records, nope, no clue,” Peter said, leaning back in his chair while the four stared at him. “What? You think I thought ooh shiny and just took it?”

Fury thought for a second, “well, yeah. That sounds like you.” and Natasha snorted and coughed to cover it up.

Fury sighed, “well, as there is no way of taking back the mistake someone made. We will be discussing your provisional status though. Waiting a day before reporting a possible Enhanced incident should be a black mark on your record, but as we haven’t started your training yet, we’ll let it slide, this time.” 

Fury leaned back in his chair, shook his head and sighed. “Mission is simple. We use two teams. Tony is here as we think Ultron will try for a new body, and his Iron Man storage facility is perfect for that. We have Oscorps old goblin tech stored in a warehouse, there’s only one problem. If you making a damn murder bot wasn't bad enough."

Peter shrugged, he might be psychic but he wasn't touching that man's mind.

“It's in Sokovia.”

Sokovia was always in international news. Even a peacekeeping force being sent there hadn't quelled the civil unrest that plagued the country.

“We can’t send Stark, as the last time anyone mentioned his name there a riot broke out. So Tony and Clint will head to your facility in Indiana, while Natasha and Peter head to Sokovia. I assume this is temporary?" and Fury waved a hand at the wheelchair Peter was in,

“Yeah, day or so, then good to go.” Peter nodded back.

“Wait, why do I get blondie here while the kid gets the redhead?” Tony was upset that he was getting the short end of the stick. The agent was attractive and very flirty, he had a feeling they would get on great if Fury hadn't stuck him with Captain Arrow.

Natasha shook her head, “the kid as you put it can handle me, from what I’ve heard, you couldn’t” and she winked at Peter,

“Wait?” said Tony, “you? You and her? Nah, I believe it, what does he have that I don’t?” and Natasha looked down

“About ten inches” and Clint laughed, but turned his head and began coughing.

“Seriously? Is it always like this around you, Parker? Can we be professionals for one goddam minute here?” Fury glared at the quartet, tired of the childishness, even from his supposed two best agents.

“Stark, get your shit together and stop pouting over a kid, and Parker, get yourself whatever you need and meet Natasha tomorrow morning. Wheelchair or not you’re going on a plane.

“Uh, I don't have a passport,” Peter admitted,

Fury rubbed his forehead, “you don't need one Mr Parker. You are going in as an agent”

“I need a badge then, oh, do I get a gun? Like you know, a proper agent?” Peter asked and Fury glared at him, and then over at Natasha.

“Ms Romanov, you’re lead on this. So, why don't you deal with Mr Parker here?” which was Fury code for ‘get this idiot the hell out of my office’ and Natasha grinned and patted Peter on the shoulder,

“Come on wheels, let's get you briefed and kitted out,” and Natasha grabbed the handles of Peters chair and wheeled him out into the corridor.

“Antagonising Fury isn't the best thing you know,” she said.

“Yeah, well, fucking someone in the toilets for a DNA sample isn't too great either,” Peter said sullenly.

“Yeah, I'm sure it was terrible, the indignity of sleeping with a beautiful woman must have hurt your giant male ego,“ she shrugged. “It was a job. The other way was to attack you and take the sample from the blood on my knife, or drug you and take on while you were unconscious, or wait until you’d had sex with one of your-”

“Okay, okay, I get it, but that doesn't mean you or Fury are forgiven. Well, you are cause you let Gwen experiment on you but Fury, no, fuck him, till he apologises he gets nothing."

Natasha paused, “wait, experiment?” and she spun the chair around. “You guys had tested the formula before me right?”

Peter looked at his watch, “umm, lunch, you hungry? I'm hungry.” and smiled.

“Asshole,” and Natasha laughed and shook her head. As she wheeled him down to the Shield cafeteria she set a small box on the table they were sat at. “I need to know you’re not screwing around, Peter. This is a warzone and we’ll be going in undercover. No badge, no gun, no backup. I need to know that this little spat or whatever is up your ass is just some stupid front.”

Peter took a bite of his cake but then put down his fork, “stupid spat? Trying to find out my secret was important to me. I mean, I've done a lot of-” Peter froze as the world faded.

The sugar must have been the last bit of energy he needed and at once he felt the world woosh into him. He felt the connection between him and the girls, like a comforting blanket wrapped around him and as he stared over at Nat he felt them connect as well,

They were in the toilet again, with Peter pounding her hard. ‘Gotta stay focused’ she thought as another orgasm rolled over her, ‘gotta stay focused’ and all she could do was keep herself from crying out his name. She had sex with a target before but right now, all she wanted was to have him over and over.

"Shit," Peter said and Natasha's eyes went wide, 

"What the hell was that?" She said, her first instinct to go for her gun.

"Uh, I think I'm done, you know, ding, cookies ready." And Peter stood and stretched. “Yup, done.” He sat back down again, eyeing the two slices of chocolate cake that were left, shrugged and took another forkful.

“Extra glucose adding to my already enhanced physiology finished my transformation. So, uh, you got the hots for me yeah? So, I uh, guess all is forgiven then. You know, just say my name, just once,” he said with a cheeky grin

Natasha stared at him for a moment and then nodded, "Since you seem to be better, let's head down to the training room so I can test out my latest recruit. If you win, I do that and more, if I win, a lifetimes supply of cream and you stop with the stupid shit, okay?”

Peter shrugged and finished off the second slice of cake, licking the chocolate fudge from the fork. “Not really fair though, as my powers are a lot better than yours but sure.”

Natasha shook her head and pushed herself away from the table. “That attitude will get you killed, and I’ll show you why,” and walked away from the dining area.

Peter nodded, experience taught him that but the training he got from Elektra should be enough to put him at even odds with Natasha, he hoped. The only problem he had was the chair. He really didn't know what to do with it, he could walk fine now but leaving it there would end up with it missing, sighing he pushed the chair along, empty but at least it was light.

Following behind Natasha, she kept at a quick pace in front of him, and he wondered if she was upset. Not that she saw him though.

"One spar, no holds barred, no weapons, no powers, just combat. As I said, you win, I agree to your teams, I win you agree to mine”

Peter just shrugged, he should have a good enough grip on his powers now that sparring in the middle of the training area wouldn't end up in an orgy, shouldn't, he silently thought to himself.

Natasha stepping into the ring and Peter followed, leaping over the three ropes making up its side.

“No, fatal injuries, no genital shots or eye-gouging. If it's a permanent injury it's the person dealings its loss. This is a fight over style and training, not who’s more powerful" and Peter laughed as the referee Natasha had roped rang the bell.

Peter dropped into his normal stance and Natasha simply walked up to him, he threw out a right jab and she avoided it with ease and then grabbed and threw him. Peter had that done often enough by Felicia he was used to it, twisted in mid-air and pushing off from the ring corner leapt back at her. She caught him in a suplex and slammed him to the ground. Sliding down behind him and pushing her elbow into his collar, “stupid, now, say night night,” as she pressed on his neck in a sleeper hold.

“Uh, I don’t need to breathe,” he said, and rolling forwards, picked her up and slammed her into the mat. “A lot of my powers are always on,” he said with a shrug as he moved back from her.

“Well, good to know, anything else? If I tase you, will it hurt or just piss you off?”

"Are you trying to test me, Ms Romanov? You know you could just ask?”

She smiled, “where's the fun in that?" and she took a wider stance, rolling and going to the leg sweep, which he jumped over and as she rolled to one side Peter followed and as she stood to take her stance he kicked out and his foot connected with her abdomen sending her flying.

Shit, he thought, too mu...

The world faded, a girl, barely bigger than a teen lying crumpled on the ground, as she stood, two blades slid from each hand and one from each foot, yelling she sprang at him and he webbed her down. He felt bad as he forgot and his pheromone had driven her angry, or horny, or both. After they had showered they sat happily eating breakfast, and the girl smiled at him with no hint of malice or blame in her eyes.

Eating breakfast, the door buzzer went and after MJ let them in three strangers were let in. 

“What the hell MJ?” Peter said but found himself frozen.

“Laura,” the man spoke, and Peter felt himself wanting to like the man who had come into his home, “you should come with us,” and as she came out from behind him and started to walk away with the trio, Peter felt a sharp pain in his head and the world went black.

Peter was on his back, Natasha had him in an armbar, Felicia liked to use the same one as well, but he just gently lifted them both from the mat and shook his arm until she got the hint and dropped down.

“So, I guess that wasn't my win huh? My dazzling display of martial arts didn't just knock you on your ass and then pin you?”

Peter's clenched fist said otherwise. “Someone invaded my home, took someone that needed my help and removed her from my mind, so no Nat, it's your win. I’ll behave and tell Fury whatever his plan is I'm in, but my price has changed.”

For a spy agency, finding someone with a red visor shouldn't be too hard. A short-hairy lumberjack might be a bit harder unless they scoured every hipster bar, but a well-dressed man in a wheelchair would be easy enough, especially when he was completely bald.