Arc Seven. Chapter One Hundred Ninety-Two. Any Witch Way (NSFW)
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“All that and all I ask is that you sleep with me.” Selene said with a seductive grin and a wink, “My ability is more potent during intercourse, and no one has complained yet.”

Peter still was hesitant. While the rest had given their blessing, it was a very attractive offer. It still didn't feel right. It must have been written on his face, as Selene leaned back and sighed.

“I am sick. The energy I took from Apocalypse was poisonous. It still burns within me and even after all this time I need to ingest the life force of others to keep myself alive. Your powers have a healing effect, and I will admit I tested them when I probed you. Please. I need this, you can't understand what it is like.”

“You probed me? All to find out what my powers were?” and his doubts about this deepened. What else wasn’t she telling him, did she also want a symbiote?

“That is the truth, and no, I can tell from the look on your face, nothing more. I will not lie, We could simply hold hands, and the transfer would take longer, and be more painful for you but it would still do that same thing. I will admit, you are handsome, and smell wonderful and it may be influencing my choice, but I would really like to do it this way. I am not a prude, I will not expect anything more than an afternoon of delight and give you nothing more than the same.”

Selene sighed, “I have donors, willing, but really, I’m starting to get hurt feelings here. I know I’m attractive, so what is it? Don’t like powerful women? racist? gay? If this cures me I’d pay anything, I’ll do anything, even go against Shaw but we need to meet halfway here.” and Selene crossed her arms and huffed, this was the most trouble she had seducing a man in decades. Usually, they were falling at her feet, but Peter was proving stubborn.

“First off, racist? That’s insulting. Gay? Cause seven women say I prefer guys and look at who I sleep with, powerful women are my thing, but that’s the problem, seven, and not looking to add in an immortal witch either, wait, not wanting, oh you know what, screw it.“ Peter slid his arms around her waist and pulled her close. Selene squeaked in surprise but as his lips found hers she relaxed into his embrace.

“No regrets.” He had been told often enough to stop worrying about things like this happening, and after Laura, he had to get out of the mindset that every woman who wanted to have sex with him was either crazy or drugged. No one offered themselves seductively like that if they were under the influence and as Selene's hands ran down his chest, he knew she really really wanted this.

He grabbed her and they kissed, her tongue slipping into her mouth and for the first time he felt a feral hunger coming from her. Her powers were resonating with his and as his clothing vanished she simply ripped her own from herself.

As she stood, she was slightly shorter than Peter but her pussy glistened and her nipples sat upon her firm breasts were already excitedly stiff. “We don’t need foreplay, just fuck me,” was all she said and as she lept he caught her, slid inside and began to thrust into her.

She came as he slid inside. His larger manhood stretched a part of her unused for so long and connected to the primal source of her power.

As his legs weakened, he came as he touched the end of her smooth passageway and unlike before he didn’t hold back. As he filled her it was absorbed and he felt momentarily weak as a part of his power was drained with it.

Seeing his eyes unfocused, she asked him, “are you okay?” and he nodded, and without even wilting began to thrust once more. Another orgasm ripped through her “h-how?” and he just kissed and nipped her neck, 

“I have a lot of stamina,” and as he came once more, this time he threw her to the bed and dropped to one knee.

“You still need to be careful,” and this time as he stood she pulled him forwards and swirled her tongue around the white tinged tip of his cock, “This will lessen the effects,” and with skilled motion took him wholly into her mouth. As her fingers gently stroked up and down his shaft she took him deeply into her mouth, all the way and he felt himself cumming once more. Whatever Selene’s power was, it was going to drain him, in more ways than one.

Slurping and swallowing, not a single drop left her mouth and as she stroked him he let out more and more. As the torrent ended she kissed the tip, “Do you wish to rest? I understand if you,” but he lifted her once more and as she giggled he rolled her and himself onto the bed, moving her on her side and sliding into her with practised skill.

Peter shook his head, the drain on his powers was subtle and he felt it, but he wasn’t through with her just yet. Power plays and mind control had frayed his last nerve. He was sick of people telling him they wanted something from him, first Erik and now her. He was going to make her pay in flesh and desire for what she wanted, and he was going to enjoy every second of it.

As he kisses and licked at her ear one hand slid around her and played with her nipple, pinching it between his fingers and rubbing it, as she moaned and ran a hand down his side, “you can be rough,” he took the hint and with the free hand slide it under her, pulled her close and began to really push into her.

Up to the root, Peter could feel her ending squash the tip of his cock as he pounded into her, moving her into as hard as he could. They moved and as she spread her legs he lifted her ass and from behind took her even deeper.

As he filled her once more he slid out and pressed against the lighter skin of her ass. she laughed. “I never thought a nice young man like you would,” and ignoring her teasing she slid into her once more. She cried out, “aah, you bastard, at least let me-” but her moans muffled whatever she said as a symbskin tendril found her clit and rubbed on it. “Oh fuck, oh, god yes, you are amazing, both, please both,” and his hand slipped down and he slid a finger into her, her sopping wet pussy letting him thicken the symbskin on them until she was full. He could feel it pressing against him inside he moved, allowing it to press and push her insides. As he thrust he slid his hand up and down, making sure he filled her and rubbed her clit at the same time.

She arched as he took her, “oh please, oh please, no more, no more,” and letting out a flood from both he filled her ass and her pussy with cum. A trick he had learned for Liv.

He used her, left her aching inside and as his fingers found her sensitive spots on the outside his cock and tendrils found them inside. She had said to use her and he did. He said he had boundless stamina and together they tested that, using anything and everything they had, driving each other to orgasm after orgasm.

At the last moment, he pulled out and she slid to the floor. Once he relaxed his grip she was laying legs splayed but he wiped, letting the mess fall away and then was in her mouth, with a few strokes he came, but kept his hands free, and as she gripped him, she licked and tongued his manhood, swallowing the thick semen as he let it flow. Her powers flared and he felt his knees buckle as she swallowed more and more of him, gripping his behind and letting his cock shoot cum into her throat.

As he finished he stumbled back, at first sitting on the bed but then laying back down, his erection slowly wilting as he closed his eyes, panting with the drain on his stamina.

As she lay panting, she felt him flow into her, not just his seed but his power and she gathered it up. As the pain and hunger she always felt subsided, she leaned over and gently kissed him, “Peter?” and as he lay back in bed with his eyes closed, he ran a hand down her shoulder,

“Mmhmm?” and she crawled close to him,

“I have a request,” and he looked at her raising one eyebrow,

“My power, I, I take into myself some of the person, like the stories, I am a vampire, I love and when I took in Apocalypse it brought a darkness, please, “ and as she gently stroked him, “I, please, love me.” and as he looked at her, the strong powerful woman melted away and he saw the fragile creature, pulling her up he kissed her gently, taking her and holding her in his arms, as he kissed her lips he moved and kissed her cheek, down onto her neck and he pulled her on top of him,

“I love you,” and he connected to her, letting his passion join them, letting his love and tenderness flow through their link, it wasn’t for her though, and he let her swim in his feelings for MJ, Gwen, Felicia, Liv, Natasha, Laura, and he found that Wanda entered his thoughts as well. 

As he stiffened she crawled on top and gently slid him into her, racing back and forth as she tenderly brought herself to a slow orgasm, as she kissed him, on the lips, the cheeks the eyes he smiled at her and for the first time in over a hundred years she felt peace and as he came buried deep within her she felt the encroaching darkness finally fade.

As she wrapped her arms around him she buried her face in his shoulder and whimpered as the most powerful orgasm she had felt in her lifetime rocked through her and her power hungrily sucked from Peter all he could give her. As her power found something, buried deep within him it latched on and drank, taking not just the liquid pouring tin her but the power as well. Whatever it was she gladly took it.

He felt it as well, and as the mind stone flared within his chest he felt a sharp and sudden shock as if all his strength left him and as he kissed her one last time, his eyes fluttered and he fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Selene laughed as she slid off him and looking over at his peaceful sleeping face she had a sudden and worrisome realisation,

Dammit, I hope I didn’t kill him, and as he began to snore gently she laughed, eternally grateful he wasn’t dead. Her powers had been sated, but that didn’t stop them, they would take and take unless she stopped, and with Peter, she had wanted more and more.

As she sat at her small table, nursing a cup of tea and feeling the energy he had filled her with, she could feel its connection to something inside him. Whatever power she had drained from him, while mainly his own, he had only survived her touch by using something else. She had touched its power and wanted more.

As she sipped at the cooling drink she took a small breath and sighed, if she wanted him to trust her then she could hardly demand that he release it to someone with much more control over their powers than he had, or simply take it by force. He was powerful but she had several mutants on the island that would make a mockery of his powers. If she didn’t just take it herself.

No, keeping Peter as an ally, and as an occasional indulgence was a much better idea.