Arc Eleven. Chapter Three-Hundred Eighteen. The Needs Of The Many
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They had managed to ride for an hour and were a few hundred kilometres away. With her arcstar reactor, and her small size Arcee wasn't feeling the drain as much as the others, and As Peter spread a single thread of symbskin to connect to her, they talked as they rode together, Peter telling her of his life and adventures so far.

They found a gas station and after filling her tank with water for the reactor, rode to find a quiet spot to talk.

“Peter. I know Optimus asked, but why are you reluctant to create a Klyntar? Are you unsure if we would treat it correctly?” Arcee asked him as they drove, she knew this was an important mission, the survival of the Autobots and a chance to reinvigorate Cybertron were at stake. She had to succeed no matter what.

Peter snorted, and shook his head, “More the other way around Arcee. You must not have met many. They live off your brain chemistry and love the more stimulative chemicals we produce. I'm worried that your bodies either can't support one and it dies, or they can and without a means to calm it, you become a raging death machine. I mean, you’re the smallest Autobot here, and you’re still taller and stronger than most people on the planet. Imagine if Optimus lost control.

Arcee nodded, “it is from concern, and not wariness. I can understand that.” and she slid her legs up to her chest and hugged them, “but we must take that chance. Without Energon, we will go back into hibernation, and our fate will be the same as the others. Your reactor can sustain me, but Optimus and the others are suffering. Without Energon, even with the gasoline, it is not enough. We need a solution or face permanent hibernation.”

Peter patted her on the leg, “I know, and if your computer can tell us how to make Energon or even its chemical formula, we can help.”

Arcee lay her head on her knees, “and if you fail? I am worried for my people, Peter, and I must insist. Please. Is there anything I can do to make you sure we are capable of handling a symbiote?”

Peter shrugged, “to be honest, I had no idea that technological life even existed, I mean, we’ve got three machines built, but uh, “ and Peter pushed, “okay, hear me out. If I can interface with your systems I can do a complete system check, I've done it with Friday, and I know she isn't compatible. But, if we do this, and I spawn a symbiote for you, I want to borrow the Soul Stone and give my three friends souls.”

Arcee lifted her head, “I cannot speak for Optimus, but I can agree to the test. If my system is compatible we can take your suggestion to him. If you vouch for them, then I am sure he will agree.”

Peter nodded and let out a long breath, “but you realise that this will be personal right? I mean, it's not just briefly touching you and nodding, I will invade your systems, touch your mind and share everything with you. If Cybertronians have the concept of sex, then this is as close to it as we can get.”

“I do not understand. I have allowed other Autobots to access my systems. How else do you run diagnostics when there is a fault?”

“Reproduction? Sex is reproduction.” Peter said bluntly.

“Ahh, No. We do not do that. Cybertronians are designed and built, with a spark being created from within the All-Spark. Some are old, some are new. As we discover and grow we design newer bodies, with more streamlined systems and upgraded more efficient parts.”

Peter shrugged, “sounds easier than sex, but not as much fun.” 

Arcee shook her head. “As I have no experience with either I cannot comment. I was only created several cycles before the mission that brought us here. This was my first mission.”

Peter laughed, “a long mission,“ and Arcee nodded.

Peter leaned back against Arcee’s leg, “What happens tomorrow if the ship is too damaged? It's been millions of years.”

Arcee paused, “I do not know Peter. Are we safe here?” 

All he could do was sigh. “I wish I could say yes Arcee, but so far, no one's been that safe. What I can do though is make sure you’re taken somewhere you can live.” Peter looked up, “how does Mars sound, it's a couple of planets out, but I’m sure it’s nice,“ Peter laughed, “plus, it's the only planet in the solar system to be populated completely by robots.”

Arcee shook her head, “I hardly think there are other Cybertronians,” 

Peter sat up and shook his head, “Probes,” and as he took out his phone he searched for the most recent pics, “see, it might not be an achievement for your people, but this is amazing stuff. There is a mission planned in 2025 to send people,”

Arcee nodded, “it is, for a young species,”

“We didn't even have flight a hundred years ago, and now, we’ve been to the Moon and soon Mars. It's amazing,”

Arcee smiled, “and your enthusiasm is infectious. If we are to stay, then I would gladly offer my services, Optimus may prefer to start on this Mars planet but I like it here.”

Peter leaned back, “and we’d happily accept you. We might not be the best species in the galaxy, but we have our moments.” Peter stood and stretched, “but we also have a mission tomorrow, and while I have no idea if Autobots sleep, I know that I do need at least 4 hours or I'm grumpy.”

“Sleep? Like hibernation, then yes we do, but we can recharge to alleviate mental fatigue.” Peter offered her his hand and while she smiled she shook her head,  “I believe my chassis weight would overwhelm you,”

Peter laughed and put his hands on her waist, “May I?” and Arcee nodded

Taking a breath Peter spread his legs a little and tensing lifted her from the ground. “I’m a lot stronger than I look,” and he gently lowered her to the ground, “and while it is rude to say this to an Earthen lady, you are not as heavy as you look.”

“I believe that is rude on almost every planet Peter, regardless of species. However, I am aware that my chassis was designed to fit a certain aesthetic, and I find it appealing.”

Peter laughed, “oh it is.” and his eyes roamed over the smooth outlines of her body. While she looked armoured, it was strange that for a species designed to be entirely male in appearance, that a single, and for her size, dainty and curvaceous, female form had been created. He watched as Arcee transformed back into her motorcycle mode,

As he swung a leg over and allowed himself to connect she spoke, “Peter, I would like to drive more and see the Earth. Can you sleep, if I hold onto you?”

“I have no idea,” and as he leaned forwards, a metal band slid over his feet and hands, “it’s not too bad,” and his symbskin armour slid out, covering him in a cocoon, letting him rest his head down. “Give me four hours, and then wake me.”

Gwen had suggested something to him once, and he let a small amount of sedative into his system he fell asleep to the gentle purring of Arcee’s engine.

Arcee rode, she had no idea what to do with this human, but she remembered the last conversation she had with Optimus.

If Peter can create a Klyntar, and Ratchet is non-functional then I can only ask you to do whatever it takes to gain access to a Klyntar.

Acee tilted her head, And if I am reformatted?

I cannot force you to do anything Arcee, and I will not. I will leave the choice to you and know that whatever you chose that I am proud to call you Autobot, and friend.

Arcee stared at Optimus. He knew her ideals were not as strict as his own, and if it meant taking a Klyntar and isolating the Autobots from Peter then that was what it would take,

But Peter had mentioned sexual intercourse, a possible alternate route to a violent or forceful solution. As she sped down the highways she adapted a transmitted, and began to monitor Earthen communication networks, finding herself on a portal of information, called a search engine.

As she searched for human interactions, she discovered that bonding was similar to Cybertronian relationships. Spending time, visiting favourite locations, discussions and shared interests. However, after navigating several pages, she discovered what Peter had meant by procreation and was astounded. 

She read through pages upon pages of detailed anatomical pictures of both the human male and female genitalia, as well as accompanying instructions on the method of procreation.

Amazed by how inefficient it was, that the human females used their own bodies to build their tiny human offspring she wondered if any other methods were possible, and upon finding more information was now confused.

While several pages had male and female, there were many more terms that she failed to understand. Many different pairs were possible and some even changed not just their gender but their own physical forms using painful surgery. Arcee marvelled as she read page after page on not just gender but sexuality and wondered how such a mixed-up confused species ever managed to last long enough to become dominant.

Her own chassis design had just felt right, and if it didn't she would change it for a new one. She was sure if she explained that to some humans they would be amazed and jealous. In all, it was a confusing and widely discussed topic with no clear answer.

She had observed Peter with several of the human females and had noticed certain changes when he interacted with them compared to when he interacted with Optimus. As she scanned her own database of interactions she noticed the same responses towards her.

If these pages were correct, then Peter was physiologically attracted to her chassis, and if the instructions were correct then he might desire to procreate with her. The thought was not repulsive, she had several data entry sports, every Cybertronian did, to allow diagnosis and repair. It might be possible with Peter’s powers that one of these could be adapted to do this procreation that humans seemed obsessed by.

As Arcee left Peter to sleep, she continued to read page after page of material. If she could save her species by this method, it was one that she would gladly perform, especially given how enthusiastic some of the females in the short clips seemed to be when their entry ports were probed by the males.

As she slowed she gently revved her engine and Peter opened his eyes and yawned, “hey Arcee. I didn't snore did I?”

“No Peter, although I am unsure as to what snoring is, you were quiet, and barely moved. I enjoyed our ride together. Spending time in your company had been illuminating, and there is something I wish to ask you.”

“Sure, pull over, maybe find a gas station and we can both get something to eat.”

Arcee travelled a few more miles back down the road they had travelled, knowing the correct signage for one of the refuelling stations. Peter left her filling her tank while he grabbed a gas station burrito, chips and soda for himself.

He checked the surrounding area and found a quiet spot to park, and she transformed back into her robot form.

Unwrapping the bland but semi filling burrito Peter took a bite, “so, what’s up?” he asked. Arcee now seemed hesitant, and he figured she had found a solution to their problem, one that he would probably not like.

“I have been researching human interactions, and I have found a solution to our problem. I am aware that close bonding rituals exist, and wish to partake of one, with you.”

Peter stared at the Autobot as she smiled at him, and as he swallowed the last bite, he was trying not to choke,

“You want to what?” he asked as he thumped his chest to clear the burrito,

“I believe it is called sex. Yes. I would like to have sex with you.”