Chapter 17 – “Not A Yandere”
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Zeneff Silverscale:

- Dragon Form:


Hagiwara Kitinara: Kitsune Princess - 1st wife in the harem

- Kitsune Form:


??? - Elder Thing | Avatar - Samantha Teke: Harem mediator

Azuza Kitinara - Kitsune Matriarch/God - Hagiwara's Mom - Harem Therapist


Diana Redscale: Step-sister to Zeneff and daughter of Tiamat - 2nd wife in the harem

- Dragon Form:


Suki Hikaru: The main character & hero's little sister and fallen angel - 3rd wife in the harem

- Fallen Angel Form:


Sophia Akura - Princess of the demon realm known as The Untouchable Realm located in Russia. - 4th wife in the harem

- Succubus Form:


Akirina (Aki):  Former head maid of Zeneff's house. She is not in the dragon nobility so she has no last name. - 5th wife in the harem


Ares Ironback: Drake and daughter of Sebastian, the head butler for Tiamat - 6th wife in the harem


Tiamat: Zeneff's mother and Goddess of Dragons


Xerith Redscale: Zeneff's step-father, Diana's father, and mate to Tiamat.


Asuda Kuronobu: The not-so Chunni


Demon Lord Demitri Akura: Sophia's father and lord over The Untouchable Realm


Lilith: Firstborn of the succubi and mother of Sophia


Chapter 17 – "Not A Yandere"

Sunday Evening, April 30th, 2056 - Kitinara Compound

In a private room of the Kitinara Matriarch's house, two figures were locked in an epic struggle. Their lips were pressed together, hair was mussed, and both their skin was flushed and covered in sweat. The atmosphere in the room could be summed up in one word: Desperate. One desperately tugged at clothes while the other fought tooth and nail, or maybe tongue and lip, to stay in them. Taking a closer look, one would see that a tall, silver-haired man was frantically pulling on a beautiful fox woman's arms as she furiously held onto the edge of her Kimono. To any other viewer, this would surely seem like unscrupulous behavior from the man...but, unlike what many would think, the man, in this case, was not forcing himself on the busty fox woman, but was, in fact, desperately trying to keep her from ripping her clothes off. 

I am that man and this is my story. 

'That was a fun break from reality, but let's get back to Azuza now...Why do all my decisions leave me feeling like I might have made a mistake?'

Separating from Hime and gasping for air, I wheeze out, "Wait! *Hah* Please, Hime, *Hah* wait!"

"I did my waiting! *Hah* 200 years of it!" An angry foxy momma shouts down to little ol' trying-his-best me.

'Did...did she just quote Prisoner of Az-'

"We need to consummate our Godly union and the creation of our pantheon. Tonight, Zeneff. Not later. Not tomorrow. Tonight. I have been beyond patient with you, but now that you are my husband, I am allowed to be selfish...And...And...I want you to pamper me, dammit!" She finishes this with an adorable pout that doesn't seem to belong on such a sexy bombshell of a woman.

"We will! Tonight, I promise! There a couple of things we have to do first, however." I say and release my hands from her arms in a gesture of peace. 

*Hmph* She pouts even more and crosses her arms under her massive chest. "And what is more important than us spending the rest of our wedding night together? Hmm?" She demands from me as she turns her head and looks at me from the corner of her eyes. 

I roll my own eyes in exasperation and exclaim, "Explaining this to Hagiwara! That is really fucking impor-"

"Exactly what do you need to explain to me?" A cold voice calls from the, now open wide, door. 

Standing there, mirroring her mother with her arms crossed under her equally massive chest is my first wife, Hagiwara...or I guess, my first fiance would be the correct term now that I actually have a wife...


As one might expect, she looks neither happy nor sane at this moment. Her heterochromia eyes both burn with the flames of Hades itself. Her ears and 5 tails (Oh, look at that! She must have gotten stronger...focus Zen...) were jerking wildly in agitation and her raised eyebrow had to be nearly giving her lift by how quickly it was twitching. What scared me the most, however, was that her Yandere smile was noticeably absent. She was not in "Yandere" mode...No, this was "Game Over" mode. No smile, no emotion at all, just calm and expressionless rage. 

I freeze.

Hime freezes.

Hagi's eyes pin us in place. She takes in our positions, Hime straddling me and nearly falling out of her kimono while I lay on the ground, my silver dress shirt ripped open and missing buttons. She stares at our faces, clearly red and still wet from our intense makeout session. She looks into her mother's eyes, then, ever so slowly, into mine.

I see no fire in those eyes any longer, just hollow pits that seem to pull me into their depths. She nods once, then, in a quick flash of purple lightning, she is in front of me and slaps my face as hard as she can. I hate to admit it, but it didn't hurt at all. What's worse is when her poor wrist snaps on contact with my face. She ignores the broken and useless wrist and stands above me looking down in utter hatred. 

"H-Hagi!..." Hime tries to speak but is shut up by a fierce glare.

"I hope it was worth it." She says quietly before turning to leave. 

Time seems to stop for me at this moment.

'I am so unbelievably tired of these cliche moments. She walks in just as I was trying to stop so that we can explain things to her? And now What? Are we are supposed to spend the next 12 chapters of the story trying to earn back the trust and get to where we were again? Really? Hey, anime world? You can go fuck yourself. I am done playing by your rules. We will settle this now, like fucking adults, and I will fix this whole mess. How? Like a motherfucking dragon does, that's how.'

In the next instant, I flash with silver light. My hands become two huge silver and gold accented claws, silver wings with black and gold highlights grow from my back and rip through my shirt, and two massive silver horns adorned with golden veins of pulsating energy rip up through my forehead and back straight past my skull. With one claw, I pick up Hime by the waist, ignoring her "Huh?," and then I fly through the doorway at supersonic speeds. A sonic boom can be heard as I leave my spot and I am sure I ruined more furniture. Oh well.

Before she is even aware of what is going on, I am in front of Hagi and grab her by her waist as well. I pull the petulant child up to look into my ancient, golden, slitted eyes and give her a lick from chin to forehead with a much larger-than-normal forked tongue.


Future Zeneff here to explain some things! What? Breaking the 4th wall? Yeah. I am a fucking God now. I can do whatever the fuck I want!! Mwahahahahaha...

...Don't you judge me... 

*Ahem* Anyway, in case you can't tell, I am kinda, slightly, losing control here, just a little bit. The whole licking thing is a dragon custom. It is not very complex and is, in fact, emulated by small children everywhere. What is this ancient tradition of the dragons?.....

"I lick it, it's mine."

...Yeah. So....back to your regularly scheduled, totally-still-in-control-me!


I inhale her sudden burst of fear and a malicious smile makes its way to my lips.

"Ze-Zeneff. What...What are you-" Hagi tries, wiping my saliva off her nose, but is interrupted when I bring her face close to mine again and, in a deep bass voice, I growl.

"You seem to have forgotten your place, little fox. So let me tell you now, that you might never question it again. YOU BELONG TO ME! You DO NOT need to worry yourself with others. Whenever you need my affection, all you need do is ASK. You MAY NOT leave me, EVER. You are mine. My mate. My partner. My Soulbound. You had your chance to run, but now you are MINE and I will NEVER let you go. Do you understand me?" 

The girl must have heard something scary in my tone as she nods frantically. My gaze falls on Azuza and she holds it for a second. The little minx actually considered fighting my authority! That would have been an entertaining battle!...But I would have had to kill or severely cripple her for her insolence afterwords. Can't have the wrong message being sent to my harem, now can I?

My golden eyes, as hard and sure as diamonds, stare into hers and, after a mere second of hesitation, she nods in deference. 

"It is as you say, Master." 

"Good," I huff and put down the duo.

{Now, I will let your winnie-bitch-ass take over again. Oi! You listening? Don't fuck up like this anymore! You are getting better, but you need to improve faster. As you are now, you have barely tapped into 10% of my potential. Hurry the fuck up. The old one is no longer in our way, so you have no excuses!}

Coming back to myself, I sigh. 

'Well, that was intense. 10% of my power? Really? I can't even avoid the cliches in my own body, it would seem... I guess I brought that on myself, though. Thanks, Dragon...I need to come up with a name for you... All I can hope now is that neither of them are feminists...I would 100% get canceled with that "YOU ARE MINE" speech. Still...that is how I feel...When did I start feeling that way about Hagiwara? Oh well. I can deal with that later, I have two foxes to talk to now.'

We stood in awkward silence in the hallway for a while. I recomposed my thoughts and they stared at me in a mixture of fear and wonder. Unknown to me, my dragon-like apanages sunk back into my skin as I stopped focusing on them. This process was vastly different from how they transform, so, having never seen something like that before, they were transfixed by the oddity. 

*Ahem* I clear my throat after a new action plan has formed. Their eyes shoot to mine and they wait patiently for me to speak. 

"I got a bit upset and was really possessive there...but that is how I feel. Before we move on and talk about everything, and believe me we will talk about everything, are there any questions you have, Hagi?"

"Not a question, but a request." She says in a breathy tone.

"Okay, shoot," I answer and smile at her encouragingly.

"Whatever the fuck that just was...Can you do that again the next time we have sex? I am so unbelievably wet right now, it is uncomfortable. If my mother wasn't here I would have already ripped all my clothes off and forced myself on you." She says with a broken smile and pleading eyes whose pupils were slowly retracting. 

"Hagi! Show some decency! ...But...Same." Hime finishes with flushed cheeks and a defeated sigh as she rubs the bridge of her nose. 

I exhale heavily in exasperation. "Fucking Yanderes, man..."

"Hey! I am not a Yandere!" Azuza says.

Hagi and I look at her, then at each other, and then back at her.

"Sure, Hime," I say with no conviction.

"Of course not, mother," Hagi says with no sincerity behind the words.

"Hey! I-I'm not! I'm really not!" (A)

"I'm sure." (Z)

"No doubt." (H)

"You both don't believe me at all, do you!?" (A)

"Nope. He does that to girls." (H)

"...I want to believe you...Does that count for anything?" (Z)

"No, it doesn't count, you jackass!" Azuza finishes with another cute pout and a stomp this time. Hagi and I share a look and start laughing as Hime puffs out her cheeks and crosses her arms.

"Ha...But seriously, we gotta talk about this. You're adding my mom to the harem, Zen? Really?" Hagi says, more in defeat than in complaint.

"Yes...and to explain why I need to tell you a long story..."

"This better be good." She responds as we make our way to a new private room that isn't trashed...

* | * | *

One Long Story Later...

Hagiwara sighed heavily as she took a long drag on her bottle of root beer. There was no alcohol in it whatsoever, but Hagi was showing tell-tale signs of being drunk...because...ya know...anime world. What's crazy to me is that she even drinks root beer. She is over 2000 years old! She can legally drink real liquor! Why, anime...just, why!?

Hime and I were having a glass of wine as we told our story...or mostly, I told my story.

"I shoulda known! *Hic* I thought your change was too sudden... *Hic* I knew your amnesia was bull too! *Hic* Guess this is what being blinded by love is like..." Hagiwara slurs. *Future Zeneff: She actually says that nearly unintelligibly, but I translated it for you. You're welcome.*

"Sure...Hagi." I say having absolutely no idea what her slurring words meant. "So are we good now?" I ask, and wait with bated breath.

She stares at us for a long time. I see her fists clench and unclench several times. After the second minute goes by, I wonder if she zoned out or got distracted or something, but I was answered a second later by a much less drunk Hagi. 

"Yes. We are good. Her joining Samantha outside the wives ranking order is a good call. Her being our harem therapist is an even better call. We...probably need one of those. I still want to kill her just a bit...but I am also happy that she could finally find love after pretending to be in love with that asshat for so long." Hagi finishes and lays her head down in my lap on the couch we all sit on.

"That is a good point," I comment, "Why did you stay with him for so long? Why not just kill him?" 

"I was trying to root out his contacts and other members of The Night Council. I knew you were the leader, you...uh, the old you...told me that, and you even helped me get some information from time to time. I was planning on wiping out the entire organization in one fell swoop, but it looks like that plan is defunct now... I even planned on begging you or blackmailing you to get your help..."

"Tricky Fox," I say as I poke my fingers into her side to tickle her. 

She giggles prettily and swats my hands away. I move my hands to the top of each of the girl's heads, Himi sits on the other side of me as Hagi lays on my lap, and do something I have been wanting to do for a long ass time. I rub behind their ears. Apparently, it is an erogenous zone for Kitsune as they both give low moans of pleasure and move their heads so my fingers find the right spots.

'Of course, it is. What else was I expecting?' I think with another sigh.

"Well don't worry, Hime. If that is still what you want to do, then, as your Godly Partner, I shall do everything in my power to help."

She looks up at me, shrugs, and then moves my hand to her other ear. "Honestly, now that I am with you, I feel bad at the thought of wiping them out. They literally stand no chance...but yes. We will kill them. We will kill them all...Later. I want a couple of weeks of pampering first!" She finishes and snuggles closer to my side. 

"Ah! That reminds me!" Hagi says, much more intelligible than before.

Again, anime logic drunk levels - either plastered for the whole night or over in a couple of frames...

"Mom is NOT allowed at Orgy night." She says with lots of conviction.

I rub the bridge of my nose. "Orgy night is not a thing."

"Yeah, huh! We have had two already!" She argues.

"I wouldn't mind trying one out-" Hime says quietly.

"No! Absolutely not! People get way too handsy there and I can't trust myself!" Hagi states firmly.

"As I said, Orgy night is not a thing," I state my opinion fruitlessly.

Hime's magical pressure exudes for a moment and Hagi is helpless to resist it. It is actually way stronger than I thought. 

'Holy she...stronger than me? Equal?'

I have no idea. It is too damn close to tell. 

"Are you saying I am not allowed to join with the rest of the wives? I am just as much Zeneff's wife as any other, I should be allowed to-"

Hagi tries to say something to interrupt, but it only comes out as a squeak. 

Realizing her power is hurting her daughter, Azuza stops the pressure and looks down sheepishly. 

"See..." Wheezes Hagiwara, "I told you...she's totally a Yandere."

"Figures," I say with a defeated tone.

"I am not a Yandere!!!" Hime screams.