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After the cafe was stable, i began to buy components to build weapons that can help me fight my own battles rather than rely on those people who might go missing one day.

I only started out on this venture for the sake of gaining income to provide me stuff to create more tech stuff.

First order was making a protective wear that can save me in some life threatening situation. Even if i keep on wasting materials to build a new one, it can still save me from danger.

Next was a weapon capable of dealing damage to my enemy, preferably the type that stores energy and use it as an attack. It might take more time to develop than the armor but(considering that i might need to create a way to research the energy and build a weapon capable of holding it) but it should do for now until then, its better to rely moreon the modern weaponry of all, a gun.

There are those assholes who are faster than the bullet but for me who has basically the protection of an unreliable wifi connectivity, it will have to do. Its still effective and works on weaker than those old masters who hides in caves and whatnot.

Its especially effective to those bastards who never left my shop and had their wives kept dragging them away and causing scenes. 

But most importantly, i don't delve into tech and stuff but also did some alchemic research which will exceed those pill masters who steals herbs and sht. Especially unreliable stuff that they say to have a million chance of finding rather than researching one plant and making variables.

Heck, not even 3 days had passed and i already made many variants that helps in cultivation and its especially profitable that those pill masters tried to break down my lab. 

Mofos keep invading my greenery that i luckily have my trusty friend, alfred(shotgun) the man's reliable friend even on the modern times, to evict tresspassers. 

While there are casualties(corpses) but it ain't my fault people kept stealing sht from me. 

I even sell my stuff unlike those main characters who tried to steal sht and go through tedious process to get one which cause them their lives.

I on the other hand, had used my tech, to delved into botany which is my 3rd least favorite subject(i'm talking to you math and science). 

As of now, i gained profits to provide my research that in just half a month, i already made a prototype of my first mech suit and a half-complete research of the energy gun.

I'm not a super genius or a talented individual but i got a knack of inventing and made trial and errors. Which took sometime until i finally reach my first prototype.

While the suit is durable enough to take some hits from those famous sects its still not enough to be called a proper suit and its basically just a mashed of bits and scraps of the treasures i smelted and turned into materials for this one. I thank those poor young masters to provide me with their heirlooms for this projects. 

As for how the suit functions, it works enough to at least protect me from dangers and i don't really provoke people unless they are weak enough foe me to defeat.

Hidden young masters? I rather behead myself than provoke those who can kill me directly.