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Ugh, i have the attention span of a slacker and i might drop this novel but i want to at least finish this before dropping so i want to write a few more of this before dropping.

Wait, i think i should write for my MC? I kinda got bored and also ran into a roadblock to even continue this.

Might as well continue this.


Anyways, before the author cut me off, i began using the prototype suit to which to my suprise was quite effective, especially a powerful assassin who tried to kill me, was mowed down by a hail of bullets which i customize to be effective on cultivators.

Their skins maybe metal but metal can at least be puncured if i rotate the bullets fast enough to be faster than a driller.

By then, i my safety measures was in place and i finally continue my usual task of running my internet cafe.

I also began adding new stuff such as building a hot spring by making a drainage system which recyles the water, built a heater to boil the water enough for people relax and warm up, made shampoo and soap which actually got me in more dangerous situation after women had positive results on enhancing their beauty(better hide the beautifying kit as it was still in development).

By then, the shop was so raking in dough that i was called by the emperor of the place i stayed at and was invited to the palace.

While i wanted to refuse since i've been working on new experimental ideas to improve my shop and my safety but since the emperor had provided me with a powerful escort and a warm reception, i was happy to be invited and was even propose with new ways of gaining profit from the man himself.

As i think of more plans, the system was begining to annoy me after being useless in making me powerful. I always kept encouraging it like a diligent father after his daughter kept making mistakes. Also, it already had been benefiting me like giving free stuff and books to help me in my researches.

Unlike those MC who are given a powerful system, a insta rich one, i was basically given tech tools and components and even had to manualy build one like crafting your own pc set. Luckily, the system was providing me with books to help me with my creativity and i finally made a name myself in just half a month. Not strong but like a the guy who was the one who invented fire in front of cavesmen who are OP AF.

Also, while comforting the system, i accidentally bumped into this girl who while not really pretty but not ugly enough for people to avoid her.

It was just a small meeting for us but in that moment, i never thought i had actually fallen in love at that moment.