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Is it time to end this novel? No? Welp... Maybe next time extra naps, next time....


Considering how much i advance my shop, the internet cafe itself only has one game and people had slowly becoming useful to them since they say that the scare factor had stayed the same since the begining.

Well, in truth is that i only developed one game and had been working on expanding my cafe since then and looking back, even i, who had worked on the game, had slowly gone used to the scare factor(more shocking since i'm known to be a btch when it comes to horror). As through looking at the game catalog, i have more skills to create even more games that i decided to make a vote for people on what game i'm planning on making. 

For now, I decided on using my time to continue my love conquest with Xin Fei as I really hope that i can win her heart before the author, with his short attention span, decided to abandon this novel. 

Hell, I think he is already making a new one and its gonna involve Yanderes and sht. 

Author: Hey! No spoiling my other work!

Cut the crap and let me get my woman you btch! If you gonna have to take some time to write this and focus on that other novel, why don't i spoil to the readers about how the plot of it goes. 

Author: Alright! I plan on making a vote and have the ending ready. How many chapters do you want? 

Just one is enough and start making the ending. 

Also, let me go back in track, apart from arguing with the Author, i also began on inventing new things that helps me compete with this pillmakers and I began to make profit with them. It isn't as powerful as those pills they concocted but I am making huge loads of money since its not only affordable, highly productive since the ingredients are homemade and there's no side-effects that causes suffering to the user. 

The pillmakers were laughing their ass off since i made an inferior version of their pills but after some week later, they realize that i was slowly beating them since i was always improving my skills and they didn't realize how bad i was at making those stuff. By the time they realize it, they can only try making higher tier versions but expensive materials as i was still using the same stuff but improving the mistake and increasing the dosage.

Those hidden masters and other sect elders? They wanted to recruit me to their sect but i decline since i wasn't a cultivator and was even moreso that i wasn't trying to persue immortality. Basically living my mortal life was enough for me and wish me their best goodbyes like they lost their only treasure. 

Slowly, cultivators began to realize that i was basically just a mortal man who would soon fade away from existance as they tried to give me treasures to increase my longevity. But i decline and only wish to give them the best wishes to persue their dao and let me live my normal mortal life like normal.

Also, after trying countless times of asking Xin Fei out, i finally felt that the romance i'm trying to bloom around us had finally blossomed as i felt like i'm so happy with my life right now.