Chapter 12
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Alright, sorry for the delay, got busy earlier. Anyway, I will post another chapter a few hours later, so expect one within the next few hours.

The armored man yelled at the two children. The children flinched, and looked at each other with anxious gazes. The man then proceeded to speak some language I haven’t heard in my entire life, thus having no idea what the fuck he said.

I stood up, my huge frame dwarfing the two children that were playing around me just a few moments ago. The armored man unsheathed his sword that was hanging from my waist, then pointed it at me. He yelled at the children one more time, the children still deciding what to do, before he thought fuck it and rushed at me.

Seeing the hostile threat incoming, I prepared for a fight. What I did not expect, were the two children moving in front of me in an attempt to stop the incoming attack. The man stopped, his gaze looking at the children in confusion, then back at me with a threatening gaze. My response?

Blink my eyes. That’s it. Sometimes, facial expression can give away information what you were currently feeling, and from what I learned from my past life, blinking slowly, not giving a care in the world, showed what I thought about the situation.


I can pretend to care about the children, but that’s just lying to myself. They made me smile genuinely, but that doesn’t mean I would immediately get attached to them. I won’t get attached to anyone who I just saved at a drop of a hat, unless they actively searched for my affection and trust. These two kids were just in a bad spot, and I happen to coincidentally encounter them, and since I still had my moral compass, leaving them to be prey for those men would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

It was at that moment the armored man saw the corpse of the man I smashed into a pulp earlier. Funny how the children forgot about that body, not that I could blame them. He was hidden, buried under the garden of flowers after all, but it appears this man managed to see it, as well as the maid, who then promptly shrieked into high heavens about a bloody corpse.

This prompted the armored man to make his decision. He ignored the children, then dashed straight at me, nimbly avoiding the children despite the heavy armor he wore. The children ducked and moved away from the charging knight yelling something at me. I tensed up in response towards the aggressive response of the armored man, then when he got close, I struck.

I was empty-handed when he dashed since, before I approached the children to give them fruit, I placed the bloody club back inside my inventory. Approaching children with a bloodied weapon was a bad move anyway. I mean, who in their right minds would trust a stranger with a bloodied weapon in their hand, even if it was used to defend you. Normal people would still be shocked, then link that weapon to a threat, then begin going bonkers trying to escape the stranger who tried to save them.

Anyway, the armored man was shocked when a huge, bloody club appeared out of thin air and smacked him in the chest. Obviously, STR stat in the 100’s, plus force and shock factor = human ragdoll. The man was sent flying, but I held back so I don’t kill him purposely. The same couldn’t be said for his bones though.

The man landed on the ground in a crumpled heap, gasping breathes escaping his mouth as he tried to take in air, but was unable to due to the pain. I stared at him, then at the maid, who fainted on the spot. It was probably too much to watch. I sighed, then returned the club back in my inventory.

I approached the children, who were once again cowering in fear, but some fruits quelled their fear. The armored man, witnessing my weird kindness towards the children paused in thought after getting his breathing in order.

Let me praise him however. Getting back up after getting a hit like that was a little badass. If was still just a human, I would’ve crumpled on the ground, not getting back up due to the pain. The armored man slowly got up, sword held in hand. I was observing him, spectating whether he would try to attack me again, or finally get the hint that I wasn’t hostile.

He decided on the latter and then sheathed his sword. I relaxed, then grabbed a fruit from my inventory then offered him one. He looked at the fruit apprehensively, but children would be children. They forced the armored man to take the fruit by shouting, yelling, and squealing with happy faces, all the while the armored man looked at them in shock.

Reminder, all of this was happening with a corpse nearby… This is one weird day…

The man then surrendered and slowly plucked the fruit out of my hand. He then proceeded to inspect it, over and over again, before he took a bite. Moments later, the fruit laid in his belly, fully consumed. He was spouting some words over in his language, and it all went over my head.

Language barrier, am I right? For all I knew he could be talking trash about the fruit, or me in general, but judging by his facial expression and body language, I’d say that theory was practically non-existent. He then bowed towards me, still talking in his language before he inspected the corpse of the man who I killed earlier.

The man hefted the corpse up, lifting him above the hole I put him in with [Sinkhole] with strength no ordinary human could do. He looked all over his bloody body, looking for something. The children who witnessed said inspection vomited the contents of their stomach and into the flowers.

Naturally, I moved away. I dislike vomit, thank you very much!

I continued on observing the man, in case he may try to get stabby with me again, but I doubt it would. Seconds later, he picked something from the pocket of the corpse. It looked like a strange emblem, with a grotesque hand as its symbol. It was then the armored man’s face took on a serious appearance.

He pocketed the emblem then gestured towards the children, who nodded with face as pale as the moon. He then called me, at least I think he was, then spoke. It was few seconds later where he realized I had no idea what he was saying, so instead, he pointed towards the fainted maid and gestured something like carrying.

… So, he wants me to carry the maid and follow them? I could refuse, but if I do, it won’t be long before more trespassers come in bulk. That, and I’m still not ready for another attack stronger than the last. Probably making peace with them would be most beneficial to the dungeon, instead of being hostile.

I sighed, then nodded, giving a sign of understanding towards the armored man. I approached the maid. She looked like someone in her early 20’s, with brown, braided hair styled into a ponytail. She wore the cliché maid uniform but unlike those in maid cafes, these were more modest and formal. Last but not the least, she had elf ears, but shorter than the ones I saw on one of the trespassers last attack.

I carried her up, then gently placed her on my back, giving her a somewhat improvised piggyback since I no longer have the posture of a human. I mostly walk on all fours now after all.

The armored man then took the children in his hands then guided me through a path leading towards somewhere I have no idea about.

God, I hope this decision won’t bite me in the ass.

Now, time for monke to meet more hoomans.