Chapter 1: The birth of a god
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I don't know how it all begin. I don't even know when it all start. By the time I reach sentience all that I can see is the darkness of the void.

How did this happen?

I look around and see a bunch of large rocks and gasses. If I'm not mistaken it is called planet and gas giants. I don't know how I know, but for some reason I just know.

I then look behind me and saw a large bright fireball. That is a sun... but isn't sun supposedly hot? But why am I not affected by the blazing scorching sun?

I then look down at my body... but where is it? All that I can see right now is nothing but a large mass of gas and light.

Well I guess I will worried about it later. Right now I am hungry. I want to eat something. My large body began to demanding me to consume something as nutrients. But what can I eat?

I take a look around until my sight reach the large yellow sun. I proceed to move slowly towards it. Can I really it this? Well I see no problem if I tried right?

I then taste the big bright sun a bit... WOW THIS IS DELICIOUS!!!

After that I began to gobble up the sun. The sun huge size make it hard to be swallowed whole but little by little the sun was fully engulf by me.

Ahh~ that was really delicious. I turn to my back and see the planets and gas giants around me. Well there is not much to do with all of this. Let's just eat all of it. I move at one of the planet and take a small bite out of it. Ah~ this is also delicious. How about this gas giants... this is also delicious. After that I continue to eat all of the planets in this solar system. Ah~ I am fulled.

So, what am I going to do right now? I mean right now around me there is nothing but a large dark void... well let's just leave this place and find more food. Besides there is not much that I can do here.

I then move to another system. I just move and move and move. Hah~ this is boring. There is not much that I can do... wait is there no other way to move much more faster?

I mean my body is energy right? So there must be someway or something that can help me move much more faster right? Okay let see... hurmmmm.... hurmmmm. Suddenly my body feels like it moving much more faster... to fast in fact. Oh shit, oh shit. Stop!!! I must stop quickly!!! 

Suddenly, I can feel some gravitic force near me. Ah!!! I must quickly use this gravity to stop me.

I then somehow, someway stop using the gravitic force. I look around and saw that I already arrived at a new system. Well since I didn't really have anything to do, time to eat.