108. Scheduled Events
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“I still need to sign up for my events.” Her silence caused me to reiterate my stance.

“Pardon my behavior, Sir.” She calmed. “Which event are you interested in?” I caught on to the fact that she stayed singular with event, even though I clearly stated multiple.

“The B-rank one against the Death Spider.” I continued before she could interrupt me. “And the A-Rank event against the Centi-Crawler, Yeti, and Fire Boar.”

“Got it. The rest of your party may apply within the next twenty-four hours. Will your slave be participating with you as well?” The receptionist added on thinking that it was going to be just another group battle.

“I'll be fighting in the events, solo and without any magic.” Other than being stunned with a slack jaw for a brief moment, it was good to see that she caught on quickly.

“Sir, did you say you will be fighting without magic, whatsoever?” She repeated my words back to me almost as if in doubt.

“I did, I was told there's a ten times multiplier for beating an event without the use of any magic.”

“That is correct, however no one has ever won an event without the aid of magic.” She didn’t mention that no one has ever tried an event without the help of magic so that was interesting.

“There’s a first for everything.” Whether she believed it was possible or not, all I wanted to do was carry on with the sign-up. “I also have a question for the A-ranked event against the wasp warrior.”

“Go ahead.” It looked like she knew exactly which event I was talking about without having to browse through the system.

“If the opponent were to give up or lose the ability to compete any longer through forced knock out or other means, will that be considered a win?” The only way I would consider the fight was if killing was off the table. I was more inclined to save the wasp warrior and set him free than to kill him for a crowd's entertainment. 

“One moment, no one’s ever asked that question before... Let me check something.” She paused to check her screen. “Winning this event with the opponent left alive will grant extra points. A multiplier of two that will be tacked onto the end of all the bonuses.”

I took my time to recalculate the point total several times in my head. It came out to twenty million points from a single match. Thinking about it though, that was only a fifth of the amount required to exchange for the auction house token. The only way to buy that plus everything else I wanted was to either enter into more events or to make a killing from gambling.

“Is that the case for all of the events of just that one?” If making enemies submit to their defeat earned me double the points I was about to consider using my fear ability. I wouldn’t gain the additional rank-up but the multiplier of making it concede was worth way more.

“Only certain events, the ones deemed as high value targets.” She emphasized high value.

“What about the ones we have already selected, does it apply?” There was a short pause before she answered my question.

“Sorry, none of them meet the mark.” It was worth a shot to ask though disappointing at the same time.

“That does it then, add the wasp warrior event to the list. I’ll be fighting with the same conditions as the other two. No magic and by myself.” I felt the need to verbally reverify my conditions.

She seemed to be having a field day entering all the data required for the events from the intense sound of clacking keys alone. We waited in silence as she took care of it all.

“How long until those three events are ready?” I didn’t want to disrupt her workflow but had a bad premonition as to the possible wait time.

“Umm, the B-rank can be ready by tonight 8PM, in about eight hours from now.” She multitasked entering in the info and checking the time to let me know. “As for the other two events, they are both A-rank events with very special handicaps placed on them.”

I wasn’t liking the long delay that hinted to. I was more concerned with what we were going to do in the meantime while waiting for the fights. I waited patiently since it seemed like she was doing her best to give me an answer.

“The three back to back beast event will be held after your slave’s match at 10PM tomorrow. As for the fight against the wasp warrior, that won’t be ready until three days from now.”

“That’s two days of empty space, what’s there to do in the meantime around here?” I didn’t mind the wait in the off chance I misjudged the difficulty of each event. I just wanted to avoid being tied down to an appointment in case something else happened to pop up.

“Ah, you’re here.” The receptionist exhaled. “Great, allow me to introduce both of you to Rachel. She will assist you anyway possible throughout your entire stay with us.”

“Pleasure to meet both of you.” A woman dressed in a slim business attire greeted us with a handshake. “I couldn’t help but overhear your question, we offer a wide range of facilities. You can treat this place as a world class resort with amenities you didn’t know existed.” Her clothes were partly revealing in places that made your eyes linger for a few extra seconds whether unintentionally or not. This was something I’d love to see Alexa wearing whenever she had things to update me on. Thinking of Alexa made me think of the others back home and I had to stop myself from getting further distracted.

“What’s this package deal going to cost us?” I was a bit apprehensive as soon as I felt the sales pitch vibe coming from her.

“As our valued fighters, all of it will be on the house. Once you are finished here, I’ll lead you to our finest suite to get you started.” That sounded promising at least we wouldn’t be bored during the wait. I was glad they chose someone that was easy to get along with as our helper instead of a stiff face.

I didn't think it would take this long just to set up some dang battle arena styled fights! I swear I'm not intentionally prolonging things lol. Any feedback on the pacing will be a huge help for me in figuring out how to improve on the future chapters. If you think this is too slow let me know. Any feedback is usually better than nothing to work with. Thanks for reading!