Chapter 52 – A Near Death Experience
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Bonar sat on his bed eagerly, surrounded by all his primary lovers, all naked.

"We've been discussing about you Boner. The vitality of your body is beyond anything I've ever seen, but while you've gained some sort of immunity to my vampirism. Morgan's succubus charms, Shiva's lamia charms and even Jasmine alroune ability, you've not gained even my vampire strength" Selena started

"So? I don't understand..." Bonar said

"It means we must increase your physical abilities to match your vitality" Morgan said

"Huh? What do you mean?" Bonar asked

"Your strength, speed, stamina... it seems you have the potential to be so much more" Selena said

"How can I increase them? What do you intend to do?" Bonar asked, intrigued by the thought of having the same amount of strength as Morgan or Selena. 

"It means, we'll fuck you till you nearly die!" Selena laughed evilly

"Wait! You didn't say anything about killing him" Daphne said

"Just a figure of speech my dear. Now you and Ariana take turns with him first. We'll wait our turn after you both exhaust him" Morgan smiled

Ariana frowned as she too wasn't comfortable with the idea.

But Bonar laughed, hoping to enjoy himself like it's his birthday and pushed both Ariana and Daphne down.

Usually strong characters like Morgan and Selena would never share the same room as each other or with the rest

But tonight, they were the ones who suggested the orgy, so he wasn't going to waste the opportunity.

Daphne screamed as Bonar's large cock entered her. Over time, her body had learned to accommodate his size.

But when he came, it still expanded her belly like a balloon, making her look heavily pregnant

As he exited her, Ariana jumped on him next and took charge, riding him cowgirl style.

Bonar finished again half an hour later with Ariana looking similarly heavily pregnant, but Morgan had massaged the cum out of Daphne's womb, deflating it and pushed her for another round

Daphne was delirious but she pushed Bonar down to have another turn fucking him until her eyes rolled up as he came inside her again.

After that, Selena picked Bonar up and guided him into Ariana's pussy again.

Bonar obediently fucked whoever was put in front of him. He was in a sexual haze, no doubt heightened by an arousal spell Morgan cast on him.

By now, both Daphne and Ariana were unconscious as Jasmine, Shiva, Morgan then Selena took a turn with him.

Somehow, he still had enough in his balls to make all of them look pregnant as he blasted his cum with the pressure of a fire hydrant.

Finally sated, Bonar lay down in a spread eagle position, taking over most of the bed, completely spent from his multiple orgasms. 

"No... now the real fun begins" Morgan said, crawling onto him and casting a spell on his dick to get it up again.

Jasmine's vines brought the unconscious Daphne and Ariana over and placed them next to his outstretched hands, pushing his 3 middle fingers into their pussies on either hand, holding him down.

Both girls moaned as Bonar felt their wet and warm orifices clutch down on his fingers.  

"Now... with what will happen next, you can't move your hands, otherwise you might hurt Daphne and Ariana" Morgan smiled evilly as she hovered her pussy over his erect cock. 

Not wanting to reject her, his cock eagerly entered Morgan's willing pussy as she impaled herself on his cock.

Suddenly, Selena hovered over him, rubbing her breasts on his chest as she bit his neck, sucking his blood

He felt Morgan's pussy squeeze his cock and milk it as her hips rose a bit and he felt pain as Jasmine opened her mouth and engulfed his balls into her jaws.

He shivered in fear and excitement as he felt Jasmine's fangs enter his ballsack, sucking blood directly from his balls just under Morgan's pussy.

Shiva hand transformed back to her lamia form and rubbed her breasts on him the other side of Selena as she too bit his neck and sucked his blood.

Simultaneously, Bonar's eyes opened wide as he felt his lifeforce leaving him from 4 directions.

Normally, each one of them could draw as much as they wanted from him without an issue. 

But when all 4 of them greedily sucked his lifeforce, he felt his soul leaving his body!

At the same time, Jasmine inserted her finger into his ass and his cock started spurting cum into Morgan's pussy.

Jasmine's fangs that were biting his balls redirected some of his cum unto her mouth as all of of them groaned from the delicious lifeforce overflowing out of him. 

"Aaah... aaaaah.... aaaaah..." Bonar yelled, but was scared to move his hands that were still inside Daphne and Ariana. 

Bonar's eyes rolled up and he passed out from the pleasure. 


The next morning, Ariana woke up and saw the 3 women still on Bonar, sleeping.

She tried to move, but found Bonar's hand still inside her, and had to carefully get of his hand as her pussy was already dry and crusty with his cum. 

Morgan was lying on his body, while Selena and Shiva's were lying on his chest with their breasts pressed on him but were no longer biting him. Jasmine was between his legs, suckling on his flaccid cock that she had pulled out of Morgan's pussy. 

Shiva's long tail was surrounding them protectively. 

Daphne was already up and her cheeks were puffed in jealousy. She had already washed up and was rubbing her sore pussy. 

"Hey... you girls should stop. You may go too far" Ariana said

The 4 women stirred and slowly got out of bed lazily, their bodies crusty with Bonar's incredible amount of cum. 

"Hey Boner. Wake up sleepy head!" Morgan said kissing him, quickly getting up and checking on Bonar. 

He was motionless, and his skin was deathly pale and cold

When an alraune, lamia or succubus sucked the lifeforce out of a man, their body would shrivel up like a dried prune. 

But while Bonar didn't shrivel up, he looked as pale as a victim that was. 

"Did we go too far?" Shiva asked in panic. 

Jasmine looked panicked too. 

Usually they loved having sex with Bonar because they could go all out without killing him during sex. But this time all 4 of them did so at the same time. Perhaps it went beyond his limit?

"No... this is what we wanted. He's in a state of suspended animation. We'll just have to wait for him to recover" Morgan said

"I've prepared a place for him to rest quietly" Selena said, easily picking up his large muscular body. 

She walked into her room, followed by the other worried women and placed him into a coffin next to hers. 

"Your coffin... figures" Morgan grunted

Selena closed the stone coffin and turned around

"Where are you going?" Daphne asked worriedly

"Where? To wash up of course. A hot bath sounds perfect right now" she said as she sauntered off with Morgan. 


Weeks went past with no movement from Bonar.

Selena and Morgan regularly checked on him, but he wasn't dead. Only, he didn't seem alive either.

The good sign was that he wasn't rotting. But he didn't seem to be breathing either.

In the meantime, the attacks from the beasts got more and more frequent, and Selena engaged her Nightstalkers to join in patrolling the area.

The girls started going out in groups of 3, with Selena and Morgan joining in as well.

But with all that happening, Bonar remained still as the grave..