[Arc I] Chapter 52 – Jason U
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Previously, on Slithering through dreams


span>Our MC says goodbye to his brother. He is now facing another problem- hunger. After being unable to reach the mother snake, he decided to try finding food on his own… by following a “thought” signal from underground, expecting it to be coming from an overgrown worm. Instead, he finds a murderous undercone. Fortunately for him, it was damaged by mother, who caught him trying to sneak on the leaving brother. Unfortunately, it’s still 10x our MCs size. After a series of short standoffs, during which the usual mind tricks fail, MC manages to sneak on the underocne and stab one of its eyes out.

Unfortunately, that only made the adversary angrier.. Though it did get poisoned. It also realised it can control the MCs body, when they are connected, and tried to drown him in a river, fortunately the link snapped. Still, in a desperate attempt to survive, MC jumped into the raging river anyways (a heavy rainstorm is happening, which causes the water levels to rise, as well as flushing a lot of debris from surrounding), and then swam through the turbulent waters of the lake onto a weird plant, a mix between water lilies and a tree.

But even that was not enough, as the not-so-mindless monster fell a tree to form a makeshift bridge



Assume the undercone sounds like this throughout this chapter: https://youtu.be/dmxhLEoJf-o?t=63


*** Undercone POV ***


The unimaginable anger it felt! (well, unimaginable for a creature with E rank intelligence) Its raging fires made it feel as if it could destroy anything and everything between it and its revenge! 


The strong waves, making the log all wobbly, did extinguish a bit of that fire. Or at least the thought of having to go on a plank and walk through to the other side…


But then it saw the stupid snakes head! With it stupid eyes, looking at it! Looking like other undecones looked at Red-nose! It shrieked in anger and (carefully) walked onto the plank!




I could feel the pricking of undercones mind from here, a new record! Damn it! Why won’t it give up! There is no way I can win against it in frontal fight!


(“As an old master of mine, snek lee said- Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it.”)


oohh. OHHH. Yesss, the sssnake way!




<IT TAUNTS US NOW?! @(*#&($%^!!>

A small piece of bird-poop covered leaf landed on the ground in front of the Red-nose- snakeling too weak to throw it hard enough to reach the other shore. Immediately after, the snake jumped to the hidden side of the tree. Raging, it wanted to run at him… but the log was too unstable for that, the sudden movements making it roll, and making one of its legs slip. It had to be careful… for now.


Step by step… finally, it got on the plant, which barely, but still managed to not break under the weight of its new visitor. 



Slowly, and carefully as to not fall to the deadly water, it moved towards the other side of the plant… and nothing was there? But the smell is still strong next to the leaf's edge, it must have gone back into the water! But where?! 


It looked back to the shore.. And saw a small snake, trying to move the fallen lumber away… leaving the undercone stranded on the plant.


It ran back, anger, for the first time overtaken by fear.



“Damn, this thing is heavy!” 

Bigger stones on the beach were blocking me from pushing it completely into the water.. Actually It's a miracle I can move it even a little bit, taking into consideration my size! 

(“It found out the ruse! It’s coming!”)


(“My calculations suggested we would have more time…”)

Okay, time for plan B, run until the next plant!


Fortunately there was a small group of them, not so far from here.. And this time I could move between them if it tried the same trick again! 

I immediately rejected the thought of swimming there directly from here- while I got better at it, every second in waters as rough as this nearly as dangerous as facing off against this stupid mole. 


So I slithered as fast as I could!


Finally I looked back (not wanting to make the trope mistake of tripping while looking back at the serial killer following me. It just managed to get off the makeshift bridge, so I had a few seconds to catch my breath before braving the waters.


And, like in a typical horror story, that was the moment things went wrong.


I could feel something new coming from underground. Again. And it was bigger. And stronger. The martial-artist inside me immediately jumped forward, and that’s the only thing that saved me from the sharp jaws that appeared where I was just a moment ago! I swam forward as fast as I could, trying to somehow protect my head with my tail at the same time!


Blob blob….


(“What the hell was that?”!)

From the saf.. (“Don’t think it!”)

From the new strategic position, of a lily-tree (temporary name) I looked at the shore. There were two undercones there now- the second one twice the height of the previous one. So about 50 times my height.


I’m dead.


But what are they doing?! Wait why is it hitting the smaller undercone?! 


I observed as the big cone smacked the smaller one so hard, it started bleeding even more, but it seemed to still be alive. After that it went to the fallen tree… and started bringing it towards here.

(“It pulls that log as if it was nothing…”)

(“My estimations say it's too short to reach us. We should still be sa… unreachable!”)


Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case that the monster was just too stupid to realise. After moving the log here… it took the smaller cone, and put its head in water to wake it up. After that it screeched something to it, and made it go on top of the log.. And then pushed the log, with the red-nose on it towards me.


1-2 more chapters today? The end of the fight in the next chapter.


I’m going to continue releasing new chapters for this version of the story once a week, until the rewrite catches up to the current plot point. I’m also going to write a note with all the changes that happened between the two versions to those of you who won’t feel like reading the whole rewrite. I’m going to start releasing it when I reach 30 chapters, to have a nice backlog, so somewhere around the end of april?