[Arc I] Chapter 53 – Scar
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(“We have to fight”)

(“Defeating a giant? How? We could try making a slingshot… no time!”)

Yeah, that’s the first thing we need to do. Get more time to do any preparations- I quickly got into the waters again, to the furthest lilly-tree. 


“*Cough cough* Damn it! Arghh!“

I thought that swimming between the big floating leaves would be easier when there were many of them… it wasn’t. While the trunk did seem to weaken the strength of waves a bit, they also became far more erratic- and just as I was about to reach the furthest trunk, I got instead smashed into it, creating a medium sized gash on my side.


(“No time to feel sorry about ourselves! We have to prepare!”)

Indeed, while I tried to stay hidden, while swimming on the edge of my vision I saw undercones log reaching the first tree. 


In total there were 8 lily-trees, forming a kind of “K” shape, too distant to just be jumped over by a small snake… but most likely possible for someone the size of a small child.


(“I suggest we make a trap! If It wants to get here, it will most likely jump on these leaves! If we weaken them enough, they will collapse when it jumps.. And it will drown!”)


(“No, those things are too clever.. And it’s weakened! Not only by our venom, but also by getting hit by the bigger Undercone! We should fight!”)

(“And if we want to fight.. We will need one more tattoo. This time on the head!”)


Choices choices… well, guess what? This time we can try doing both! Let's start with the tattoo, and then try creating the trap.


*** Undercone PoV ***

This was the worst day in the Red-noses life. The boss said it would help it get back if it gets the snakeling… but it knew that look on its face. The boss was angry, and that was but a method of improving its mood- fight to the death, where both contestants die.


Still, the thought of getting revenge on the cause of all of this, the stupid snake, was enough of a reason to try it. Yes, Red-nose will make sure to enjoy its last meal.. For a loong time.


It tried its best to embark on the bigger floating leaf.. And it could feel them wobbling under its weight. It carefully moved toward the trunk. Following the scent, it knew where it had to go… but the stupid snake was sneaky…




After making another cut in my head, which seemed to look a bit like thunder, I kindled my soul. And I Immediately realised something was wrong. 

You know the feeling when you press a button, and before your muscles move, but when the signal was already sent and you can’t do anything,  you realise you made a big mistake? 


The soul power splits my soul into each drop of blood.. And the wound on my side hasn’t closed up yet!

(“SHIT SHIT SHIT”) I immediately started boosting my regeneration.. 


But while that was happening I saw a vision- first a face. Multiple human faces. Who are those people? I think they are my parents but… what do they look like?! And did I even have human parents? Stop! Don’t take these memories away! And this was my primary school! So many things happened there.. But what were they? I know they did happen but what was that?!


And then it ended. My mind was blank, only registering the sound of waves and the feeling of rain battering my body. 


(“No time to mourn what has been lost! We are on a battlefield!”)

(“We will have time be sad after we survive!”)


My human self wanted to protest, but the snake brain agreed- survival comes first. 


Living tattoo creation (0 -> 1)



(“Leave it for later!”)


I ran towards the leaves that were closest to the shore, and started gnawing on them. Bite- spit away, bite- spit. The idea was to make the leaf tear away after something heavy jumps on it, but not obvious enough that it would be noticeable! Not that it should be able to see much with its eye gouged out. Also, putting holes in the middle  should reduce the lily-pads buoyancy!


(“Wait.. shouldn’t we be able to see it by now?”)

I stopped my work… Yeah something is wrong. I tried to get as high as I could, after getting to the center of the tree, hoping to see something. And I did- but not from the direction I expected! The stupid thing must have realised I would try creating a trap again, and decided to go the longer way! 

(“Who is the stupid one here, the one that avoided the trap, or the one that wasted time making one?”)
(“Silence! And we will see if its wasted time!”)


I tried my best to hide away from it, while waiting for it to arrive. There just isn’t enough time to do anything more. It took a while finding the most stable path. And then it jumped- the whole plant shook upon the landing.


When it saw me, I could see its sneer, as if saying “You won’t be able to run away this time!” - once again, stupid. I could! I just don’t need to! I moved to a pad I was puncturing a moment ago.


It sneered again… and instead of jumping on the pad, it bent forward.. And started pulling it towards itself! 

(“It must have smelled our scent around it!”)

(“You must admit, that’s quite clever!”)
“NEVER!” As I was starting to panic, having the ground under my scales literally pulled from me… 

The weakened pad, riddled with holes, just broke due to all the lateral force exerted on it. The sudden release of tension made the Undercone slip, it barely managed to hold on with one of its claws…


I couldn’t let this chance go on! I got to it as fast as I could, and looked it into its last remaining eye, while preparing myself for the secret art of the Drunken Snout. It started squeaking pitfully, but I’m not one of those light-novel protagonists. No mercy to those who tried to kill me! 


“Long live the king! Stuuuupid!”


The undercone fell into the depths of the lake.


(“We are a real wizard now! You think we will go to Slytherin?”) 

(“No, they won’t let us on the train. Also how would we pronounce spells?”)

I sometimes consider getting a tattoo, but there is nothing I like so much that I would like to put it on my body. I get bored of art too easily I guess? Maybe I will get a snake one day :D Still making small fixes to this chapter, I just wanted it to be released before midnight (it’s 23:20 over here)

Also, I assume you can guess the reference made in the title of the chapter :P