02 – It’s a LitRPG
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After regaining consciousness from the harrowing experience of being granted divine power, Amara was following Ezme through the silver city feeling incredibly light. She no longer felt any weight on her back, legs or feet with the steps that she took, nor any resistance in her body as it moved; she felt like the very flesh was moving on its own as her bones moved, rather than being pushed aside to accommodate the movement.

All the while they were walking, Ezme was flapping her lips explaining Amara’s newfound powers to her, which was essentially to create small miracles by consuming divine power. As she kept speaking without ever stopping to draw breath, she realized that angels most likely didn't need to breathe while her ears were assaulted with information.

“…so since you’re originally mortal, your body can’t contain all that much divine power. For us angels, our cap on divine power increases with usage, which is why the eldest ones are almost always the most powerful. I think for you it might be similar, that by tempering your body little by little it will increase, but in the end I think you’re going to cap out pretty soon no matter what.”(Ezme)

“Well that sucks.” Amara responded after the first pause for several minutes. The situation she was in hadn’t sunk in at all, and she felt like she wasn’t going to get the chance to think for herself anytime soon. “How does one regain divine power once consumed?”

“It replenishes on its own with time. The divine gift that Father gave you, which gives you your divine power, latched onto your soul, and works kind of like a muscle I suppose. Tire it out and it needs rest, regenerating its strength over time.” Ezme chirped before she stopped and turn to Amara with a beaming smile. “But the best way to get divine power is through believers!”


“Yes! Every time a mortal prays to you, you get divine power! Wonderful, isn’t it? You’re going to need that bigtime, as the faster you get divine power back, the faster you can slap those demons!”(Ezme)

“Then how will I get believers?”(Amara)

“Oh that’s easy, you just go to the realms in your domain, create a few miracles and shazam! The mortals practically will trample over each other to bow to your greatness!”(Ezme)

“…I thought I don’t have a domain yet?”(Amara)

“Indeed you don’t!”(Ezme)

Amara simply crossed her arms and looked at the smirking Ezme. After a few seconds Ezme tilted her head and raised her hand to scratch the back of her head as she wrinkled her nose. “Oh my, that’s going to be a problem, isn’t it?”

“You don’t say?”(Amara)

“Common, don’t look so glum! I'm just pulling your leg, you'll get one soon! Won't be easy to get believers though. But I’m sure you can find a way to make it work! After all, that’s one of the things you mortals – the humans of your world especially – seem to excel at!”(Ezra)

“Meaning what exactly?”(Amara)

“I mean you have all these creative solutions to stuff! And then you create stuff even when there’s no problem requiring a solution anymore either! Oh, speaking of creations. Here!” Ezme exclaimed as she put her finger to her temple, before flinging it towards Amara.

Although Amara still hadn’t quite gotten used to the mere existence of divine power in her body, she could feel a surge of divine power approaching her faster than she could react followed by the sound of a bell in her head. As she blinked, a transparent blue screen with writing on it was in front of her.

Ezme has offered you the system, beloved sibling!
The system is intended to help you gain an overview of your excellence, and acts as a useful tool to improve your strength and prowess.

As Amara was reading the screen, she noticed that Ezme had leaned down to look up at her through the screen. “What are you waiting for? Get on with it already!”

With a sigh Amara said “Yes.”, upon which she felt like something had been squeezed into her head.

Integration complete!

“The system is my very own design! Let’s try it out! Say ‘Status’!”(Ezme)



Name: Amara
Race: Human (Ascended)
Age: 19 (Earth)
Class: None


Divine Power:
127 562 / 127 562 (100%)
+ 5238 / h (4%)

0/10 (0%)
+ 0 / h (0%)


Strength: 178
Agility: 241
Dexterity: 202
Vitality: 215
Stamina: 198
Willpower: 263

Divine Skills:
Angelic Language lvl 2
Appraisal lvl 1
Telepathy lvl 1
Creation lvl 1
Realm Gate lvl 1

Class Skills:

General Skills (˅):



Amara chose to look closer on the symbol following General Skills, upon which a list unfurled; filled with all the skills she learned on Earth. Most of them were utterly useless information, such as ‘Stone Skipping lvl 1’. She hadn't done stone skipping since before she hit puberty.

Ezme had snuck up and was standing next to Amara, peeking at the screen. As Amara noticed her, she furrowed her brow and looked at Ezme. “Isn’t it rude to look at another person’s status like that without permission?”

“Not my fault you didn’t set it to private.”(Ezme)

Amara thought for a moment and the screen flickered once, at which she heard Ezme's voice from her side, saying “Aww.”. To Amara the screen was still here as Ezme stepped away from Amara and smiled at her. “Now then, let’s test it out! You don’t actually need the system, but I thought you’d get the hang of things easier by trying it out. Use appraisal on me.”

A sudden burst of information flew into Amara’s head, giving her an idea of Ezme’s strength at the same time as a new screen appeared beside the existing one with her own status.


Appraisal Result

Name: Ezme
Race: Angel
Age: 5171 (Earth)
Titles: Appraisal Blocked


Divine Power:
561 041 102 / 564 268 447 (99%)
+ 61 884 574 / h (10%)
+ approx. 12 318 000 000 / h (2183%)


Strength: 5789
Agility: 4612
Dexterity: 2478
Vitality: 1773
Stamina: 4152
Willpower: 1569

Divine Skills:
Appraisal Blocked

General Skills:
Appraisal Blocked


Holy shit, what’s with those numbers?

“Now then, I can imagine you have a few questions, but first of all, shouldn’t you praise me?”(Ezme)

“…Yeah, sure.”(Amara)

“How rude!” Ezme exclaimed but she never dropped her smile. “Now then, before I answer any questions, you felt like you got some info even without the system, right?”


“So basically, you don’t need to use the skills or the system at all. It’s just for you to get an idea on how to use your powers. After that you can even design your own skills and more.” Ezme was beaming with pride as she pushed out her chest and flung her hair back with the back of her hand as she began walking again. “And it’s pretty popular amongst my siblings. Many went on a rage to compare stats with one another, even though they could already approximately tell each other’s stats.”

Amara was following after her as she was recollecting “It reminds me a lot about some of the computer games or LitRPG novels back on Ea-hmmpf!”

Ezme had stopped and thrown her hands over Amara’s mouth. She looked around them both with an anxious expression before she looked Amara into the eyes and whispered. “Don’t every mention that here! If they find out we’re both in trouble!”

Amara’s eyes grew wide as she looked at Ezme and pulled her hands off before whispering back. “Don’t tell me you got the idea from-hmmpf!”

Again Ezme’s hands flew to Amara’s mouth and this time held Amara’s face tightly as she whispered. “Never speak like that again, for both of our sakes. The other angels aren’t ready for it yet.”

Once Ezme saw that Amara was ready to drop the subject, she finally let go and they walked again. “So, where were we?”

“…I checked the differences between our statuses. I suppose you can block another person’s appraisal somehow?”(Amara)

“Indeed, but it’s not going to matter that much to you here. After all, any angel will be strong enough to overcome your blocking, but you should train up the skill regardless.”(Ezme)

“Figures. Then, what’s the deal with the difference in stats? And you had an additional line involving divine power?”(Amara)

“Well the first part has to do with the racial differences; you’re human even if you’ve been granted ascension. I told you before about the limits that it has on your body – and I think your soul as well. The second part has to do with believers.”(Ezme)

“So I don’t have any believers, therefore I don’t have that part. And the approximation part of it?”(Amara)

“That’s down to the current flow of divine power I get from prayers to me. As the number of prayers at any given moment is changing, it can’t get an accurate reading.”(Ezme)

“Alright, what about class? Angels don’t have classes?”(Amara)

“Of course we don’t. We’re at the pinnacle of creation, we are born with all the knowledge required for our existence. Why should we take classes?”(Ezme)

“No, I mean-“(Amara)

“I know what you mean.” Ezme smiled and winked at Amara before continuing. “Part of it is the default settings of the system, as it recognizes you primarily by race. But the core of it is that angels can’t use mana, I suppose.”

“I see.”(Amara)

They walked in silence for a while before Ezme’s voice awakened her from her thoughts “Hey.”


Ezme stopped in her tracks and seemed conflicted as she refused to look at Amara before she finally glances at her. “I just want you to know that…I’m sorry.”

Amara thought for a moment before answering. “About what exactly would that be?” Although Amara was a bit angry at getting killed and blackmailed into accepting the role of champion, and had contemplated snapping at Ezme. Somehow, seeing the fidgety Ezme, Amara found the idea of teasing the angel far more tempting.

“Oh, you know…for you ending up as the champion. You’re probably going to be less happy about it as time passes.”(Ezme)

Ah yes, that's the stuff. Amara smiled at Ezme for the first time. “Is that all?”

“Well, yeah….I mean…” Ezme’s voice trailed off before she finally sighed and looked Amara straight in the eyes. “I’m sorry for killing you.”

Adorable. Seeing Ezme’s serious face, the urge to tease her spiked even higher as she smiled at Ezme. “How disappointing.”


“You know, with the way you acted and all I somehow expected…something else. Something more.” Amara said as she winked at Ezme.

“Y-you…” Ezme stuttered as her face grew red and her wings flapped behind her as she howled at Amara. “YOU INSUFFERABLE MORTAL!”