04 – A Momentary Respite
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From here on, the rate of the story will be slowing down. Not to say that there won't be time skips - a thousand years is a long time you know?

I'm talking about the scale of the descriptions of events and people will be kicked up a notch.

Thus far, the story has more or less been a machine gun spewing nothing but conversations.

Consider it as Amara geting her bearings after leting her situation sink in.

Disaprove? Shame! This ain't a democracy. This world is MINE.


”So, aaall of this will be your very own room during your stay here!” Ezme happily explained while twirling around on the spot.

Amara looked around the room, although the word wasn’t quite satisfactory. Nothing called a ‘room’ on Earth would be this big. A circular room, some 50 meters in diameter. The floor, the walls, the domed roof, all reflected light as if they were all mirrors.

Although there were walls in the room it was more like one single wall; the arcing wall that went around the room had a dozen alcoves in it. One of them, contained the bronze double door they had just came through. On the opposite side was an identical set of double doors.

In between the alcoves were tall windows, letting in a gentle light as if it was early sunrise. Now Amara noticed, this was the first time she saw a light source – other than God – in the silver city. Yet there was never a time during their walk here that any place seemed dark, instead all areas she had seen were comfortably lit.

Strange, but I guess I’m going to have to give up on logic from now on.

As Amara looked past the alcoves into the rooms they led to, the thought that logic was only going to hamper her increased. These side rooms also appeared circular and they too had alcoves along their walls, which contained windows.

These rooms too seemed large enough to fit a small house, being some 20 meters in diameter. Amara’s brain said that the rooms closest to the doors they came from should stretch out into the corridor outside, but she had not noticed it. Some kind of special magic probably the cause.

“…training, but I suppose you might need some pointers. After all…”(Ezme)


Crap, I completely spaced out. I think I’ve reached my limit.


“Hey, Ezme.”(Amara)   


“..so I can understand if – yes?” Ezme tilted her head as her flapping lips stopped temporarily with a beaming smile.


“Don’t take this the wrong way, but do you think I could have a moment for myself?” Amara ran her fingers through her hair and scratched her head. “I’ve got a lot on my mind.”


“Oh.” Ezme said dejectedly as her bright wings seemed to droop a little and grow a little dimmer. “I suppose you’ve been through a lot. Take your time, I’ll be back a bit later to fetch you.”


As Ezme walked out of the doors they had come from they shut behind her; leaving Amara alone for the first time since her death. Curious, Amara walked into one of the side rooms. As she had guessed by looking in from the outside, they were completely bare.


I wonder what I’m supposed to do with all these rooms. And there’s no furniture either. I suppose I might have to ask Ezme about it later. Right now, I’d really like a bed to lay down on but I don’t have confidence in creating one on my own.


Amara moved to the next room and saw that from the inside, it appeared identical to the previous one. As such there was probably no point in looking into the others, as they were most likely the same as well.

She walked over to the window and tried to look out, but couldn’t see anything outside. The only thing was light that was shining in.

Amara sat down underneath the window and leaned her back against the wall, and let out a deep sigh.

Welp, it looks like I got isekaied. I always thought it was such a cliché statement said by every damn protagonist in an isekai novel. I hate how it feels like the only appropriate thing to think in this situation.

Amara wrapped her arms around her legs as she hunched over and rested her chin on her knees.

It’s not like I miss Earth all that much. After my family died everything just felt empty. The only thing I felt any excitement about was reading books and novels, reading news on scientific discoveries and technological progress. I suppose my only other regret would be that my time at university was cut short.

 It’s not like I had any friends worth calling such anyway. The girl I trusted the most just ended up turning her back on me when I needed some emotional support. Maybe that was my own fault though, I was probably just taxing to hang around with at the time, being all depressed all the time. I know it wasn't her problem to deal with. Doesn’t change the fact I needed someone though.


Amara sighed and put her cheek against her knees.


But I guess the angel is cute. If a bit of a loonie. Strangely enough, I can’t really despise her even if she killed me. She maybe didn’t even have a say in the matter. I doubt she did, with the way she was acting I don't she could have killed me in cold blood. Or maybe angels really don't care about mortals? Yet Ezme seems to do so, at least a little.

It’s strange though, as I feel like her appearance and personality don’t quite match. She has a beautiful face of the cold sort, yet her personality is so sweet if you discount her stuck-up behaviour. At those times she’s more cute than anything, as it feels like she’s mostly putting up an act. The only time the two match is when she gets angry or occasionally when she’s trash talking mortals.


I wonder what the deal is with looking down on mortals though. Probably to be expected by the high-and-mighty angels. Yet Ezme doesn’t seem to mean it all the time she says it. I felt like she truly looked down on mortals for being arrogant, but otherwise not so much.


And her wings looked absolutely wonderful. I really wanted to touch them, but for the most part I felt like I was going to have to suffer divine punishment if I touched them without permission. I’ll have to ask her if I can touch them later.


God definitely is some kind of tyrant, blackmailing me with the lives of the people on Earth like that. Couldn’t they have found someone who was willing to volunteer? Though saying that, if none of the angels wanted to do it, it’d probably be pretty discouraging for a human. But there probably is some crazy bastard out there that would be willing, going 'YOLO!' or 'Leeeeroooy!'.


I don’t know what all this champion crap will entail. Ezme was all focused on telling me all about how to increase my strength and how those powers work, but I have no idea what I’m going up against. I imagine she was probably going to get to it eventually, but I should ask her that as well.


I probably wouldn’t have minded that much if it wasn’t the fact that I actually wasn’t given any chance to refuse and that I now feel like I’m just some pig raised for slaughter.


Amara sighed again and leaned back onto the wall and brought up her status.

Let’s have a closer look.





Name: Amara
Race: Human (Ascended)
Age: 19 (Earth)
Class: None


Divine Power:
22 321 / 127 574 (17%)
+ 5240 / h (4%)


0/10 (0%)
+ 0 / h (0%)


Strength: 178
Agility: 241
Dexterity: 202
Vitality: 215
Stamina: 198
Willpower: 267


Divine Skills:
Angelic Language lvl 2
Appraisal lvl 1
Telepathy lvl 1
Creation lvl 1
Realm Gate lvl 1
Open Sesame lvl 1  


Class Skills:


General Skills (˅):



Looks like the stats on my divine power has changed slightly. This probably has to do with what Ezme said about tempering or whatever.

I wonder what’s the deal with the scale of the numbers though. If mana and divine power are completely unrelated to one another, then what’s with the difference in scale? Is the number for divine power inflated just so that angels can feel good about themselves?

I wonder if I can appraise my stats and abilities.

As Amara began appraising different parts of her status, she noticed that the Appraisal Result screen that showed up filled with new lines after each appraisal, rather than replacing the existing one or creating an entire separate one.


Appraisal Result

Name: Amara – The phrase the individual is most likely to react to when addressed. Normally selected by oneself or granted by others. Acquisition method highly dependent on race and local customs, if such exist.

Amara is the current name of the individual. This phrase is without any meaning other than what others give it.


Race: Human (Ascended) – The phrase used for describing beings of a similar nature.

Humans are a bipedal mortal race of low intelligence. Herd species. Behavioral patterns greatly differ between individual specimens.

The individual has been marked as Ascended as it should not be able to create its own divine power, yet is able to do so.


Age: 19 (Earth) – Unit to describe how long the individual has been in existence.

The individual is currently 19 years of age.

You have selected Earth as your frame of reference. As such, all ages will be displayed with the time referenced from realm of Earth.


Class: None – Mortals on realms supported by the system are able to learn classes.

Classes empower the individual’s general skills which are affected by the class. Classes also can provide Class Skills as an advanced tier of general skills. Classes are obtainable once the general skills listed as requirements are of the minimum required level.  

The individual has no class.


Is that a pun?


A smile spread on Amara’s face as she shook her head before she continued appraising.



Divine Power – Your power which with to lord over the mortals and wrecking demons. And other things.

Displays the currently available, currently maximal, and current replenishment rates.


That’s awfully short. If Ezme designed this, I suppose it was mostly aimed for mortals? Seems like the angels already know instinctively what their divine power is and what it does, and this is just flavor text.



Mana – The magical power that acts as fuel which can be used to cast magic.

Displays currently available, currently maximal, and current replenishment rates.


Well this one seems about the same. Says nothing about what exactly it is. Maybe Ezme doesn’t know. Or maybe she doesn’t want to give that information out. Another question to ask her.


Strength – The current maximal strength of the physical body. Acquiring strength also gives a boost to agility and stamina.

Agility – The current maximal speed and suppleness of the physical body. Acquiring agility gives a boost to dexterity, and affects the rate of consumption of stamina.

Dexterity – The current maximal deftness of the physical body.

Vitality – The current maximal vitality of the physical body. Depletion typically leads to death of the physical body.

Stamina – The current maximal endurance of the physical body. 

Willpower – The current maximal mental strength. Acquiring willpower gives a boost to vitality. Willpower affects the clarity of mental images required to cast magic. Depletion typically leads to the death of the soul.


Death of the soul? Sounds pretty ominous. I should probably ask Ezme about this later on. Don’t want to deplete the willpower by accident somehow.


Divine Skills – Just so you can look at the greatness of your talents and the skills you’ve created!

Angelic Language – Your oh-so-excellence in comprehension and ability in expressing yourself in the greatest language in creation.

Appraisal – Trying to create a loop or something? Get out of here!

Telepathy – A shortcut to talk with your siblings; I call it Angel Radio!

Creation – A shortcut to create what you want!

Realm Gate – Your unique ability to travel between the realms.

Open Sesame – A skill you yourself created. Don’t ask me.


Certainly aimed to only be read by angels. Realm gate is unique? Then angels don’t have it?


Class Skills – Displays the advanced skills that are derived by your general skills and your class.

None – This list is empty. Class skills requires a class. You have no class.


That was definitely a pun.


General Skills – Displays your skills, should you have any.


These remarks are pretty condescending Ezme. But I'm sure you already know that.