Chapter 28 – Random bullshit… GO!!!!
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6, October, Year 2021

18:30, No Good Apartment


So today, I do another chatting stream.

After DefinitelyNotACat has finished “reporting” her story, the conversation moves on. Currently, my 3 new viewers are telling me about their experience of the offline meeting.


The conversation… Sigh…

It is very strange… I would say...

[LittleSnow: Because of her breakthrough, she could fly in the sky.]

[LittleSnow: That is really amazing...]

[LittleSnow: I couldn’t wait to become a sage myself, great sage!]

[DefintelyNotACat: Nya. I am also still not yet to become a sage yet nya. There is still a long way for me nya.]

[LittleSnow: But it is already so cool!]

[DefintelyNotACat: Thank you, nya. With your talent, you should be able to become one in the future too, nya]

[SealedFate: But… to think that there is a beastman race living on the other side of the Demon Mountain Range…]

[SealedFate: This world is really large indeed.]

[DefintelyNotACat: Thank you for your help, SealedFate nya. Without you, I couldn’t possibly kill him nya.]

[SealedFate: It is my pleasure that I could help you.]

[SealedFate: Please do not hesitate to contact me again if you ever need my help.]

[DefintelyNotACat: @SealedFate Thank you. I will definitely repay you in the future nya.]

[DefintelyNotACat: Nya...]

[DefintelyNotACat: I heard that you two also have some problems with a secret organization that involve demon, right nya?]

[SealedFate: Yes.]

[DefintelyNotACat: Yao also seems to worship the sage from the demon race nya, sage Pamela—the demon lord—nya.]

[DefintelyNotACat: Is it possible that… this group and Yao are related nya?]

[LittleSnow: ...!]

[SealedFate: ...!]

[Mizao: ???]

[Animeboyforlife641: Nani??]

[Roboto_1291: Hoh?]

[EmperorOfYellowKingdom: Interesting…]

[LittleSnow: So their root run deep even to the Beast Alliance...]

[SealedFate: But how could they cross the Demon Mountain Range?]

[DefintelyNotACat: Nya?]


...Yeah, it is a bit too hard to understand.

It looks like I have to use my new ability that I have developed in these past weeks!

Behold, my Eyes of Truth. With this, I will see through all the facades of lies, and only the truth shall remain!


*Cough* *Cough*

No… I almost turn into one of them.

...This is very dangerous indeed. After interacting with them for 2 weeks or so, I have already sunk this low in this rabbit’s hole.

I have to think of a new countermeasure. I must try to change them back as soon as possible or else I would risk getting change into that myself for sure.


Well, enough sidetrack for now.

But... While the Eyes of Truth’s name is somewhat exaggerated, it is actually real. It is that thing that I have used all the time to interpret their question and story.

In other words, it is my intelligence.

Not in the true meaning of intelligence, of course, I wouldn’t dare to claim that. But the “Chuunibyou’s translator” type of intelligence.

With it, not only I could decrypt their thought, but I could also help them further their imagination. It is probably the most useless thing I ever have in my life, but it is absolutely vital for my stream.


Why do I have to try so hard like this?

Is this normal for other VTubers? Is streaming this difficult? Can someone answer me, please?


No one?


I will just continue then...

This is the translated version of the conversations. I also include their thought that I have gleaned from the conversation as much as possible.

It is not guaranteed to be correct, of course, but it should be about 90% accurate.

[LittleSnow: DefintelyNotACat looks so mature and cute!]

[LittleSnow: So adult-like...]

[LittleSnow: I couldn’t wait to grow up myself, great sage!]

[DefintelyNotACat: No. Adult life is bad. Don’t grow up.]

[LittleSnow: @DefintelyNotACat But you look so cool!]

[DefintelyNotACat: Thank you. You also look very cute. But remember, don’t grow up.]

[SealedFate: But… to think that there is another like-minded fellow.]

[SealedFate: This world is really large indeed…]

[DefintelyNotACat: I also glad that I find out about you guys.]

[SealedFate: I am happy to talk with you too.]

[SealedFate: BTW, do you want to hang out with me more in the future?]

[DefintelyNotACat: Thanks. But no.]

[DefintelyNotACat: (Maybe that is too awkward… I should change the topic.) Let’s talk about our story first, okay?]

[SealedFate: Yes… (I get rejected again…)]

[DefintelyNotACat: So you guy have a storyline with a demon in it, right?]

[DefintelyNotACat: ...I also have this guy. (Who probably is not related at all but let’s include him anyway.)]

[DefintelyNotACat: *Random bullshit... GO!*]

[LittleSnow: …! (This woman… is good!)]

[SealedFate: …! (She connects these two seemingly random stories together in such a short time!?)]

[Mizao: ??? (This guy couldn’t follow but want to join in so he just spams something.)]

[Animeboyforlife641: Nani!? (Why are you suddenly using Japanese!?)]

[Roboto_1291: Hoh? (This guy couldn’t follow either so he just randomly type something.)]

[EmperorOfYellowKingdom: Interesting… (This guy also couldn't follow either so he just randomly types some cool thing.)]

[LittleSnow: So our stories are connected?]

[SealedFate: But how could we solve the issue of distance? Aren’t they very far apart?]

[DefintelyNotACat: Nya? (I don’t know either. I just randomly spouting some nonsense. Tee Hee.)]

Very good…

This is probably as close to their original intention as it could be.

A human’s mind is very mysterious indeed. When you are focusing on something, even the most impossible task suddenly becomes possible!

I am pretty proud of my translation work, if I am to say myself.


But now the conversation seems to stop.

They want me to say something, right? I could already imagine their face looking at me…


I shake my head a little before speaking to the mic.

“So… They are sages in their organization, huh? Interesting...”

[DefintelyNotACat: …!]

[LittleSnow: ...!]

[SealedFate: ...!]

[Mizao: ???]

[Roboto_1291: ???]

[EmperorOfYellowKingdom: Interesting…]

[Animeboyforlife641: Sage Khun VS the mysterious demon lord… To be continued in the next episode.]

These guys…

“Pfftt! Oh my god, Vincent… Your viewers are… Hahaha—”

Hey, that person on my bed. Why are you laughing!? Stop!

I send my—“Just shut up, will you?”—glare at the person currently laughing her ass off while reading the chat.

The girl, Liza Palmer, quickly sends an apologetic look back. But I could already see in her eyes that she isn’t that sorry at all! She just looks like someone that tries to hold back their laughter as hard as they could!

This *****.

I couldn’t say anything, of course. I am in the middle of my stream after all.

Luckily, I have muted the mic fast enough. Or else, her voice could easily leak in and break the atmosphere in the stream for sure.

I knew this girl is trouble the moment I saw her at my door.

I shouldn't have let her into my room!

What do you mean that you have come to observe your “opponent”? How my—2 digits viewers' number—stream could ever compare to yours!?

You just come here to make fun of me, aren’t you?


...After sending another glare and making sure that she is behaving properly enough, I turn on the mic to continue.


I am tired.



4, Month Fall-Amberine, Year Elizabeth 402

17:30, Elizabeth Magic Academy


“So, DefintelyNotACat will meet us here, right?” Alice Claude asked as she was looking out at the evening sky. She and her friend were on top of the clock tower, which was the tallest building in the academy. Normally this place should be off-limit to the student. But some exception was possible, especially to the number one genius in the school who was also from a luxurious family.

Alice and Wilson asked their new homeroom teacher for the key, and he just gave it to them almost immediately after the class ended. No question asked.

Looking at the girl, Wilson nodded. “Yes. She should be here anytime.”

“But, are they really people living on the other side of the Demon Mountain Range?” Mary, who was behind the two, asked. As the person who wasn’t in the stream, she was still very confused about what was going on. If not for Alice dragging her here—claiming it was the first SSS activity—she wouldn’t be here for sure.

“This…” Wilson shook his head. “I don’t know either. I will try asking father the next time I see him for more information there.”

Mary nodded and asked the other question she had in mind. “So… This person wants your flame, right, Wilson? To use it to kill the person with an undying body.”

She gets this information from piecing together random conversations she had with Alice today. Mary couldn’t help but felt miraculous about this chain of events. Is it just a coincidence? Or is it something else entirely?

“Yes.” Wilson said. “It seems like the Purgatory Flame has an effect to cause disturbance to the element in the dark spectrum. That is why it is a counter to the undying body.”

“Hm… What about—”

“She is here!”

Mary wanted to ask more, but—before she could—Alice suddenly shouted. Everyone quickly followed her gaze and saw that something was coming from the sky. Something fast.

It was so fast that even before they could register that figure in their head, the person already landed in front of them.

She was a young woman that looked like she was in her late twenties. She looked inhuman as her hair—no, fur—was in orange color, and there were also a pair of cat ears and a tail.

The catgirl looked at them coolly. Her gaze seemed to linger a bit on SealedFate. And then she opened her mouth to speak. Her voice was very high, like a cat.

“Nya Nya Nyanya Nya Nya Nya?”

No, it was not cat-like. It was a cat.




As after some time passed, everyone was still in complete silence. Mary then noticed that something wasn’t right.

“Wait! You couldn’t talk with each other?” Mary burst out asking. She couldn’t resist anymore.

Now, not only her friends were silent. The newcomer catgirl also looked at her strangely.




“Please, say something! Anyone!” she yelled, but no one answered her. Wilson hung his face. The catgirl just smiled. And Alice just looked away, not meeting her gaze.

“You… Alice! You! Say something to her.” Mary said after grabbing onto her best friend, which looked back at her in horror.

“W-Wait! Me? Why?”

“Aren’t you the leader?”

“I… Fine.” Alice stuttered a bit but relented in the end. It seemed like she wanted to do the SSS thing seriously. She thought of a bit before nodding her head.

“I will speak to her.”

The girl looked at her friends one more time, both just nodded back encouragingly, before turning to face catgirl—DefinitelyNotACat.

Alice gulped, hard, before speaking finally.






This is the end of Arc 3: The Law of The World.

This arc is to introduce the power of sage, the law of the world, to hopefully help you understand more about them. (Or more confused?)

With this, it also concludes all the prologues of the main protagonists in the series, so it could also be counted as the end of book 1.


I actually try to keep the arc short but somehow they keep growing longer and longer instead... (Arc 1: 7 chapters, Arc 2: 9 chapters + 1 side-chapter, Arc 3: 11 chapters)


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