Chapter 18
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Inside of a courtyard surrounded by walls. The place was her dad’s workplace, a garden, filled with overgrown shrubs and trees. 


Rhea showed a serious expression while Iris was looking around.


Despite it being night, she was still able to see clearly. 


“They won’t come to life right?...” she whispered to her. They all reminded her of Rhea’s vine. If all of them came at her, what was she going to do. Her tail waved restlessly behind her.


Rhea nodded. “That one and that one.” She pointed to a tree in the distance. The two didn’t know the name of it. It had mutated into a completely different species. They usually just call them magic plants due to their being too many. 


There was also a sunflower looking one as well. 


“Where’s dad? Remember don’t kill him. We need to suppress him with the least injuries possible.”


She didn’t really have a plan. Nor did she know for certain how he looked like. She could only pray that he resembled her sister. Like genes existed right?


“If I haven’t guessed wrong, then he's-“ Rhea suddenly grabbed Iris by the waist and leapt. 






On the spot they were in a crack spread on the ground. When Rhea turned around, Iris saw a large fox, twice their size. 




Streaks of purple lightning ran through his body. Unlike the beasts they had seen before, it was the first one they had seen with an ability. 


Rhea placed Iris down onto the ground. She felt like she had butterflied the timeline quite a bit. Whether she failed or succeeded, the future would definitely change.


At least, she had a hunch; that this was an important node in time.


She carefully placed Iris on the ground. 


The thunder wolf barked.


“Woof, woof!”


In response to it were countless barks. Red dots lit up in the night, surrounding the two girls. 


“They’re only tierless, leave them to me. Iris, all you need to do is concentrate on your dad.” Rhea said everything in one breaths time before spreading her hands outwards. Countless tendrils of vine came out, charging towards the beasts that charged over, entangling and stopping their charge.


Iris turned around and lowered her center of gravity while raising a hand, sending mana from her core into her hands.




A status Screen materialized, blocking the claw. 


Iris let out a shout as she moved her shield to the side, as a result, the claw also tilted away. She didn’t dare touch the beast with her hands, so she grabbed the edges of the screen and smacked it on Fox’s face, causing his head to tilt towards the side. 


However, felt as if she had hit cotton as she quickly ducked the tail that swung her way, before jumping over the claw. The fox had used the momentum of her Status Screen to spin around.


She then moved it in front of her to block the bolt of electricity that shot her way, sending her flying backwards.


Fortunately, the screen was a good insulator, and she didn’t have to worry about getting shocked. Seeing that its attack didn’t work ran towards Iris, swiping its paw at her before she could reach the ground, causing her to catapult towards the side.


She bashed into one of the trees. She felt like it wasn’t so good. The tree was the magic plant that Rhea had pointed out. She picked herself and tried to run away when a vine wrapped around her ankles, pulling her away.




She held onto the hem of her negligee, with her hands and tail, when she realized she shouldn’t be thinking about this right now.


Fortunately, or unfortunately, the fox was looking at her with a gloating look. Instead, it deemed Rhea as more of a threat, and chased after her. The Vine wrapped around Iris’ hands and feet and even her tail.


“No, don’t go in there!” She struggled. It was slipping into her shirt as well, and even between her breasts. It wrapped around them before wrapping around her torso, keeping her locked in place. She felt like a slight burn from the vines as they released an acidic substance on her. Due to her physique being strong, it didn’t harm her, however, the same couldn’t be said about her clothing.


Iris wanted to cry but had no tears. 


The only blessing was Rhea had finished off the minions during this time period, and was keeping the Fox occupied. Her vines were even wrapping around the giant fox, almost in a similar fashion to her.


“Rhea, hurry!” At this rate, she was going to become an exhibitionist! 


Hearing her shout, Rhea who was a little reluctant ran over and jumped into the crown of the tree. Iris heard a swish sound when she suddenly felt the vines loosen up, causing her to fall onto the floor. 


Her negligee and underwear was already in rags, and holes were on her coat. She quickly covered herself with her coat and looked up at the fox. Her cheeks were dyed red. Why did the boss fight turn to this?!


“You only have 5 minutes.” Rhea hurried her. Her mana was being drained fast from the Beast’s Struggling.


Iris nodded and quickly ran over. Taking out her status screen, she continued to bash the head of the fox. “Sorry Dad, you probably have already forgotten me, so it's fine if I bash your head right?”


Heck, maybe it would jog his memories back?


Rhea who was watching from the side pressed her lips into a thin line. Why does she feel like Iris was full of vengeance. 


Her dad let out a whimper and became muddle headed. 


Iris placed a hand over her mouth to stop herself from sighing again. Bad habits were no good….


She muttered in her heart before moving her status screen to the kin window.


There were 14 boxes, with one of them unlocked. Underneath it was the count of 61. She reached her hand forward and grabbed one of the paws on it. 


Please stamp it on the target. Make sure they are significantly weakened when you do so. If possible, make them submit to you first.




Wasn’t this a little late?


She wasn’t sure if her dad would submit to her or not….


“Dad, you can hear me right? Will you submit to me?”