Chapter 19 – V1 Finale
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“Grr.” The Fox growled at her. Seeing this, she was about to bash it in the head again when Rhea pulled her away by the back of her color.


Sparks of electricity ran against the fox again.


“It’s going berserk.” 


Rhea said seriously. Apparently, Iris had pissed it off so badly that it was using to its last resort. 


“What now?”


“We run.” 


Without hesitation, Rhea grabbed her by the hand and ran away, deeper into the facility. She didn’t expect the Fox was able to use this move. 


It roared into the sky.




Iris glanced up to see that the moon was being covered, as dark clouds filled the sky. Snakes of electricity swam within.


Flash* Boom*


Streaks of electricity began to rain down around the Fox. There was no pattern, and everything was completely random. 


Iris stuck her tongue out. Good thing Rhea pulled her away. She backed away as far as she could. The good thing was the fox was tired, and couldn’t chase them. It was literally its final burst. 


Boom Boom*


Iris covered her rattled ears. The sound was a little too loud for her.


When the thunder finally ended, she sighed. 


“Is it safe now?”


Rhea nodded. The fox was completely wasted. If it weren’t for the fact that there was no wounds on its body, they would think it was on its last breath.


She moved her hand forward, sending out her vines again to bind the fox back in place. This way, it wouldn’t be able to surprise attack them. 


Iris also cautiously made her way forward. 


“Dad… summit to me? Your family is still waiting for you.” She herself included…. Tears formed on the corner of her eyes.


She slapped the Paw Sticker on his forehead.


A black mana erupted from it, enveloping the Black Fox.


Kin Obtained


This time, without needing a tutorial, all of the functions of a Kin appeared in her mind. She felt strange, like she knew, yet she didn’t at the same time. 


There was a connection between her and her dad. She could feel his rage and malice, everything was blurred and filled with white noise. 


“What to do now?” Her ears twitched. 


“Hehehe, how about you return with me?”


Suddenly, someone pushed her away.


Iris turned around. 




From behind her was a shadow stabbing her claws at Rhea, there were no distinct features on its face, like an apparition, like a ghost. It had eyes and a mouth that was grinning in a crescent. 




Iris landed on her dad’s head. She glanced at the scene in front of her in a daze.


Instead, of the scene where the shadowy claws pierced Rhea, it was repelled. She felt like her heart was about to leap out of her throat. 


“How!” The shadow apparition appeared to be surprised.


Rhea was also surprised. She did not know what had happened as well. She raised her hand to summon out her vines, sending them towards the apparition. Talking at this point was useless. She would first catch it and then interrogate them.


Iris didn’t charge forward and cautiously looked around. She felt as if the temperature was a lot more chillier than usual, and even frost began to form.




Iris bashed her status screen forward, slamming it against an icicle that had flown her way. The attacker was nowhere to be seen.


“Aye…” The sigh of a girl sounded, and Iris couldn’t tell where it was coming from, however, icicles began to form. Instead of targeting her, they targeted Rhea instead.


The shadowy apparition took the opportunity to charge towards Iris and the Fox.


“You’re dreaming!” Rhea shouted. More and more vines came out, deflecting all of the icicles. As expected. Seeing that their attacks weren’t affecting her in the slightest, she sent everything over, her target wasn’t the shadow figures, but both Iris and her Dad.


The vines wrapped around the two of them, she she started to pull them over to her side.


“Tsk. Ice, what do we do now?”




Following the icy voice, the shadow apparition faded into the night, disappearing completely. 


“They’re gone now.” Rhea didn’t remove the vines from them and kept the two binded. Iris shifted closer to her. 

“Who are they?”


“Don’t know.” She had never seen them in the past. “For now, let’s hurry back.”


Iris widened her eyes and started to run back, however, she was soon pulled back by Rhea. “Calm down.” She looked at her in the eyes.


She was cautioning her to not give anything away.


Iris nodded. 


First she needed to send mana into her dad, so that he could recover….


Without delay, she did just that, allowing strength to return to him. 


She then sent him her thoughts. They were heading back. As well as what she was going to do. The static like noise from their connection had also lessened. 


“Dad… Sorry.” She apologized. She pulled Rhea by the hand and the two of them got on the back of the Giant Fox. She wasn’t afraid it would electrocute her, due to the kin contract.


It growled again and started to run back, the journey was a lot quicker, and she didn’t need to worry about beasts attacking them. While on the way back, she stroked the fur on her Dad’s back while wondering if he could get his memories back.


From the connection, she could tell that he didn’t remember them at all. And the reason that the Kin Contract worked was because it forcibly released its trump card in a rage before. 


She sighed. “Rhea, if the person you loved lost their memories, what would you do?”


Rhea placed a hand on her chin before looking at her smiling. “Secret~”


Iris stuck her tongue at her before looking up at the sky. “I guess, we can only work out everything one step at a time.”