Chapter 21
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“Why did you buy it?” Iris looked at the sword in her hand. Unfortunately she wasn’t skilled enough to tell the quality of the sword.


Rhea giggled. “Because of his ability. Even if the quality of his weapons isn’t so high right now, it can’t be said about the future. As long as he tries to improve, and we provide him with better parts,he can create even better equipment.” 


“Tut tut, only it's a pity. Right now, he hasn’t tried to learn blacksmithing.” 


Iris nodded. 


“What if he doesn’t improve?”


“Then, it’ll mean I invested wrong.” Rhea shrugged. 20 beast cores, they could get it back easily.


Iris stuck her tongue at her, causing her to giggle.


The two continued looking through the stalls. Iris was looking for armor. Unfortunately it was harder said than done. The problem was none of them fit her. 


If it couldn’t cover up her plushies, and only her arms and stomach, then what point was there. It couldn’t protect her from Rhea’s evil claws.


Remembering how she always targeted them when they spar, she felt a sweet ache. If it weren’t for Rhea letting her touch back afterwards, she would’ve felt stifled from grievances.


In the end, after circling the shops, she could only give up. Rhea’s coat would do for now. 


“Where do we go find a Water Ability Beast?”


Iris placed a finger on her chin as the two made their way out of the place.


“I know a place. The only problem is that it's far away, so we would need to be away for a while .” She grabbed Iris’ hand and smiled. “I guarantee that you won’t be able to eat everything.”


Iris tilted her head. Eat everything? 


Her diet had consisted of nothing but her vine extract. Although she didn’t mind, she still wanted to eat something else for once. But what did eating have to do with finding a water type beast?


Rhea didn’t elaborate. Her idiom had flown over her head. “You’ll understand when the time comes.” In the end, she could only drop that one line down.


When they got back to the building, Iris went straight to the roof. Her dad was staring off to the horizon as usual with Rose running around him. 


“I’ll be away for a while. Does Mom and Dad want to come along?”


Her mom shook her head. “If we’re gone, who will watch the house? You’re already strong enough that you don’t need us.” 


“Go,” her dad simply waved his hand at her. 


Iris placed a hand on her chin. “Dad, you should grow out your hair so that it reaches your waist. Hehe.” She giggled and left the roof.


The two entered into one of the rooms that had been cleared out. It was wide and spacious.


Rhea went over to the side and picked up a ball. Since the world had ended, without internet or games, they could only rely on physical activities to pass time.


Playing catch was also one of them. The girl chucked the ball at Iris who caught it, causing a loud thud sound.




She threw it back, and Rhea caught it, spinning before throwing it back. It was a lot stronger than before, causing Iris to ‘fly’ backwards. When she stabilized herself, she threw it back, away from Rhea.


Her tail wagged behind her. Since it was Catch, why did she need to target Rhea. The first one to drop the ball would lose.


Of course, she wasn’t idling either, as she ran forward, along with Rhea towards the ball. After catching up to her, she did a sweeping kick, in an attempt to trip her. The girl dodged with a somersault, her gray hair blocking Iris’ view for a second before catching the ball. 


Iris then saw the ball fly over the head, with Rhea who was back on her feet smiling at her.


Helpless, she could only run to catch the ball. Her heart pounded against her chest. She could hear the sounds of Rhea’s footsteps behind her. 


She turned around and sent out a palm strike at Rhea’s chest. As expected, without a choice, Rhea could only block, giving Iris a leverage, as she bulleted towards the ball, catching it in the air.


With her back against the wall, she looked around. She was cornered by Rhea. 


Iris decided to risk it. She threw the ball towards the side before running towards it. 


When Rhea was about to reach it, Iris also slipped under the ball. “Don’t you know this is risky?” If you threw the ball, you couldn’t touch the ball or you would lose.


Iris ignored her taunt. The two began to fight in close combat, with their palms and fists moving in a flurry.


Suddenly, she found an opening, and struck Rhea’s stomach with a palm, sending the girl away, however…. She grabbed onto Iris’s arms at the last second, pulling the girl with her before flipping, causing Iris to end up under her. 


“I win~” 


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