Chapter 22
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The ball had bounced a distance away from the two. When Iris had knocked her hand away, it had also touched the ball, sending it away.


Iris blushed, Rhea was pressing her breasts against her’s, causing the two to squish together. 


“...hah…” their breaths mingled together as they looked at each other in the eyes. Iris could even see a reflection of herself in them. Before she noticed, Rhea had already brought herself downwards, planting her lips onto her, munching onto the soft petals with her own.


Iris’ mind became filled with nothing but the girl that was on top of her. The feeling of her chest, the soft feeling of her lips, the inner parts of her mouth that was wet, as well as her scent and presence that seemed to envelope her. She closed her eyes in embarrassment. The entire time Rhea was still looking at her. 


The two of them continued their kiss in the spacious room, completely forgetting about who won or who lost. Iris didn’t know how long they had been kissing for, however, she was completely out of breath when Rhea separated from her. 


She sat up before glancing at Rhea who was sitting next to her. The two looked at each other again. The first to open her mouth to say something was Rhea.




However, before she could finish, Iris lunged forward and blocked whatever she was going to say using her mouth. She extended her tongue inside to hook against Rhea’s tongue and played around for a bit before separating again.


“No need to say it….hehe, isn’t it more thrilling this way?” 


Rhea rolled her eyes. However, she was sure that Iris got what she was trying to say, due to how happy she looked, and how her tails waved behind. 


She reached a hand upwards to touch the fluffy ears. 


“Can I?” 


Iris nodded. She hadn’t had her tails touched by Rhea for an entire month already. “Let’s move somewhere else?” She tilted her head. She had been pressed against the hard floor the entire time, and if it wasn’t for her strengthened body, she would be feeling sore by now.


Rhea nodded and stood up and was about to turn around when she was pulled on the wrist by Iris. “??” 


Iris had a blush on her cheeks. “You can’t go out like this.” 


Following her gaze, Rhea glanced downwards only to be blocked by her own chest. However, she didn’t need to see it. She felt herself heat up this time, a bad premonition filled her heart. 


“It’s soaking through.” Iris looked the other way before using her hands to feel herself. The fabric of her negligee had gotten damp. She wasn’t sure if it was from her own, or because of Rhea’s due to the two of them pressing against each other when they were kissing.


The two awkwardly stood still as they were at a loss of what to do. Fortunately, Rhea somehow pulled herself together and went into a separate room and started to change. 


Seeing this, Iris stuck her tongue at the closed door before going into a different room. She then changed out of her negligee and into another one. She also changed out of her panties and into a new pair. When she finished, she left the room to find Rhea had already changed into a different set of clothing. Just like her previous style, they were baggy clothes, making it hard to tell her figure.


She walked over to her and the two of them left the room they were in, returning to the flat. Despite them having cleaned out a large portion of the building, they all stayed in the same flat. The only difference was her dad enjoyed being on the roof. Although he would still return to his wife’s room and sleep together with her.


“Which bed?” Rhea asked seriously. There were two, the one in the living room, as well as Iris’ bedroom. She hadn’t stored it away due to Iris sleeping on it from time to time.


“Yours.” Iris went over and crawled onto it and sat down in a w position, her back facing away from the door. Rhea went over and sat behind her and glanced at the two tails that had brought themselves in front of her. 


She gulped and reached her hands forward, grabbing one in each hand. The first thing she did was to clip herself between both of the fluffy tails, rubbing her cheeks on both of them. They were soft and warm, and filled with Iris’ unique scent. 

Iris blushed. Having someone grab her tail felt similar yet different than when she did it herself. 


“Rhea… you can stroke….” 


She held her tail in place keeping Rhea’s face clipped in between the two of them. Rhea completely didn’t mind the awkward position she was in, and started to use her hands to stroke Iris’ tails.


Iris covered her mouth using one hand to suppress the moan that threatened to come out of her mouth, while secretly hooking her panties over with her other hand. 


Each time Rhea’s hand swept over her tail, it would cause her to feel a feeling of pleasure. Especially when her hands went over certain parts. When the girl behind her placed pressure onto her, she would feel wet with comfort. A fragrant scent filled the room as a blotch quickly formed between her legs. 


Suddenly, she saw Rhea’s smelly vine appear in front of her, the tip portion bringing itself closer to her mouth.


Iris skillfully grabbed it and placed the vine into her mouth. She didn’t overstimulate it by rubbing the tip, and instead, used her tongue to lick around it as she sucked. It began to move in a back and forth motion.


The two of them continued to pleasure each other, until Iris felt something was coming. She closed her eyes and started to stroke Rhea’s vine faster. It had started to throb as well. In response to her movements, Rhea no longer stroked, and instead gripped onto her tail that had straightened, causing Iris to feel an explosive feeling of pleasure that overtook her body as she came onto the bedding. 


At the same time, Rhea’s vine quickly moved back and forth, rubbing itself against her hands and tongue before releasing huge bursts of fluids.