Chapter 26
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Rhea used her vines to stop the extra minions from interfering with Iris, and at the same time, she also sent a few to help out the shark. 


The girl was slowly getting adjusted as she fought under water, and her movements didn’t seem as hindered as before. 


She crossed her arms in front of her and patiently when she looked further into the distance. 




Along with the strange sound, Iris felt a tug on her waist, as she was pulled away from the fish. It also gave her the chance to look towards the direction of the sound. It was a humanoid with its entire body covered in scales. 


Iris wasn’t able to tell how strong it was, but it’s speed was a lot faster than the Abyss Crawler: Minions. However, the next second, she was shocked. 


The shark that was fighting so ballistically had suddenly turned head and accelerated towards them, before doing a steep turn, as it left the ocean.


Iris didn’t have time to process everything when the humanoid sea creature caught up. It sent its large claws at Iris who met it with her own sword. 


Strong and hard.


Unlike previously, her sword couldn’t cut through the creatures scales. Not only that, his arms were strong, and the rebound caused her arms to feel numb.


“Hiurtn, ETet, TKEj” The creature grinned. His hand had gripped onto the sword, keeping Iris from using the force of it to retreat.


While wondering what to do, Iris saw a bunch of vines come forward as they wrapped around the creature’s arms.


‘Let go.’ 


Hearing Rhea’s voice, Iris unhesitantly let go of the sword as more and more vines came over to bind the creature. It said something in what she thought to be a curse, when Iris felt a tug again. She was pulled deeper into the sea when the area above her suddenly exploded, knocking her even further away. 




She looked around, and after spotting that Rhea was near her, she inwardly let out a sigh of relief and quickly swam over. After turning around again to face the direction that Rhea was facing, she found that her vines had entangled the creature. 


Iris pouted. Her vines were a little too broken….


‘Let’s go.’ 


The Abyss Crawler: Minions had caught up. A majority was trying to free the large humanoid, while a few came over, only to be solved easily by Rhea.


She grabbed Iris’ hand and swam out of the ocean. 


“Are we going to use him?” Iris felt what she said was a little wrong, but she couldn’t really find the right words to place it. “It has a water ability right?” She wasn’t so sure….


If it didn’t, Rhea wouldn’t be keeping it alive for so long. Unless she had other plans… which she might. She decided to just wait and see. 


“He has one.”




Iris was suddenly pulled into Rhea’s free arm when a blast of water swept past the two of them. Rhea also stopped running, since the Abyss Crawler: Minions had stopped chasing by now.


“It’s all yours.” Rhea took out her jacket and passed it to Iris before placing on a spare, disregarding them being completely soaked.


Iris stuck her tongue out as she placed it on. The feeling of wearing a coat while your clothes were wet was uncomfortable. “How do I get it to submit?” Her ears twitched in thought before materializing her status screen. 


What other choice did she have?


“Ei!” She let out a scream, and threw the status window with all her might at the creature. It bounced on its head, causing a bang before it was knocked away. The status window did a few spins before landing a distance away. Iris ignored it and materialized another one before walking over to the creature. Seeing that it was in a daze, she bashed the window downwards onto its head, over and over again, until the creature seemed to be a little listless.


“Submit?” Iris asked.


“Gr….” It growled weakly at her.


She wasn’t sure if it would work or not, but she took out her Kin Sticker and placed it on its head. She felt it wouldn’t be good to bash him anymore than that.




Feeling the connection that suddenly formed between the two, Iris let out a sigh. 


“It worked.” She looked at Rhea. 


“Careful.” Unlike Iris, Rhea didn’t let her guard down as she undid the vines. “Do you have control over him?”


Hearing her question, Iris shook her head. She didn’t have control over him, only that she could take away his ability. She also realized that the connection between the two was getting more and more unstable.


In a hurry, Iris quickly extracted what she could from him when the connection completely broke. 


Unlike her dad, the creature didn’t revert to anything and remained the same. Only that it appeared weak.


“Do we finish it off?” 


“Of course.” Rhea answered as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do. “If you don’t finish it off, I will.”


Iris quickly shook her head before retrieving the sword. 




She stuck the sword into its mouth and thrusted it downwards, finishing the creature off.


When she pulled it out, she let out a sigh. It didn’t feel any better than when she killed the deranged.


“Let’s go back… I want a bath and a change of clothes.” She glanced at her kin slot that was occupied by a water symbol.