Chapter 27 – NSFW
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The duo returned back to the inn, where Rhea began to dispose of the corpse. Though, all she did was drain it dry while keeping the scales.


When she finished, she sat down next to Iris who was looking at the core in her hand, not sure if she should absorb it or use it.


It would only increase her speed of leveling up by 10 hours, which wasn’t enough.


Her ears twitched, and she decided to save it. Perhaps, she could find a use for it?


With that thought, she stored it away.


Afterwards, she pulled Rhea down onto the bed before lying down next to her. Right now, all she wanted to do was cuddle.


She snuck closer and then embraced the girl who hugged her back while facing each other. Their breaths mingled together, causing Iris to feel a warmth in her heart.


She giggled before closing her eyes. Though not long after, she was woken up by Rhea again.


“I want to touch.” 


Iris blushed before nodding and turning around. Seeing the tails in front of her, Rhea reached her hands and began to stroke and muffle them.


“... not too rough….” 


Iris curled up slightly before closing her eyes to enjoy the feeling of Rhea’s petting for a while, and before she knew it she had fallen asleep.




The next few days, they remained in the makeshift base while indulging themselves. Whatever Iris wanted to do, Rhea would accompany her.


Though, a majority of it was just petting her tails, and occasionally her ears. 


“Don’t want to go to the beach?” Rhea was lying down with the tails covering her face. 


Iris stuck her tongue out. “Why would I want to go back after all that. Ah, Rhea, let’s go scavenging. Maybe we can find some clothing?” Iris blushed. “.... Though… If you want to see me naked, we don’t really need a swimsuit for it….”




Rhea gulped. However, her heart wasn’t prepared. If she saw Iris naked, then wouldn’t it mean that she should get naked herself? 


She was still a little too embarrassed....


Suddenly, Iris removed her tails while facing her and giggling before throwing her on top of Rhea, using her tummy as a pillow. 


Feeling Iris’ gaze on the underside of her breasts, Rhea blushed and covered Iris’ eyes. The girl held onto her hands while her tails made a mess of the bed. 


Iris only remained there for a moment when she got off Rhea. She yawned. “I’m going outside.” She had remained inside of this place for a few days already, and it was starting to feel stuffy.




Rhea got up and followed after her. The two left the house and started to walk around the place. Seeing how everything was empty, without a soul or beast in sight, Iris started to feel her urges again.


She blushed.


Right now, it was only her and Rhea….


While considering her options, Iris spotted an abandoned clothing store.


“Let’s go there!” 


Rhea glanced strangely at Iris. She felt that Iris was up to no good again, however, she let her be. Since there was nobody around, with the exception of her.


The two began going through the store, and after Iris stored away a bunch of clothing, bikinis, and underwear that fit her, she went over to the changing room.


When Iris came out, Rhea felt her heart skip a beat. She was wearing a t-shirt that was cut off at the stomach, causing it to expose her midriff while loosely covering her breasts. Accompanying it was a pair of short shorts that had a piece of cloth tucked in the front.


Iris had a blush on her face while squirming a bit. She grabbed Rhea’s hand and left the store with her. The two strolled down the streets when Iris stopped walking, going in front of Rhea.


She bit her lips before pulling up her shirt, revealing a bikini.


Seeing the pink nipples, Rhea felt her blood rush to her head. Inadvertently her gaze became glued to them. The bikini appeared to be digging into her pillows, causing it to jut out even more. 


Iris’ chest heaved up and down. Right now, she was feeling excited. 


“Do you want to see more?” Her voice brought Rhea out of her daze.


The girl gulped and nodded her head.


Iris let out a breath. She was finally going to do it!


She pulled out the piece of cloth that had been tucked into her short shorts, revealing the place that never saw the light of day. Iris wasn’t wearing anything under the short shorts, and on the fabric was a hole that had been cut.


She placed her hands behind her back while squirming shyly. She actually wanted to just go full naked in the open, however, she still didn’t dare to do so completely. Therefore, she decided to just expose her private places.


“’ve seen my all now….kya!” 


She was suddenly pinned down onto the dirt flooring.