Chapter 28 – NSFW
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Warning: The scene ahead is berry NSFW. The scene ends at the line break, <><><><><>  and is completely skippable. The only thing you need to know is that Rhea and Iris did it with each other.

P.S. I feel berrybad after writing this scene, and didn't want to mix plot with it. But it chronologically makes sense to me, and the chapters are too short if I cut them, so I had to mesh them in one chapter.

Rhea was also hasty.



Rhea’s breathing was rough.


Right now, she felt something inside of her was awakening. It’s too late… She instinctively knew that it could no longer be stopped.


Nor did her body want her to. She went down and planted her lips onto Iris as she tasted the girl beneath her. In response, Iris moved one of her legs, causing Rhea who was on her knees to fall down on top of her before hooking it around her.


She felt Iris’ wet place press against her pants, causing it to become soaked.


“Hah… Rhea….” When Rhea separated from her, Iris muttered as she watched Rhea quickly stripped down, pulling her shirt over her head exposing her hot figure. Her breasts were large, and her waist was narrow, while her stomach was smooth and flat. 


Without stopping, Rhea pulled down her pants, revealing her blotched panties, followed by her milky white thighs. Her long gray hair scattered downwards, covering her back while a few locks that fell down the front rested on her chest. 


Iris felt that she was the most beautiful existence in the world.


After Rhea removed her underwear as well, she simply placed everything onto the side before crawling on top of Iris and resuming her kiss. At the same time, she brought her hips downwards onto Iris. The two of them no longer cared that their first time was in the open, and it only brought them endless excitement and thrill. 


When their pussies met, the both of them shivered as she felt happiness took over her. Iris wrapped her arms around her and started to move her hips. 


“Wuu!” Rhea let out a moan into Iris’ mouth, and as if she didn’t want to lose, she started to move her hips as well. The two of them began to pleasure each other while trying their best to maintain their kiss. It wasn’t until Rhea couldn’t stand it and separated from her. Her pitched moans along with Iris’ sobs rang in the open air.


The view, combined with the sounds caused the two to enter further in a frenzy. Their breathing mingled together as they continued to rub their bottom mouths and pillows against each other.


“Rhea...hah… I’m-” Iris’ eyes were unfocused, and the hands that were warped around Rhea began to tighten.


“Nn, me too…” Rhea started to move faster, until that feeling built up until it exploded inside of her, causing her to hug the girl under her tightly. A feeling of pleasure overtook her body. Their pussies began to throb and release fluids onto each other. 


When the convulsing slowly stopped after a minute, she fell down onto Iris. 


Iris was the first to let go, falling back onto the ground with Rhea following after her. 


“Hehe…” Iris giggled. “Rhea… I feel strangely happy…” She rubbed her cheeks against Rhea’s. They were soft and wet from tears.


“Me too…” Rhea let out a sigh before getting off Iris. She picked the girl off the ground and carried her over to the nearest house before taking out her bed. The two then continued for a few more rounds before falling asleep.




Rhea appeared inside of an empty space devoid of any light. She looked around the place in confusion. It didn’t appear to be a dream, and neither was it her storage space.


“This way~”


“Hehe, surprised?”


When she followed the familiar voice, she turned around to see herself. 


Rhea didn’t respond and waited. Right now, she was feeling cautious instead.


“Who are you?”


“Do you need to ask?” The girl smiled at her and rested her hands on the shaft of a spear. It appeared as if it were just floating on the air. Yet despite this, it didn’t even budge when the girl in front of her placed her entire weight on it.


“I’m, you.” 


She didn’t care about whether Rhea believed her. She let out a yawn. “This is the second time I’ve woken up. Hehe, I’m still a little sleepy, so I’ll keep it quick.”



“You, need to take me in.” The girl yawned again. “I’m going back to sleep.”


Before Rhea could say anything, she ‘woke up’.


“Mm…” Accompanying Iris’ voice was a rich scent that had filled the room. Rhea carefully removed Iris’ hand off her, and untangled her legs and tail before slipping out of the blanket. She then placed her coat, buttoning everything up. And after making sure Iris was covered with a blanket, she went and opened the window that was located on the side of the room.


The fresh air from outside filtered in, defusing the ambiguous scent in the room. She took a few breaths to calm herself back down before walking back over to the bed. 


She sat on the edge while thinking about that dream that she had.


Forget about whether or not she wanted to become one with her, even if she agreed, she didn’t know how. Or perhaps, it was just a dream?


If it was, then it would’ve been the most memorable dream that she had. It felt too real, just like when her consciousness was in her storage space.




The voice brought Rhea out of her thoughts. She turned around to look at the girl. Her breathing was rough, while her cheeks were flush.


“Not there-”


Suddenly, Iris went taut before softening on the bed. 




Rhea patiently waited for the girl to wake up, however, after a while, Iris still appeared to be asleep. She chuckled and pinched Iris’ cheeks. They had grown even more redder than before. Clearly she was awake, yet too embarrassed.


Iris grabbed her hand and sat up, causing her blanket to fall off. 


She silently pulled it up again, before falling back on her side. Her tails reflecting her mood as they recklessly moved about under the blanket. She felt like she was going to die of embarrassment.


Rhea rolled her eyes. “It isn’t like it's the first time. Didn’t I-”


She didn’t finish when Iris threw a pillow on her face before she was pushed down onto the bed. 


“Don’t say it!” 


Rhea answered in a muffled voice.