Chapter 29
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“You’re not going inside?” 


Rhea pressed her lips in a thin line. Iris was staring intently in her while inside a bucket full of water, causing her to feel embarrassed. 


“I’ll go.” 


However, in the end, she began to remove her coat. Being looked at by Iris felt weird and strange, yet she somehow enjoyed it.


She placed the coat off the side and went into the bucket of water. 


Iris smiled at her, before sinking back into the water. She felt like she had messed up! Why didn’t she just have her use the same bucket as hers?


Unfortunately, it was already too late. 


“I kind of want to stay here for longer….” Iris muttered. 


“We can go somewhere in the future.” Rhea replied while she cleaned herself.


“Oh…” The two became silent again, with nothing but the sound of water splashing.


Rhea had Iris fill her bucket again before enjoying herself inside of it.


When Iris finished cleaning herself, she took the bedding and washed it along with the dirty laundry, before hanging them outside to dry.


She then sat on the porch.


“What’s wrong?” Seeing how her tail was waving behind her, Rhea asked. 


“I feel a little uncomfortable…. Maybe we shouldn’t have done that… I just didn’t think that my first time would be in the open.” 


“Maybe…” Rhea muttered. “However, I don’t regret it.”


If she was given a second, or even a third chance, she would surely do it again. Of course, only in that same time and space, without any third parties. 


“Do you regret it?” 


Iris blushed before shaking her head. 


“I probably don’t want to do that again though….” 


Rhea giggled. She scooted over next to her and grabbed her hand, interlocking their fingers before leaning on her. 


Like this, the two enjoyed their leisure day, without any events happening. 




High in the sky, the shark was desperately swimming for its life. It had flown a little too high and unexpectedly became the target of a bird beast. 


It had already been a day!


It lamented. The bird was a little too stubborn, and wouldn’t give up on it. If it wasn’t for the wounds it had, combined with it being tired from the previous slaughter, it wouldn’t be in such a state.


The bird was also not a complete beast, and it reminded it of the two humans it saw yesterday. Perhaps they could help?


At this rate, it would really become its meal. 


It could only take a gamble.


The shark sniffed the air, and coincidentally, it found that they weren’t too far off. It then did a turn and started to descend in a slope, towards the town that they were in.