Chapter 30
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That evening, when Iris finished collecting the laundry, Rhea came over and took her hand.


Before she could say anything, she was pulled towards the side. Something brushed past her silently. It was the shark. It skidded onto the floor before crashing into the house. Because it was made of wood, it broke straight through the walls.


Iris shivered and felt uncomfortable all over. She turned to the sky, yet she didn’t spot anything at all. 


Fortunately, Rhea was already next to her, giving her a sense of security. 


“What do we do now?” 




“We’re just going to leave it there?”


Rhea nodded before leading Iris into the house. “Since it can fly and remain out of the water, it means something else is sustaining it.” 




Iris began to fix the bedding, spreading out the sheets and draping it over the bed. Followed by the pillow. Although Rhea didn’t explain why, she could already tell what she meant. It was just like how she could breathe underwater, consuming mana instead. Not only did mana let it sustain its body, it also helped in healing injuries. 


Since it worked that way for her, why wouldn’t it work the same on others? 


She was sure that Rhea was the same, and her dad as well. 


The only problem was the being that was chasing after the shark. Right now, she didn’t know who they were, and neither did she know their strength.


An arrow in the dark was a lot more threatening than a knife during daylight. 


“What to do now?...” Iris bit her lips while her tails wagged nervously behind her. She didn’t want something to appear in front of her in her sleep!


“No problem.” Rhea said smugly. If they approach, I’ll be able to sense them, even if I’m deep asleep….” For some reason, she was reminded of that ‘dream’ that she had. If she was pulled there again, she might not be able to sense the surroundings.


She also didn’t know when the next time she would go back there, nor did she know the way back. There were too many external factors….


Rhea decided she could only do this.


“For now, we’ll take turns sleeping. You sleep first, then I’ll wake you up early in the morning.”


“Kay…” Iris actually didn’t want Rhea to sleep, but that was selfish of her. She gritted her teeth and went along with it. She couldn’t always drag Rhea back like this. Besides, wouldn’t Rhea be able to sense if the unknown being was approaching?


She blushed. “Rhea…” 


She had brought her vine in front of her. It had already been a few days since she fed on it. She sniffed the vine for a bit before placing it in her mouth, sliding the vine in and out against her tongue.


However, part way through she stopped and pulled it out. “Not good. If I do this, wouldn’t you end up tired? Then wouldn’t our shifts be turned around?”




Iris giggled. “Maybe when it’s settled down. I still have that cup from the past….” She opened her storage and took out the glass of fluids. Despite it being over a month, aside from the fluid releasing a more fragrant scent, there weren't any other changes to it.

Seeing it, Rhea silently took back her vines.


Iris began to drink the fluids in small sips until she finished half of the cup. She then placed it back inside her storage before lying on the bed.




Even if she couldn’t sleep, she might as well close her eyes to rest. Iris didn’t know when she fell asleep, and when she was woken up by Rhea, it was early in the morning just like she said. 


Seeing Iris’ fearful look, Rhea chuckled before going forward, planting her lips on Iris’ before separating. 


Her sudden actions caused Iris’ cheeks to become dyed red. 


Iris didn’t say anything to Rhea as she laid down. She simply sat on the bed while staring at the wall, doing her best to pay attention to the surroundings. 


Aside from the crickets outside, she wasn’t able to hear anything. The shark was also completely silent. 


She didn’t know how long had passed, when she smelled the shark approaching her. 


Iris got off the bed and walked over to the door. 


She pouted.


“Can’t you make a sound?” If it weren’t for that horrid stench that covered it, she wouldn’t be able to sense it at all!






However, she could see curiosity in its eyes. 


Completely not understanding it, Iris just let it be. “Why does my sense of danger seem to be distorted…” Despite it being a shark, she didn’t fear it at all, and even found it strangely cute.


“Do you want me to clean you?” She said in a low voice, so as to not wake Rhea up. 




Seeing that it was silent again, Iris took out a bucket. After filling it with water, she pointed towards it, then pointed towards the bucket again.


This time, the shark seemed to have understood and went into the water. However, that was all it did.


“Isn’t this kind of bad?” She muttered to herself. The shark was a saltwater fish, and her water was technically clear water. Without a trace of salt.


It should be fine…. If it wasn’t, the shark would leave the bucket by itself. 


Her tails wagged behind her. She might as well train. Though she still had a feeling she was being targeted, she didn’t feel too scared, now that there was an extra companion.


She turned around towards the bed when her heart skipped a beat again. A distance away from the bed was the window. Although it was shut, it wasn’t covered with a curtain. And behind it, was a ghastly face with glowing red eyes.


Without hesitation, Iris let out a scream.