2: Pirates
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Aye a new chapter here for ya's, you best enjoy it moondrops. Also, the campaign actually starts after we get off of the airship in Barling.


With the pirates starting to board the merchant/civilian airship, the Half-Elf pulls a longbow just slightly smaller than her from her cloak, and begins firing arrows are the pirates. Mr. Clanky armor guy on the other hand readies his shield and short sword as three of the pirates jump onto the ship near the two.

However, only one of the three pirates manages to land onto the ship, as one had been shot by the Half-Elf. The other one had been hit by a rather piece of cloth that had slammed into him mid-jump, causing him to fall straight down to the ground hundreds of feet below. Mr. Clanky, the Half-Elf, and the pirate all looked over to Kooky in confusion.

Kooky of course, getting some extra time to prepare their next spell, pulls a piece of scrap metal from their bag and casts another Catapult spell. She spends 2 seconds to prepare the spells formula, 1 second to attune the formula to the scrap, 1 second to cast the spell, 1 second of the scrap immediately traveling into the pirates skull at roughly 60mph, and 1 final second of recollecting her mind from the miniscule backlash of casting the spell.

With Kooky starting to prepare another spell, both Mr. Clanky and the Half-Elf snap out of their surprise and quickly start helping the rest of the crew deal with the pirates who are still onboard. The pirate captain had broken off from his crew and he sprinted to the decks below, with several crewmembers chasing after him.

Throughout all of this, the two airships are still travelling closer to Barling, if not slightly off course from the harpoon and cannon shots. As the city of Barling itself could now be seen quickly approaching on the horizon, the pirate captain bursts from the lower decks holding a large leather bag right as the entire airship lurches sideways to the left.

"I'VE GOT AR PAYMENT BOYS! GET BACK ON AR SHIP AN' WE CAN GO TAKE AR PAY!" The pirate captain bellows, despite his numerous injuries and now missing eye. He's gonna look even cooler now that he only has one eye. Maybe he'll bleed out from all those stab wounds he has in his side? Kooky muses, as she backs up from the pirates, and lets them leave. Mostly because she actually slide across the deck and fell onto Mr. Clanky, as he was about to cast a spell at the pirate captain.

It was as Kooky and Mr. Clanky were getting up, and the remaining pirates had all finished retreated, that one of the engineers came up from below deck with grave news.

"They've stolen large chunks o' our ships fuel rods, and a few pieces o' the engines Sir." The engineer reported, very hastily to Captain and his other crewmates.

With a grim expression, the Captain mumbles to himself for a few seconds, before grumbling to his crew, and heading down to the civilians hiding place on the one of the lower decks. Ordering Kooky as he passed by,

"We've got to make an emergency landing just outside of the city, I need you to make sure that engine keeps working as long as it takes. I'll be leaving three of my boys in your care, so make sure you don't let my ship land too roughly alright? I've some news to tell, and panic to quell." He finishes, before ducking under the doorway, and also ordering his most skilled crewmates to follow Kooky's commands until the ship is safely landed.

Nodding quickly to Mr. Clanky, who turns out to be a very tall Elf, Kooky runs off and slaps each of them on the thigh as she runs below deck to start work on altering the damaged engine so that it will run better right now, even if it won't be able to work ever again. After all, one broken engine that needs replacement isn't as bad as a crashed airship. And maybe this means I get to talk, cause he did say I can order those three around until we land.

A few minutes into changing around the chassis and rerouting power in the engine, the three crewmates arrive with some extra supplies and tools in hand. 

"Okay, so uh... you two start making sure the reactor is still functioning, and other guy, go make sure the other engine is stable." Kooky awkwardly squawks over the groaning metal that she's been bending around  a damaged pipe. The men just stand there for a second before the one guy runs off to the other engine and starts his work, causing the other two to quickly put out the fire that just started next to the reactor.

The four of them spend most of their time without talking, solely focused on keeping the fires down, and the pipes from exploding, with Kooky occasionally giving pointers and tips on what to do. Originally, these three Gnomish engineers were very peeved that Kooky had taken their job when she was first found by the Captain, but after examining her work, they realized she had actually increased the overall efficiency of the ships energy and heat distribution. If not for that, the reactor and both engines would have likely exploded and melted, respectively.

It took roughly half an hour before the reactor was powered down, likely because they had successfully landed either in the city, or at least closer to it than they were. Kooky was almost certain that if they had kept flying, the left engine would have started to spew out it's coolant, likely at a much higher temperature than is safe for it. 

Each of the other people end up leaving much earlier than Kooky does, as she intends to guarantee the engines won't continue to melt, and to make sure the reactor can still function. She had expected the starboard engine to be as inoperable as the port-side engine, but it seems to have much fewer missing parts, which meant that it would be much cheaper to repair. Lucky for the Captain, I can repair this stuff much faster than his own crew can, I just need to steel and other bits. I wonder what they're officially called? Probably not 'spinning bit' or 'big thump pole'.

Finishing up on the engines, and having a quick once over of the reactor, Kooky heads outside to find the Captain and tell him the repair's that need to be made for the airship to fly again. Granted, the reactor just needs new fuel rods, or maybe some of the original spirit-ore fused back onto it, which in the latter case would be exceedingly cheap to do. The only issue is, Barling is a dying town, with little trade aside from food, and serves as an occasional pit stop for caravans.


Hey, look at that, another chapter before the end of March! I'm so proud of myself, yaaaay.