3. Arrival
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The very first session of the campaign would start just now, as the ship has now landed in Barling, and the party gets off after doing their stuff. Granted, there are going to be a lot of things that are different between the campaign and this story.


Although it took a while, Kooky managed to convince the Captain that she could do a large portion of the repairs here in Barling, so long as they had the basic metals and the likes. After finding out that Barling didn't sell airship parts, only wooden replacements for wagons and carts, Kooky figured it was either going to take a very long time to get parts ordered from a outgoing trader, or to just try her hand at making the parts herself.

So Kooky went back into the airship and started making blueprints for the missing parts herself. After the second blueprint though, a pleasantly sharp female voice broke Kooky's concentration.

"Hey, Accan, why haven't you brought the mechanic outside yet? We need to get going." The voice echoed once from the doorway to the engine room.

Looking towards the doorway, Kooky see's both Mr. Clanky and the Half-Elf she helped when the pirates had attacked. "I-I was going to tell her, b-but she was uh, really focused and, and I-I didn't want to interrupt her drawing." Mr. Clanky stuttered out, his armor shaking slightly as he steps sideways, the Half-Elf walking through the doorway towards Kooky.

Crouching down right in front of Kooky, the Half-Elf stares for a second, "My name's Maya, the nervous guy there is Accan, the Captain requested us to help you get back the parts those pirates stole. Let's go." The Half-Elf named Maya states right as she very deftly picks Kooky up and carries her under her arm.

"You do realize it's incredibly rude to just pick someone up like this, right?" Kooky rather calmly informs Maya, as the latter ignores her and starts explaining what decision the Captain came to.

With the next two hours of her life being spent carried by the roguish Half-Elf, and being told about the Captains airship technically not yet having arrived inside Barling, which means that Kooky is still under contract to help repair the airship for free. Which means Kooky still needs the Spirit-ore to get the reactor to work again, and that she'll have to help get the engine parts back from the pirates since Maya and Accan don't actually know what it looks like.

Why the Captain chose these two to help Kooky get , she wish she knew. Kooky also didn't like how the Captain wouldn't send one of his own mechanics to help these two instead, but fair dues. Kooky was technically free-labor at the moment, 

"You know, you can put me down now Maya. I'd actually prefer to get my bag from Accan and you know, prepare myself for combat. Since my bolts are in that very same bag. And my Daggers. And my casting focus. And my food." Kooky grumbles to Maya, whilst her stomach grumbles to herself.

"You can have your things again when you promise you won't try to stab me. Again." The ever-vigilant Maya deadpans, absolutely ready to find where the pirates landed before nightfall, and steal back the Spirit-ore so that she could be done with this increasingly talkative and confusing Kobold. What kind of Kobold doesn't care about shiny rocks enough to shut up when given some?

"You could still put me down. Plea-" Kooky tries to ask, getting cut off by Maya covering her mouth and signaling for Accan to stop moving.  Although it hasn't even been two hours of walking, Kooky can glimpse a part of the pirates airship in a clearing almost one hundred meters ahead of the group. She very gently taps Maya's hand covering her mouth, and very cautiously walks over to Accan after Maya puts her on the ground.

Despite Accan's armor not fitting him properly, and usually making enough sound to wake up a drunken dwarf, he manages to keep it quiet enough for the next couple minutes, as the trio slowly make their way closer to the clearing. With Maya being the vanguard of the group, she's the first to see out into the clearing, observing the state that pirate ship is in.

"There isn't anyone in the clearing, and I think for good reason." She whispered, moving to the side so that Kooky and Accan could also see the 12 meter wide hole on the port-side of the ship, along with burn marks surrounding said hole. The trio, opting to leave the tree line in favor of getting a closer look at the wreckage, and to see further into the clearing past the airship, stop at Accan's words before entering the ship.

"W-whatever did this seems to... have tore itself out from the ship, a-and judging by how there isn't any blood, it may... may have been left behind to do this." He stammer's out, catching a nod from Maya. He doesn't seem afraid, maybe he hesitates with his word choice because he only recently learned common, which would be quite impressive, especially since most Elves are in hiding. He does realize we know he's a full blooded Elf, right?  Kooky thinks to herself, as she walks inside the wreckage before the other slowpokes.

Looking around inside, she notices that all of the doors are slightly burnt, and wide open, some with broken hinges or handles, and peering inside each room reveals boxes and crates, emptied of their supplies. After the ninth room, Kooky clambers out onto the deck in case there was anything further out into the clearing that Maya or Accan missed due to their focus on this landed ship, and oh boy were they in for a surprise.

A toppled stone tower stands next to a river off in the distance, along with an abundance of what Kooky could only assume were tents and supplies on one end of an old stone bridge. A very nice path of burnt grass led from the airship right to said bridge, and into the tower.  Swiftly heading back below deck, Kooky intercepts both Maya and Accan before they head up onto the deck.

"There's a camp around a stone building over that way, and I think they got attacked by whatever broke out of here. Also, this ship is an older model that utilizes heat to fuel the engines instead of the more modern refined Spirit-ore. Usually, it's done by capturing a fire elemental within enchanted obsidi-"

"Shut up Kooky. Which way is it?" Maya interrupts, readying her bow, Accan readying his shield and mace.

"It's that way, but-" Kooky starts before both Maya and Accan rush to leave the airship, "A fire elemental went... over... there." Kooky finishes dejectedly, before rushing after the two idiots that were supposed to help her, not leave her behind.


Two chapters in one month? pog. Started March 17th, finished March 26th.