Arc I: Chapter 5, A Lesson of Magic
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I rolled myself on the bed... sigh... I remembered what I told Asashio yesterday...

I laid straight and held my hands up towards the ceiling... "... that was a mistake..." 

Without... no, even if it was a sincere request, that was only on Asashio's end. I wouldn't be able to know how this Holy Magician would be like. For all I know, this Holy Magician may simply abduct Kou, or they would simply just greet us... The other question I have is why does Asashio know the Holy Magician? A Holy Magician should be equal with a Royal Count Magician in the Kawachi Empire, and both should be powerful Magicians who are the ruler's asides. 

Aikito said their parents died and that her sister, Asashio took care of them. While I could easily put a 8 year gap between the two, yet... How in the world did Asashio really take care of Aikito? If her family, the Kito, had connects with major figures, I could definitely see. Though if she is called Asashio of the Wind with Wind Spells, I could believe she was taken care of by the Holy Magician of the Holy Kingdom of Astera. 

"Anyways..." I needed something to do... 

I changed out of my nightwear and into my dress. I didn't need help putting on my dress, as I tried to keep away from wearing clothes where I would need help wearing. After my dress, I put on white knee-high socks with my laced-boots. I twisted and turned to check myself... Good. I put a gold coin in all my inner pockets for security once again and prepared a bag of gold coins in one of my bigger inner-pockets. Now I was ready.

I went out my room and headed downstairs. Currently--?

Huh...? Kou was downstairs with Yatori, Asashio, and Aikito. 

I hid behind the small little wall the stairs provided and listened on... I was fairly certain I was quiet enough for them not to hear me.

"So yes. The best Magic Spells to learn would be a Fire Spell. It is easy to learn, and requires less focus compared to other types of Magic. Just because I am known as Asashio of the Wind here doesn't mean I use just Wind Spells." Someone, Asashio said.

They're... teaching Kou Magic?

Me remembering what each type of spells were felt oddly reminiscent... Wind Spells... Normal Wind Spells were useless in most case. Most of the time, it is only a class of spells that is used for conveniences sakes. Higher Class-Wind Spells are the basis of all Defensive Spells, though Wind Spells can also be used as attacks as well. Though... well, Wind Spells are definitely no substitution for Fire Spells which is the basis of all Bombardment Spells. Although Bombardment Spells, the class of spells that focus on launching magic primarily focused on indirect, and at times direct, projectiles. They can range from simple fireballs, to complex siege formations that focus on casting anti-Defensive Spell Bombardment Spells and dedicated Bombardment Spells. Attack Wind Spells, with just Wind Magic, required extreme precision, and an extreme amount of Magic Power. 

"Though the Holy Magician back at the castle could cast all sorts of spells. From massive arrays of Siege Bombardment Spells like the legendary Solar Bombardment, and the Defensive Spell Aurora Shield. He said that all types of Magic has their uses." Asashio continued to say.

All Magic... There were in part four types of Magic, Fire, Wind, Water, and Dark. Dark Magic was special in that those who could use it were unique; some had almost no Magic Potential yet were perfect with Dark Magic, while others with great Magic Potential could not even use simple Dark Magic spells, or the Interference Spells. From these spells, most common spells required the use of Wind to launch or keep in place. Combination of spells created Defensive Spells; spells that were mostly Wind, and a mix of Water and Fire Magic to create massive shields or domes of Wind, Water, or Fire to block out Bombardment Spells. Bombardment Spells, on the otherhand, were mainly Fire with Wind Magic to create spells that... well, bombarded. The interaction between these two types of spells are massively complex, some Defensive Spells can only effectively decrease the effectiveness of some Bombardment Spells, while other Defensive Spells could block out most small-scale Bombardment Spells. Including the shape of Defensive Spells would also increase the effectiveness, and including the angle of attack and how many directions of attacks the Bombardment Spells are coming in from, the complexity could vary greatly.

Magic Potential held the same power for all the types, yet the potential limited what you could cast and at what power. Of course Magicians could group together and link their Magic Potential together with a central link or Magician to cast spells from. It was inefficient, but has to be done to complete some intense spells. Such was the Imperial Magician Corps of the Kawachi Empire, and the Holy Magicians of the Holy Kingdom of Astera. The only exception was, once again, Dark Magic, which couldn't be linked. This was found in, and known when ancient beings tried to distort reality and time in the gathering of Dark Magicians, in a time when Dark Magicians were common. Luckily, such a thing was not possible, and the only thing that could be done was the creation of a Book of Darkness... or, so says. Nothing was known besides that.

Though I was exceptional in my knowledge in Magic and their uses, and the history of Magic, I had no knowledge in how to actually cast complex spells. 

"Magic isn't just knowing procedures and sequences. Being able to imagine and, for me, invoke my emotions, is what makes a good Magician." Procedures and sequences... Plus imagination. I couldn't do something like that; keep all the procedures and sequences of a Spell correct while imagining a spell. Though the emotion part I have never heard... 

I've heard of people with Magic Potential, when mad, sad, or threatened, or when feeling any general strong emotions, release their Magic in an uncontrolled way, usually in spurts of wire, a massive wave of wind, or strong water waves. 

I've also heard of similar stories of a so called weaker Magician who beat a stronger Magician through a sudden surge of Magic Potential. 

"... Kou, can your sister use Magic? Why doesn't she teach you Magic?" Asashio--...

"No... Tenshi can't use Magic, but... Tenshi is amazing, but she could never teach me because she couldn't use Magic." Kou... I felt happy knowing she thought of me so highly. "... Tenshi also never sought out a tutor because she told me my Magic would put me in danger... So, she never taught or sought to teach me Magic because she cared for me." Kou--...

I... silently gave up, I would just spend a few more hours in the room. Seeing how grown and mature Kou was, I was fine... fine with her learning Magic, and with her learning swordsmanship. To see her stand up for me and my selfishness; I could've easily found a private trust worthy tutor so many times, yet I never did. 

I went up to our room. I would let Kou peacefully attend her lesson without any protest. I opened the door--,

Ah, Helmsmen... I quickly turn around to greet him. "Good afternoon Helmsmen." 

"Good afternoon Lady Tenshi." Helmsmen greeted me back. 

I went--ah, I did mean one thing... I turn to grab Helmsmen's shoulder, "I have one more thing." I took out my small bag of gold coins from my pocket and offered it to Helmsmen who turned to face me. "I have to leave with someone to the capital. So, could I trust you to guard Kou while allowing her freedom of movement? If not, have Yatori guard her." I told Helmsmen. 

Helmsmen silently stood still... "Tell me more about your departure, and if you plan to return in my room. I'll arrange something." 




... gah--! What is... this...? Why do I feel attracted to something...? Thinking back about it... I realized how fun Magic would be. My shards were fun to summon and shoot for fun, so I was laid in bed wondering what Magic would be like... I wonder how the link for Magic Potential is like.

I thought to myself... "... I wish I could have more Magic Potential... more than someone who can only cast basic General-Life Skills..."

... today was another day... Nothing notable, and from this window, Kou went out with Asashio and Aikito. I took it to myself to try to not to worry about Kou, as she should return by the end of today fine. Besides... I should trust Asashio.

I went down to the main area to ordered a cup of coffee... 

Yatori brought my coffee to me at the high-table. "It is rare for you to order coffee Tenshi." 

A sigh escapes my lips... I won't lie--I won't deceive myself or others I should trust. "I don't know... I should really put more trust in people, but I still have some doubts..." 

Yatori sat down besides me... "I understand, as an older brother of a younger sister, I know how stressful it is to know you could do nothing if anything goes wrongs," Yatori took a deep breath... "But... simply put trust in them; baby them too long and... Well, what will they do when you're gone?" 

"That's..." I... couldn't deny, I certainly babied Kou a lot... "But..." I... couldn't say anything back... All my refutes were weak...

Yatori held my hands up together. "Kou is a lot more mature than you think, I have seen her. She does need someone to watch and care for her, but as long as someone trustworthy is with her, Kou can work from there. She'll grow with time Tenshi." Yatori let go of my hands, "Besides--, it is our jobs as an older sibling to make sure they grow better than us." Yatori said as he went back behind the counter...

Today there was more than just me here... right now there was a man veiled in a black cloak. He looked totally suspicious to me, but Yatori said that man is apparently someone his Father knew. That was the extent of my knowledge, and I hoped that would be... well, I felt something odd about him. Almost like a strong connection, not to him, but something near...

"I... need to go, please watch my coffee Yatori." I told Yatori as I dashed out Jewels de Lapins. I ran to just besides the store, away from the door to Jewels de Lapins.

From besides I saw Asashio and Akito with Kou coming back into Jewels de Lapins... No one saw me in the dark night; as I was the only one who could even see any distance. Out--...

I drew my shards in an instant in the darkness. That black-cloaked man walked out of Jewels de Lapins and approached me after the girls went in.

"State your purpose!" I demanded. I readied everything, 4 shards around me for a wide defense, and 8 shards to pursue an offense. 

That man silently stood there...

... ... ...

... He... tossed something--a book? "Take that and read everything..." He said as he turned around. "I never expected to meet you here." 

He started walking away, yet even than, I was still wary... After a few seconds, that strange link I felt before disappeared, yet... something faint still lurked here.

I warily picked up the book, with my shards in guard for any possible attack... The book was a pure-black book, and it... Holding it near me strengthened that link I felt... What...?

... I took a glance, and opened the first page--?!


... ... ...

Is... this... I looked on the page, nothing, yet... I felt like I learnt something.

... a Grimoire? A Magical book that makes whoever reads or looks into it learn a spell? That was all I could think up of...