1- all good stories starts with death
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"so... i'm dead, aren't I?" 

Alex looked at the bloodied corpse-ridden ground around him, releasing a sigh. he died. it was never a good news to hear. his target was dead, something he still took pride in, also more then 20 of the bunch surrounding him, and many along the paths, all his current handy-work. you can't say he went alone, he dragged so many down with him, and yet... he screwed up. else, he won't ever be found dead in such a place.

and so, when a person physically radiating the meaning of the word 'death' walked toward him, black hoodie and scythe included that completely obscured his look and adding to his mystery, Alex Tamorte' felt nothing but a bit numb, choosing to ignore the person in front of him to contemplate life. after all, there is no time better then death to do just that.

'what would my parents do when they find out i'm dead?' he couldn't help but muse to himself. being a highly spoiled child, and a typical third generation rich young-master who can do nothing but waste money and party around, he is sure his family and friends would never relate him to the number 1 assassin which by stroke of luck this household actually managed to kill 'well, that was the idea' . no matter the task, he would always disguise himself, taking an all-new personality to fit his look, mostly as males, sometimes as females, he had the figure to pull it off anyways. after all, he was still only in his teens, he found he has so many regrets.

"yes, unfortunately you are" a deep yet strained voice had pulled him from his musing. he could easily tell that the owner of the voice had not used it often.

"I am quite a big fan of you, it would be a shame to not see any of your kills ever again" that voice still sounded unnatural, though Alex didn't know if it was due to it being from a 'foreign' being, or that it still sounded like the user was not used to speaking, or maybe the unnatural excitement in the voice that seem to not fit. he lifted his head to the sight of the figure removing the top of his hoodie, revealing a face, and as he did, his brain couldn't help but short-circuit as he started to reconsider a few things "is this a dream?" he couldn't help but voice his thoughts

the black figure slightly tilted his head "no? we already established you are dead" he said, and Alex took his time to take the unexpected look in. deep purple skin,  inky black hair, two long swirling horns reaching from said hair, colored purple at the base reaching bloody red at the top, pointing forward. his eyes, white, and black, with a slit for a pupil, that somehow seem to fit this person pretty well. just looking at his head, he could tell that without that 'death' aura and the overly hiding hoodie, there would be more weird, 'exotic' features to see. it went beyond 'not normal' to the bound of 'exaggerated', even his natural death aura helps to create a unique presence to the being, screaming he doesn't belong, that this one should not be here, there was nothing human about him. well, nothing but his shape. still, the reason why the assassin found such a look so troublesome, so problematic to the point he would revoke his previous claim of being dead to ask if it is after all not a dream is one simple unnerving fact- this guy was totally his type.