2- The Grim Reaper is a stalker!?
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you see, Alex Tamorte', a third generation young-master who always party with his buddies, a teenager who goes to raves and clubs with his friends, and moreso, secretly, due to his job get access to entertainment-circle class beauties, which he often had the chance to be with and doing so would actively make his job easier, is still, to this day, a virgin. for the simple fact that he could never find one quite his type. a fact that made his match-making friends crazy. it went to the point where he didn't even know whether he likes females or males previously, as he could not even imagine what his type would be like. after all, his extreme likes of horror and fantasy does not translate well to real life, and yet... "huh" 'so that's what his type is like' even looking at the person, rather than thinking 'so my type is males' it was much more accurate to say 'so this is my type' as he was sure that were the person in front of him a female he would find him hot just as much. brushing this off as some grim-reaper voodoo thing that supposed to soften his death, or an extremely realistic dream fueled by overdose of alcohol, he regained his calm.

"a fan you say?" he found himself much more curious about this person then his death, though he couldn't help but consider the implication of looking at something like that 'damn, i'm really going to die a virgin aren't I?' words alone are not enough to explain how much it bothers him. he is, after all, a man, and an attractive one at that.

"yes, you got many fans in the underworld, i used quite a few connections to be the one incharge of taking you to your afterlife destination" the voice, still foreign was quite excited. he also noted a serpentine tongue in that mouth of his, hiding behind way too sharp teeth 'how alien can this guy get?' he chose to ignore the fact those 'alien' traits seem to turn him on

"that so?" he mused "then what do you know about me?" he looked at the slitted eyes, still keeping his poker face

the grim reached for a pocket, taking something similar to a notepad out "Alexander Tamorte', 17 years , son of Lidia Tamorte' and Robert Tamorte', friend of Malisa Rendel and Nick Kortev amongst many others, major in art for the exclusive reason you find it easy and it leaves you plenty of time to attend to your hobbies. said hobbies involve acting, dressing up, partying, drinking, drawing, watching movies, doing things you shouldn't, tricking those around you, and killing. secretly working as an assassin to pursue said hobby, worked at said job for 2 and a half years-"

"more than 3 actually" he corrected. the Grim coughed at that, his stony exterior seem quite awkward. Alex couldn't help but be amazed by how much that person already knew "I still didn't have enough reputation at that time so my targets were beyond mediocre. I am surprised by how much you know. for most i just appeared a year and a half ago, though some searching would grow that reach to two years tops. does all the underworld people know so much about me?" he couldn't help but put his guard up at that. information is power, and that guy got plenty of that now on him.

"no, though most can find your identity, it is mostly as those you killed were told it was you, and that information does not talk about anything beyond a name. even me, who probably have more information on you then anyone, have not seen how you truly looked before our current meeting, even though I already found out your age and location" 

"hm... so the grim reaper is a stalker" Alex furrowed his eyes, looking at the abnormal being before him. even as he did so, he was surprisingly calm. normally he would be upset being seen through, but either this was a dream or he was dead, so this information is outdated and irrelevant. besides, said grim was handsome enough to be forgiven. 

Alex looked at the grim reaper who seemed to be at a loss of words. it seem like he was right. that person was not talking often. becoming speechless so easily and showing his emotions so clearly on his face was not normal. especially so as the person seem to have facial-paralysis. a thing that should of hid his emotion farther or atleast hinder it. 

"N-no! you're just really famous! I just gathered the available information" said grim answered, slightly panicked. "I just had the extra interest and resources to find as much as I did, there are many others who casually gather information on you"

"that so?" he lifted his brow looking at that face. he found it entertaining how much emotions show on such a wooden looking face that seem to stay frozen at all times. he also noticed a slight sharpness to the ear that he ignored before, still barely in the human-looking realm, yet sharp to the point it hits the line of barely. now if it was the only weird thing about him, such ears would be highly noticeable.  but with his current look, Alex almost frowned at finding an 'ordinary' feature about him. it was not pointy like elf should be or long like an imp. it was sharp for a human and nothing beyond that. he refused to admit that such a feature being found 'weird' in the being for its normalness on him was something he actually found sexy. "why am I so famous, though?" he brushed that off, trying to gather as much information as possible to carry with him to his un-death. to distract himself if for nothing else.

"you appeared out of nowhere and every target of yours was dangerous and powerful. some died without even knowing it, others even after death had no idea how you look or even who exactly it was that killed them. they only knew your name after death, to the point that it became a symbol of status to be killed by you" the grim voice now carried admiration, and his eyes shone, even as his facial features remained unchanged "every place you killed was like a work of art, some tried to find out more about their death and all they found is how complicated your scheme was. they found nothing but how unaware they were of their clearly looming end, as you silently encircled them, removing any way out. every fight you took was a masterpiece, decisive and explosive, cutting without mercy. you truly are deserving of the title 'number one assassin'. your hiding technique so extreme i could still not find out who taught you and when it was you picked up or got interested in such a 'hobby', even though I worked my hardest to search through the information of your life, given specifically to me as the grim incharge of your soul-transfer" the grim was obviously so caught up in admiration and frustration he did not notice he had started to talk about being a stalker again. Alex chose to ignore that for now in order to process the fact that he, according to this alien, became some sort of superstar in the life beyond death, and that such a life exist.

"so is that where I'm going? to meet my fans?" he found extreme irony to call so to those he killed, as normally that would automatically make them an anti-fan

"no, first you need to meet the judge" the grim said as he sighed, his voice now devoid of the excitement he had previously "then, you would be judged on your past, to decide your future, which will tell you your afterlife destination" the reaper sighed again "unfortunately I can only walk you to the judge and nowhere beyond, so even if you would end up at the same destination I live, I would only find out through rumors, as even your looks would probably change" Alex chose not to point out to the man that what he just said was him basically feeling troubled not being able to stalk him anymore.