Chapter 5
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I ran along the wall I landed on towards the outer fortress like walls: probably built to defend from the monsters of this world. Looking at it this wall may have been here to separate high-class people from low-class, looking at the building quality difference of each side.

"Well fuck... was not a good option to do this in the evening with the sun still up, they might send soldiers to reinforce the walls." I said while looking at the people pointing up at me from the ground with expressions of shock.

It didn't help my situation that I was covered in blood head to toe. I start coming up on the outer wall and throw the short sword into a wooden shutter half way up from the wall I'm currently on. Using the power I absorbed from the three guys earlier and the techniques I got from Guy Two (I believe he must have been some form of a rogue class), I jump up and grabbed hold of the sword then use it as a means to break open the shutter and get into the walls.

I jump in holding my short sword with a chunk of wood still on it, causing two guards nearby to ready their weapons in surprise. One of the two advances and thrusts his spear at me. I duck past it and slam my sword straight in his head, the wood on the blade splintering across his face. The second guard watches the first fall into a pile of wood crates as I throw a knife at his head, impaling him before he even knew I threw it.

I grab the dagger and start running towards a set of stairs leading upwards while I hear the stomping of more guards coming to inspect the ruckus. I grab a barrel of water on my way and ascend the stairs, hearing a guard yell at the top of his lungs, "THERE'S AN INTRUDER IN THE WALLS!"

I make it up to the to of the roof of the walls, immediately being greeted by seven guards. Without a moments hesitation I throw the barrel at a guard in the middle of their group causing water to spill over all of them. I channel a large chunk of my mana out of my hand to create an arc of electricity at the guards, electrocuting and killing all of them.

With little time remaining before more guards come, I pull out the heart of the closest guard and jump off the wall dagger in hand. I start consuming the heart while falling and, three quarters of the way down, stab the dagger partway into the wall to slow down my fall to halt half a metre from the ground.

I ready my legs against the wall and start manipulating mana before jumping off the wall while propelling myself with a blast of wind. I land with a mostly-tumble roll about ten-fifteen metres away from the wall. I start running without delay, giving a glance back to see three people with bows on the wall with more joining.

"Shit, I need to hurry up or I'm dead." I comment while creating a gust of wind to push some incoming arrows off course from hitting me.

Just as ten more archers appeared on the wall I finally made it into a forest, protecting me from the soon-coming volley of arrows. 


I continued running for another half-hour before making to lake under a waterfall, collapsing immediately in exhaustion. During the escape I exhausted my mana down to below thirty percent from killing, blocking arrows and pushing myself with wind to enhance my speed. I was burnt physically and magically.

While sitting I noticed that the skin under my fingernails turned a crimson red. Don't know that happened so I'll look into it later on, at least I can tell it's not blood as there is no blood leaking out from them.

After recovering from the exhaustion, I get into the water to get the excess blood off myself. As soon as some blood dripped in the water a shoal of fifty piranha looking fish hoarded the area looking for food. There was no way I was going to step into that swarm but there was another solution to this problem.

"Luckily I took that other guys heart." I said as the piranhas were crushed from a sudden immense pressure. The reason why was because I absorbed the magic attribute of the guy on the wall, giving me his water attribute which I'll be calling liquid attribute. But I didn't get an attribute from the other trio would be because they either didn't have one or they possessed an attribute that I already had which seems to increase my proficiency in using that attribute.

 There isn't anymore fish coming up for this blood so it should be relatively safe if I wash off down the river. I deal with the excess blood and get my weapons ready for a quick hunt.

I skim the forest surrounding the lake in search of anything to hunt for food to replenish my energy. After some searching a wolf with spikes growing out of it's pelvis bones jumped out in front of me. I grab my mace in one hand and a dagger in the other ready to attack the wolf, however a moment later the two spikes shot electricity at each other meeting in the middle and condensing into a ball. I notice the and manipulate a wall of water to form in front of me just as the electric ball was released in a thunderous clap sending a thick bolt of lightning towards me.

The lightning met with the water and moved down into the lake, however one arc short towards me that I managed to block with my dagger covered in electricity of my own. It blocked the brunt of it although I still felt a small shock go through my body, but I release the wall of water and run at the wolf and smash it's head in with my mace, spilling viscera everywhere.

Exhausted (again), I drag the body over to a campfire I made. I drop the body the body next to the campfire and start dissecting it, starting with pulling the heart out and consuming it. The wolf didn't have any new attributes but it had a couple useful skills, especially a skill spell which is practically the one it used on me, I'm calling it [Lightning Clap].

The only other skill it really had was an electric attribute enhancement which will come in handy. Other remarkable increases from this kill are significant increases to magic power, magic capacity and agility. Moving on from power increase from the skill, I start cooking the wolf meat while researching more from the book I ended up stealing to learn about summoning.

What I found out is mainly the fact that there are five ranks for hero summoning, with tier two and up giving the summoned an appraisal skill. That part tells me that they only used a tier one summoning. Hero summoning also gives the hero comprehension of all languages spoken by the summoner's race. I also found out that there is a fuck-tonne of mana required resulting in hundred to hundreds of thousands of people to participate for the required amount of mana.

The thing I wanted to learn about though was the other forms of summoning to know what else can be summoned. My reason for wanting to learn about the summoning process is that during the last research session I stumbled upon a couple pieces of information. The first piece regarded that if someone has a strong connection to a tamed beast or monster and both have the right mana quantity requirements as well as the knowledge of how to conduct the spell, they can do a temporary fusion to increase their combat power to a certain limit, although I couldn't find the name of this process.

The second piece of information was that if a certain summoning ritual was conducted, it would summon a divine beast or divine monster that corresponds with the summoner's soul but this form has more requirements than a hero summoning apparently. Problems with this at the moment is that I don't know the requirements other than that a summoning attribute is needed, I also need to find out what the difference between a beasts, monsters, magical beasts, divine beasts and divine monsters as I've seen them appear in different sources but never got an explanation.

Well there's a variety of different problems that I need to get information on that I can't gain access to, mainly being because of my starting point. I finish off the dinner I made and go to sleep, it being the middle of night right now.


I was attached to someone's chest in the middle of the forest hearing their screams resounding everywhere. I was about the size of their hand and sucking their blood out like a leach. 

"Get this fucking thing off me!" the man screamed, "I wont be able to pay you if I'm dead!"

Some other guy started yelling, "It's the weird leech that we heard those people in the in the village talk about! The really weren't lying when they said it was indestructible!"

"Whatever! We don't have time for talking, go chase down the slaves, while I pull this damn thing off!" another man yelled back, "I doubt he would pay us if his products were lost!"

As he said that a sudden rage filled me. It didn't really make sense why I got mad over something I would every other time instinctually think needs to die. Even though I was thinking that, an intense rage was boiling inside of me and in a moments notice I sucked the man dry of blood and started to transform...


"Woah." I said wiping the grog out of my eyes, "Now that was a strange dream."

I got up and took a drink of water from the lake, using water magic to purify the water.

"Well time for some...'Power Leveling'." I said, "Aw, I just crumpled inside five times over by my choice of saying something so stupid."

Same happened to me.

"Hey Asyl, I have a question." I asked, "Are you able to modify, fuse and make derivatives of skills at all?"

Yes, but the majority of the time it would take a period of time to complete and will have a mana cost.

"Okay, that's good, for now could you try making attribute enhancements for my other attributes?" I asked.

Okay, I'll have that done in the background so the mana drain won't impede your 'power leveling'.

"I hate you." I said in a low voice and start moving into the forest to search for creatures.

Though before I even make it into the forest a jellyfish with tentacles across its entire body flies out of the water. I believe it is using magic to defy the laws of physics here and it does not feel natural. Something else that caught me off guard was the fact that its tentacles were pulsing with electricity and that it nearly just froze me over with a tide of water turning into ice.

It's literally the first thing I've come across with multiple attributes, really says something not nice about that kingdom. But it died really easily, I only had to release a new spell that I call [Heat Shot] at a fairly weak level. I basically shot out a concentrated beam of heat, like a laser beam but less intense.

Luckily that jellyfish thing had a fat-like nucleus that was like its heart, so I just ate that and the only remarkable thing I got from it was a cooling attribute.

Notice, the heat attribute you've been using can be fused with the cool attribute you just picked up to create a temperature manipulation that increases the effectiveness of creating both heat and cold quite easily.

"Okay, do it I guess." I said.

It's already done.

"Well that was fast, so that would be what you mean by quite easily" I commented.

Moving on, I continue into the forest looking for more prey. I investigate [temperature manipulation] to figure out it's kinks and limits, finding out that it reduces mana efficiency and also easier control over making more specific temperatures.

The first creature I come across was a monitor lizard with a bony dog-like jaw and talons instead of claws with feathers covering its legs up to the the knees. It just tried jumping at me as I responded with by channeling electricity in both my hands then clapping them together and releasing [Lightning Clap] in a stream of crackling electricity.

It died quite easily to that, huh...this [Lightning Clap] is a deadly thing, though I shouldn't use it to often because its mana cost is about twelve percent of my current mana capacity. I proceed with ripping the heart out, eat it and hope for the love of everything holy that this thing doesn't give me salmonella. I may not be one to talk about hoping to not have a disease with all the other raw hearts I've eaten at this point. That bird-lizard had a strength enhancement skill and nothing else except other base power increases. 

I continue on killing creatures, encountering two more bird-lizards, one lightning-bone wolf and three horned foxes that used magic to shoot rocks at me. During the killing I gained a power boost, an earth attribute, agility increase and Asyl finished the skill creation so I now have an enhancement to all my attributes. 

Right now, after killing the other creatures, I'm hunting down a shadow panther as I've named it. Named after its ability to cloak itself in a veil of shadows, its a master of stealth that sneaks up and ambushes unsuspecting prey.

After following it for a while I saw it start picking up a scent a growl in my direction. Well I should have seen that coming earlier but might as well attack it before it attacks starts attacking me.

I trap its legs with earth magic and at it firing a [Heat Shot] at it, and slicing across its face with my sword. It retaliated against my attacks, breaking free of the earth binds and turned the shadows around me to wrap my legs and bind me instead. I release [Lightning Clap] against the panther, damaging it greatly and slowing it down a little but not enough as it pounces on me a latches onto my shoulder biting straight down.

It hurts like hell but I have no problems with dealing with it. I super heat my sword and stab it into the panther's gut and push the thing off me.

"Ow...well at least I got two things out of this...all though I lost a weapon in the process."

The things I got out of it are, obviously the panther's heart but I also got knowledge that the metal of the sword I used is not heat resistant, cost of that information however was my sword half melting. The skills I got from the heart were shadow attribute which is my first miscellaneous attribute, a step deafening skill and an active smell enhancement.

With the power and skills I have gathered, I believe I'm ready to infiltrate the kingdom and destroy it. Soon I will be moving on to phase five: one that will most likely take a few days.

Would like some possible suggestions for what type of "divine beast or divine monster" should be summoned when she gets to it later in the story, I can be pretty indecisive with these things so suggestions should be very helpful.