33: Beta-tester
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33: Beta-tester

"Mister ..., this is. Are you sure you want to give this to me? This is an Epic equipment, I ..., I don't deserve this."

Receiving such precious piece of equipment, and an accessories at that. Even the usually quiet Blackjade felt reluctant on it.

It was that hard to find a decent accessories equipment as a drop item. The chance of looting an accessories is much worse than encountering the Maneneko the Lucky Cat. And even more so, it was an Epic equipment!

The other party member who received the details also didn't feel right handing this piece of equipment to a newbie like her.

Well, everyone else could also be considered as newbie because the game was just launched three days ago. But compared to her, they were more senior. Dandan who was a beta-tester was considered as great senior.

It was just feel not right to give this piece of equipment to her. In the end, what was their great senior thinking? Didn't he already has a girlfriend, you know that Jeziel? So why he gave this piece of equipment to Blackjade?

Is he trying to court this girl? Not to mention how horrendous Blackjade appearance with all of the tentacle, are you aiming for what inside? Dude, your girlfriend is quite a beauty enough and yet you lusting for another?

Though the other felt indignant about this, they didn't show much in their face. They just calmly asked.

"Yeah, boss Dan. If you want to give this good piece of accessories, won't giving it to sister-in-law Jeziel be better?" said No Kill.

Though they only played once with her, they all know that Jeziel was close to Dandan. Perhaps she was his girlfriend in the real life. And thus, they thought this piece of Epic equipment was meant for her.

"Nah, this is not suited for her. Though, this equipment is for healer, but Jes-- Jeziel is not a full-time healer. And there's also thing with her race, as a Fallen Angel she's also posses Light Element affinity. But Blackjade, she's posses the highest Dark-affinity among us. This equipment will go to her."

"Still, ..., I can foresee the carnage." Durarara shake his bird-head and trembled.

Dandan shook his head as if trying to forget the whole thing, "Now we could challenge the Ancient Ruin. Let's get the first Guild Token and establish our guild!"

He walked with large stride and brimming with overflowing confidence.

"Fine then, up to you boss." No Kill gave up on commenting as Dandan didn't even want to talk about it.

The rest also followed Dandan to wherever he might be going just like a small group of follower.

As the rest of the party member didn't brought up the matter about the Epic equipment anymore, Blackjade also didn't ask any objection. However, she also noted about the missing healer in this party.

"Sigh, this is the winner of life. To casually change girl just like changing clothes. I really envy you, leader."

"Less nonsense Durarara, it's not like I cheated on her or something. And by the way, you missed eleven arrows out of sixty four shots today!"

"L-leader, can we not talk about that? Arrow missing is natural right, right?"

The birdman looked at the Reincarnated Slime who was slumping on his wing for help, but the slime was too lazy to bother him. The core inside it's jelly body rolled as if rolling his eyes. Durarara took a look at others but they also avoided his gaze.

"Cease your excuses, that last arrow, if you predict the enemy movement pattern then you will hit it. Didn't I tell you this before?"

"I ..., it's easier said than done, leader. I have two eyes and two hand, and this hand just won't follow my eyes."

"So it's only a problem of reflex and habit. It's simple then ..., you better train how to predict target's movement. Start by hunting small animal, slow moving will do before gradually change into the faster one. Soon you'll be able to master it."

"That ..., I understand, leader."

"As for the rest ..., I won't pick your minus one by one, but overall ..., your performance today is just subpar."

Dandan listing their mistake and what to improve from today battle one by one. He tried his best to not say offensive word. But as this person was Daniel himself, how could he nitpicking without toxicity?

"Silent Night, that Illusion Masher knife contained a skill that is perfect for you. Why did you not use it? Your race is Incubus, and thus your innate intellect and magic attack is high. With that the skill would be even stronger, it's a waste of an equipment if you cannot use it."

"That ..., bro, the incantation to activate the skill is just too long. I can't find the right timing."

"It's just two to three sentence, probably it will take around fifteen seconds to chant it at the slowest. You can start the incantation even before you start attacking."

"But still ..., that won't do, what if the attack didn't connect? It's a waste of time, no? Moreover, I can't attack when I'm in the middle of the chant."

"Right, let me tell you a small trick ..., you see, when in the middle of skill or spell incantation, and you abruptly stop the chant, there's a three seconds before the incantation broke and you suffer from skill cancellation backlash. You all know this right?"

"Yeah ..., the backlash varied, but most common is decrease in MP or HP, some even Silenced the user for few seconds." Reincarnated Slime the Gooey Slime with skillset of a mage added.

In the Realm Domination, the active spell and skill all have incantation for activation. The incantation for basic skill mostly is the same as the skill name. But for the more higher grade spell, the chant become longer and the words which formed the sentences become more complex.

Not to mention there are few spells that has in-game ancient language as the incantation. Which was ..., sounds pretty weird and very foreign.

"Now, if you are magician then like Slime or Ahjussi then you need to finish the chant as fast as possible. With fast chant, you'd be able to cast more spell. But to thief/assassin build like you, Night. Not to mention how rare equipment with such skill, there are not many skills in the thief skill three that required incantation that long, at max it would be six to seven words."

Dandan pointed at the dagger in Silent Night's hand and continued his explanation.

"Dreamhare Mash skill, has twenty three words and two sentence. It is very rare and also powerful in its sense. Just the 2% chance of insta-kill is bloody enough, combined it with the perverse damage of 4 times the attack and magic attack stats, and what more ... as a thief, you could launch a sneak attack that could double your base damage. It's enough to cut that lich HP in half with just one attack!"

"I know that, bro Dan. Dreamhare Mash, I admit that this skill is indeed powerful. But 23 words of chant is just too much. And with my position as damage dealer, it's just too time consuming if I want to use this. Not to mention I could easily deal that much damage with my other skills given some time."

The devilish looking incubus unconvinced, but Dandan just curved his lips up, letting out a slight smile.

"That's why I'll tell you this trick. Remember the three seconds pause before the backlash? You need to use it well. Let's see, for starter let's divide the incantation into eight part, three words in each part. After chanting each part you will pause the chant, then ..., let's say, what if you use the two second out of three to unleash a single word skill?"

Silent Night widened his eyes, the same with everyone else. What Dandan said just now is just too bizarre. There is no precedent on using this kind of trick.

It hasn't been that long since the game opening, and the closed beta was held three years ago. They knew that Dandan is a beta tester, but how did he know about this trick? Did he managed to found it in the beta test?

Silent Night was a bit tempted, but he also still had some doubt in him thus he asked.

"That ..., is that even possible?"

"You should believe in my word. I never spout nonsense. Hmm ..., if you still can't believe it, then let me demonstrate it for you next time."

They encountered a stray monster not long after. Dandan started an incantation of his bracelet's skill, it consist fourteen words of chant. He paused half way and shouted out a two words skill before continuing the long chant. And true to his word, he could launch both skill without problem. With right timing and fast incantation, he could launch two skill simultaneously.

The party was easily convinced after seeing it with their own eyes.

"Bro Dan, if it really possible to use skill in between another skill incantation, then will caster like me could do the same?" asked Reincarnated Slime, a bit hyped after seeing the real deal.

"In theory, it is possible. But even the simplest magic spell incantation is at least three words. It need at least 2 seconds to chant it. Unless you are rapper, then the previous spell will fail."

"I see ...," Reincarnated Slime said in contemplation.

Dandan nodded and then looked at other person in the party.

"Driver Grab, your Guardian skills has improved, but it still lacking. You need to have an absolute control of the crowd, attract all the enemy. You are the main tank."

"Mr. Dan, although I am the tank, is it really necessary to pull all the aggro to me? Those monster is still scary, even though this is a game."

"You are an Iron Golem anyway, aside from the fire heat there are not many that could hurt you. You played with the pain filter to the minimal, no? So why hesitate? Provoke more, gather their aggro!"

"Moving on to you, No Kill ...,"

Dandan started to comment on his party member, He almost said cursing word if he didn't put a brake on his mouth. Even he didn't spare the new substitute healer Blackjade from this lecture.

Seeing the dejected expression of his party member, he sighed and said.

"I know what you guys thinking. 'That's impossible, there's no way I can do that, it's easier said than done, why don't you try it yourself!' You must be thinking something along those line. But think about it ..., if you can do what I suggested, and mastered it ..., what do you think will happen?"

"Yeah, it's sound impossible. What you said is indeed unbelievable, I --"

"You haven't tried it and you said it's impossible," Dandan interjected before Magus Ahjussi finished his piece, "Ahjussi, this is a world full of possibility ..., you might be thinking that the method I told you just now is impossible. I'll tell you this, if you spend your time to hone and train that method ..., then there's no one who could beat you in PvP."

The other still holding some skepticism regarding the method Dandan suggested. But still, when he said they would be invincible in PvP by doing what he said, they are tempted to try it. Who would not want to be an unbeatable player?

When they thought of that, Dandan continue telling them about the tips and tricks he know of. This time, they listened carefully as to not miss a single words of it.

That question marker actually was, as expected it is a landmark. It was an unnamed stone tomb, and it was huge. Really huge. The stone was like five meters tall and three meter wide.

When I arrived at the place, the notification rang out. And it said. [You have discovered 'Lost Heroes Tomb' ...] with added fame and some other stuff like one day buff.

Although it was a tomb, there's no creepy feeling or anything like that. In fact, it feels warm and brought safety. And with the one day buff just by paying respect to the dead man bellow, it was quite exquisite site.

Ms. Annette spent her night near this tomb. And by the look of it, there was no monster attack like what happened with our group a moment ago. And she was all alone. I don't know if she has combat-related job, but if she didn't and a pure merchant ..., then it was amazing.

As expected of a big breasted --, no ..., that's wrong! As expected of platinum blonde busty woman ..., that's also wrong, but yeah, I wonder what is her skillset to be able leisurely travelling in this wilderness.

The time was six o'clock, the first ray of sunlight shone the ground illuminating the world with color and light. As we haven't ate nor prepared a breakfast, we hurriedly divide task. And for some reason ..., the cooking task was on me.

The busty merchant Annette also joined our sumptuous breakfast. The party thought we know each other so they let her join and ate our ration. The men also wanted to steal a few glance of her voluptuous body, and of course ..., the only who was displeased was the three girls.

With frying pan, I toast the hard bread and scrambled four egg, I made a sandwich out of it with the dried jerky and some bacon. I also added some fresh vegies and tomato.

This is inside a VR game, but I was still reluctant to eat pork-related thing, and thus mine didn't have a bacon in it.

Still, the final result of the meal was quite great. It filled satiety up to +100, and has extra effect of Stamina Regen +2,2 per hours for six hours and Stamina +40.

We ate not that far from the tomb, and I occasionally stole a few glances to the busty merchant with her metallic-sheen hair, especially that protruding part of hers.

She glared at me with fierce expression but didn't rebuke me.

"Big, so big ..., bigger than mine."

Someone muttered that from behind. From the voice, sound's like Ravenna. But it's probably just my imagination. There's no way she said something like that, right?

I faked a cough and then asked the busty merchant.

"Right, Ms. Annette, where are you heading for?"

"..., to Bravacia City."

"Bravacia ...?"

I glanced at the party member. My face asking where the heck is this Bravacia something. But the girls ..., whom I know better than the rest avoided my gaze showing different face.

Ravenna, was still wearing my panther helmet avoided my gaze with pursed lips. Fara also showered a complex gaze before turning her head sideway. As for Aulia, she tilted her head as if trying to recall something but then shook her head.

I turned to the most knowledgeable man in our party. That walking pokedex, Ingur.

"You know where that is?"

It took a few moment for him to think, he answered.

"Bravacia ..., a city of 5 thousand family. It's to the north from this swamp, more precisely in the downstream of Cheng River of the Kucheng Plain. Currently, the city mayor is from Kanadre family, Haris Kanadre, who is also the lord of the Chengan Region. His fief encompassed the Kucheng Plain, a small portion of the Rakalian Swamp, and east part of the Karian Mountain. Bravacia is the biggest settlement in the plain, and also the heart of the region. The center of business and trade from the Central Capital and the Chengan Region."

That's ..., pretty detailed. I thought you were just pokedex, but to think that you're also bulbapedia! This Ingur ..., I give you three thumb ups!

"Ohh, you do know a lot, young man."

Ms. Annette complimented with her sexy smile and looked at the small statured man with approving glance. The man just awkwardly scratched his head seemingly abashed. I bet he's a single virgin just like me.

I munched the sandwich and then turned my gaze to the blonde beauty. She took a small bite on the bread on her hand, and tilted her head looking at me curiously. I asked.

"Rav--, leader, how about we rest and resupply in Bravacia and continue our journey the morrow. We couldn't reach our destination by this day. And even if we reached the place, we will be exhausted by then."

I almost called her name, but fortunately I know how to control this tongue. After thinking it through, I somehow did something which was not any different than sexual harassment to her. And it did left me with a little bit of guilty feeling.

I also teased Fara for a bit when I was under Rage state, but the guilt is not as great as what I did to Ravenna. I wonder why.

"I share the same opinion, leader." Fara said from the side, giggling.

"Very well, how about you Aulia ...?" our leader, Ravenna asked.

"I miss warm and comfy bed ..."

Ravenna shook her head after hearing that, "As for you guys .., will follow everything I arranged, I presume? Okay, it's decided. We'll transit in Bravacia and resupply."