Chapter 11 – Hua Jiao’er
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Chapter 11 - Hua Jiao'er

Some smut scene in this chapter and next chapter. I swear, I really don't want to write something like this. I might be writing these on my peak hormonal activity, lol ;p

In a heavily decorated room, Alex sat down at a tea table with Pavilion Madam in front of him.

She poured him tea from time after time. Alexander didn't say anything else, he seems in deep thought in that silence.

"Xi xi, little brother Ling, you're too bold. It might be the first time I see someone dare enough to disobey Brother Gu." Hua Jiao'er chuckled as she cast a glance on him.

Upon entering the room, Alexander was level-headed. His mind cleared and he was no longer have the mood to fulfill his long-awaited carnal pleasure.

Even with the beautiful Pavilion Madam accompanying him, he did not go crazy and pounded her like a desperate beast. His stare on her was a pure appreciation of her beauty. It seemed unbridled but it is without any trace of lust.

As a virgin young man, his self-control is quite remarkable. Not sure why he could restraint himself when he's already booked a room in a brothel.

"But ..., you put Jiao'er on big trouble." Hua Jiao'er put her hand on her cheek and leaned forward to grab his attention.

'Truly beauty that could cause calamity ..., even JAV actress is pale in comparison. And what's with her boobs! What's the size of those pair, I wonder?'

Alex captured the wonderful image of her breast which pressed the table in his mind. His already calming current of sexual desire started to rise once again.

But he shook his head and chanted the Indifferent Ice Heart Mantra in his mind. This mantra is heart cultivation for the Soul Warrior realm. He was incapable of gathering Soul Power as he hadn't entered the Soul Warrior realm yet. But even if it was a futile attempt, the heart cultivation could still help him ease his mind. Suppressing the blazing fire of lust in his chest with a layer of ice.

"Say ..., pretty sis Jiao'er, what do you know about this country?"

Hua Jiao'er blinked her foxy eyes repeatedly, perplexed by the sudden question, "Little brother Ling, why ask this?"

"Just tell me what do you know ..."

"Hmm ..., even if you ask me, I don't know what is it that you wanted to know? Can little brother be more specific?"

"Alright ..., if you know any of this, then tell me the name of this country, its ruler, where's the capital, what system they use to govern ..., the population, the neighboring countries, how old the country is, about the--"

"Stop stop stop! One at a time, one at a time!" Hua Jiao'er stopped as he had asked for too much. "Sigh ..., but why little brother Ling is interested in this matter? And you don't even know the name of the country? Where have you been this time around?"

"Pretty big sister, it's me who ask questions not the other way around. Just tell me about it ..., alright?" Alexander smiled coldly at her counter-question, silently leaking out his Frozen Chill Royal Aura.

"..., a-alright then, I'll tell you what I know."

Sensing the sudden drop of temperature in the room, unknowingly Hua Jiao'er submitted. There was even a trace of fear in her eyes.

'Just what was that ..., the cold air which Ling Xiaobai exuding. How could a person possess such a mysterious aura? Is Immortal Art really that powerful?' thought Hua Jiao'er while shivering.

Hua Jiao'er explained in full detail after being silently threatened. Alexander then listened to her explanation.

In short, the country he was in is a kingdom with a system like Ancient China's Dynasty. The Great Xuan Empire, a newly established country, actually ..., it's been 20 years since the current emperor conquered the whole plain and united the previously divided city-states under one authority.

As the empire still in its infancy, unrest and chaos ensued here and there on the territory. Rebellion and other problems arose as a result of the unstable government. To suppress the rebellion, Emperor Xuan Huangdi chops their head ruthlessly.

The ruling power comprised the emperor, prime minister, great generals, marquises as prefecture lord, and the nobles as a government official. The Central Plain was divided into nine prefectures and thirty-six provinces, and one special region the capital. The capital city was located in the center of the Central Plain, the White Wall City.

"..., in the east, there is Sun Demon Islands. Far in the southeastern sea, the Bronze Dwarf Islands ... and between them, there's our partner the Sea Elf Settlement."

Alex captured another crucial piece of information when she talked about the neighboring forces.

From the Central Plain to the north was the territory of the Frost Elf. The northeast to the southeast was a chain of volcanic islands controlled by Sun Demon, Bronze Dwarf, and Sea Elf. In the south, was Magical Beast territory. In the west were Western Barbarian tribes. and lastly, in the northwest, there is Desert Snake Tribe.

It seemed that Black Pearl is cooperating ..., no, plotting something with Sea Elf. And the former Xiaobai also a part of this. He asked for a few things to the Hua Jiao'er and she didn't hesitate to tell him all she knows.

'Or maybe Black Pearl is their hand and leg ..., Now, that's sound plausible, after all, how could an underground gang have a cultivator amongst their midst? There must be a force that supports them.'

"Little brother Ling, what's the matter?"

Hua Jiao'er looked up at this 'Ling Xiaobai', while her gaze scanned all over him. As a person who worked with him for a period of time ..., she has long noticed that something is off with him after a long conversation.

At first, she thought that it was because of the Immortal Art he practiced and it changed his temperament. However, it had been only a week since he cultivated. Could the effect of Immortal Art be that fast?

That's practically impossible, a leopard can change its spot even if it submerged in a dye.

The 'Ling Xiaobai' that she knows was a timid, shy, and lustful boy. He was so timid that he didn't dare to get near with her pavilion girls, only dare to look at them from afar while drooling in a daze. Though, his appearance that could be said not bad but not dazzlingly handsome makes him a target of pavilion girls' bullying.

Hua Jiao'er also quite fond of Ling Xiaobai, as he was funny when he's acting shy in the front but drooling in the back. As compared with the others who didn't bother to conceal their vulgarities, seeing Xiaobai is really a refreshing sight in this fuck den.

And thus, she was surprised when Xiaobai hugs her back then. His hand strongly and tightly hugs her back that which makes her hard to breathe. She also could feel the hard thing that was poking her thigh, as you would expect of a virgin youngster. The former Xiaobai won't dare to do this, he would shrink back and avoided Hua Jiao'er before she could hug him.

But not only that, he grew bolder since the last time she saw him ..., that was a week ago. And this sparked her interest and curiosity.

Still ..., she didn't dare to ask anything about him, of what caused him to change and what exactly happened with him this week. It was because of that chilling air around him.

Hua Jiao'er never feared anyone, be it brute or person with high social status, even the First Brother of the Eight Siblings.

But that thing ..., the aura around him, it struck fear on her deepest heart.

After another long round of silence, the boy answered her question. "Nothing ..., I think it's time for me to return."

"Ehh? Do you want to return? Do you want to leave Jiao'er just like that? I thought little brother Ling want me to service you ..." Hua Jiao'er looked surprised with his answer.

"I remember you said that you're quite expensive ..., I'm afraid this little brother can't afford you." Alex shook his head and said it as a matter of joke.

"Well, what about some discount? Or maybe I should really consider installment..." Hua Jiao'er frowned and asked herself.

"Jiao'er, it's getting late. I'll be going now." Alex said with a serious tone and underlying meaning.

"..., is that so, then be careful on your way." Hua Jiao'er was afraid with his sudden change of tone.

Alex nodded, "..., I will. Thanks for your company."

He stood up and then walked to the window. Yep, the window ..., he didn't plan on using the door, even though this is the third floor of the pavilion. Jumping down from fifteen meters above the ground isn't that hard for a cultivator like him anyway.

Hua Jiao'er nibbled down her lips and seemingly after made out a huge decision.

'This is probably the most stupid decision I've made in life, but rather than being sullied by that man, it'd be better if I do it with Xiaobai!'

She hastily put something on her mouth before calling out his name.

"Wait, little brother Ling!"

Alex turned his head but then his nostril was assaulted by Hua Jiao'er orchid perfume. That Pavilion Madam kissed him!

It was his first kiss, be it him as Alexander of Earth, and this Ling Xiaobai! But this temptress stole that first kiss!

The smooth and soft lips of hers smooching and sucking his enclosed mouth greedily. She leaned her whole body on him, making the soft as marshmallow pair of breasts squeezed between the two. She circled her hand on his neck and pulled his head.

As a normal man, how could Alex not react to all of this stimulus? He was perplexed with the suddenness of this kiss. But the kiss is more than enough to make his little brother awake. As if receiving Medusa glare, it turned solid as a rock!

The mantra didn't work anymore, the surprisingly soft mouth of hers along with her intoxicating fragrance of a woman rendered his brain into a system of a down. He couldn't think of anything and could only enjoy this whole thing.

He finally opened his mouth and let her invade his mouth. Enjoying this peculiar sensation. His hand roamed on her plump breast and buttock, squeezing the soft mound of flesh, it was all instinctive behavior.

By then, he noticed something odd. It seems that ..., he swallowed something. His mouth and lips were sealed by Hua Jiao'er's aggressive French kiss but there's something sliding to his stomach. Even if he wasn't Sherlock, he knows that 'that' something is from Hua Jiao'er.

He felt something hot rising from his lower stomach below his belly. A scorching hot Yang Qi but full of impurities gathered on his solar plexus.

This impure Yang Qi was further processed into Yang Liquid by the pair of dangling balls. And it also stimulated certain desire within him, making his manhood turned into steel hard.

'..., she drugs me? But for what? The usual scenario in a cultivation world is about a bastard who drugged a woman with an aphrodisiac and then f*cked her. Or maybe with him cultivating some shady lewd technique leading to a rape situation. But I'm a man, and she's the one who drugged me with ..., vigor drug?!? What's this? What's she planning? A honey trap?'

Even after being stimulated intensely by her ..., he tried to found out the reason behind her action. But of course, it didn't last for so long.

'Eiii ... shit! Why so critical! She drugged me, and here she is ..., presenting her thicc body to me! If I don't fuck her now, then I can't call myself a man of refined culture!'

His last remaining clear-headedness was blown apart by this intense animalistic desire that surged from within. He ripped her evening dress and freed that huge breast for him to fondle.

He pulled her in a fireman carry and then throw her on the soft bed. Hua Jiao'er cried in shock as she didn't expect his muscular strength to be so strong.

With him unable to hold it back anymore, he ripped the clothes in his body to shreds.

And then pounded her ..., without utilizing all of the ero-technique he has researched in his past life or even took some reference from Cloud Frozen Snow's memories.

He didn't bother with foreplay, as he couldn't rein his own animalistic desire. He turned into a beast desperate to fulfill his sexual desire and penetrated her forbidden valley without any hint of mercy.

"Ahhhnnn!!!" Hua Jiao'er cried as if her soul was extracted out from her body.

'It so damn hurts!'

The long and thick manhood penetrated her body and she felt her belly was filled with the hot and incredible things. From the part where the two-body were connected, fresh virgin blood smeared the clean white sheet. A trickle of pearl-like tears fallen from her foxy eyes.

A sliver of sanity appeared on Alexander's mind. He also noticed the virgin blood on his dragon.

'Ehh, she's virgin? I'm not f*cking the wrong person, am I? She really is Pavilion Madam, right? She should be the most experienced sl*t around here, right? So why she's a virgin? Ah, f*ck this is damn too tight! I can't, I'm cumming! No, I must hold on! You can do it, Alex! Don't be three-seconder! Think of something else, about sport for example, right, my least favorite sport ..., the basketball ..., damn her breast is bigger than that!? Ah, I'm gonna ..., oh no, no, you don't! Distract your mind Alex ..., right, the Mantra!'

He tried to hold back the supreme bliss that was concentrated on his manhood. He chanted the Ice Heart Mantra to suppress the pleasure, but it didn't work as he expected it to be. He then fiddled around Senior Cloud memory and found the dual cultivation technique she used back then, and silently chanted its mnemonic. He regained his breath and he could hold down the urge to shot out his load.

He then moved his waist back and front, soon he gained momentum and pounded her plump buttock. Not in the slightest bit bothering the fact that his partner just lost her virginity and probably still in pain.

Sexual intercourse is not only about plowing the field and then sowing the seed. However, Alex who was driven by animalistic desire ..., could not control himself.

He brutally and mercilessly pounded her. His hand and mouth were not idle, sometime he pinched her pink nipple, sometimes he bites.

As Alex was no longer mortal, his strength and stamina were incomparable to Hua Jiao'er. He bites her soft breast too hard that it bleeds and perhaps leaves a mark. But Hua Jiao'er didn't feel like she was in pain at all. In fact, she moaned louder and it becomes more sensuous.


Sensual moan and suppressed groan accompanying the sounds of flesh pounding each other. It was until about ten minutes, Alexander reached his first climax, while it was unknown how many peaks Hua Jiao'er has reached.

He shot the load inside hers and was in immense bliss.

He regained his sense and stared at the woman in the late twenties down below him. The seductive beauty now looked deranged and tired.

There was a foxy smile on her face, her beautiful eyes were red as she just cried a lot. In that eyes, showed a sign of relief and satisfaction.

"Why?" Alex asked, his precious manhood still inside her.

The single-word question was for many things.

First, it was why she drugged him. Why she is still a virgin despite being the big madam of the brothel. Why she seduced him. Why she look so relieved. Why she gave her virginity to him ..., most of these questions are somehow irrelevant.

These were the question that popped into his head after losing his virginity.

"You know why ..., little brother Ling." she returned the gaze and looking at him tenderly.

"I'm afraid I am really clueless." Alex shook his head and continue to stare at her face.

Hua Jiao'er touched his muscular chest and then linked her arm behind his back. She pulled him into a hug but to no avail, as Alexander want to stay in this position and see her face.

She then sighed exasperatedly and said, "..., because I want to give my first with the person I love."

"And you expect me to believe that?" Alex was unable to believe what he just heard.

Hua Jiao'er shook her head and smiled wryly and dejectedly, "It doesn't matter. In your mind, I'm just a lowly prostitute anyway. I sell my body and train women on how to please men. If little brother Ling does not want to believe me. It is fine ...,"

"No, don't sell yourself too low like that. You're an incredible woman, sis Jiao'er." he rearranged the hair that stuck on her forehead and caressed her silky hair.

"R-really?" she asked a little fearfully, it was unexpected to hear this from him.

To which Alex nodded and sent a peck on her plump lips. Of course, she won't let him go with just that. She kissed and hugged him, interlocking her legs on his back. It was as if she turned into an octopus, elastic and reluctant to separate.

She separated the kiss after there was some reaction on his currently limp dick. Alex stared at her lovingly and asked.

"But why you are still a virgin despite being the Madam?"

"I ..., it's a long story." Hua Jiao'er only said that and shut her eyes.

She opened her eyes once again and looked at him now with an enticing smile and inviting gaze. Alex gazed at her black eyes and he felt something stirred inside his heart.

No matter what method she used, she is the first woman he makes love with. His first sexual partner.

"Alright, we have so much time in the future ... if you're ready to tell me everything, remember that I'm always willing to listen," Alex said after some time.

"Thank you, little brother, Ling."

"Call me Alex," he said with a smile.

"Alexie?" Hua Jiao'er tilted her head to the side.

"That's my pet name ..." Alex then looked at the bruised and bleeding pair of breasts and felt apologetic. "I'm sorry, I can't hold it back. Did it hurt?"

"You don't need to be sorry. Remember, I was the one who drugs you." Hua Jiao'er stated with a weird expression on her face.

"True ... sigh, just so you know, if you want for me to pay, I have no money on me, alright?" Alex sighed and said to make sure.

But Hua Jiao'er frowned and stared dagger at him.

"Alexie, are you looking down on me? Do you think I did all this just to make you pay my body with your money?" her voice was cold and there's anger behind it.

"..., I, it's a joke, my pretty Jiao'er. I know you're not someone like that."

"Hmph ..., promise that you will not say something like that ever again to me!"

"..., I promise." Alex nodded in agreement.

Hua Jiao'er wiggled her waist to stimulate the semi-limp little brother inside her. Unexpectedly, this virgin boy actually has good and well-developed manhood. Her inside was full and it hit her most sensitive spot.

"Alright then, I'll believe in you."

Hua Jiao'er pulled and kissed him. The previously limp little brother now stimulated once again and it grows larger and stiffer inside.

"Come one, go for the second round! Now do it gently!" Hua Jiao'er ordered and Alexander happily comply.