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Life is good and everything is fine these days with Xiao Zhan. From taking good care of his grandmother who's living with them now to visiting Wang Yibo's parents, and also for their shared romantic times with his lover.

The only thing that concerns him nowadays is that his lover's acting like a child who doesn't want to share his favorite toy to anyone.

Since the start of opening classes, Wang Yibo is guarding him all the time and always get jealous everytime he gives a little attention to others from the university, may it be a woman or a man.

Just like today, Xiao Zhan is talking to his senior in his department about the presentation that they're grouped with when Wang Yibo saw them and walked in front of them.

Xiao Zhan smiled at him.

"Ge, are you done?" Wang Yibo asked him.

Before Xiao Zhan could answer, Wang Yibo curiously looked at his (xz) senior.

"Is this your brother?" Xiao Zhan's senior asked him.

Wang Yibo smiled at Xiao Zhan's senior that was not really not a smile and then put his (yb) arms into his (xz) shoulder.

Xiao Zhan really felt his lover's possessiveness at this moment.

"Oh he's my l--------" before Xiao Zhan could say the word "lover", Wang Yibo answered his senior.

"I'm his husband." Wang Yibo said without fluctuations.

Both of them could really see the shocked face of Xiao Zhan's senior.

Xiao Zhan wanted to bury himself due to embarrassment. As much as he was opened to his relationship with Wang Yibo, he as well felt shy when it comes to announcing it to other people who's not really important to them.

"Ge, let's go?" Wang Yibo said childishly to him and patted his head.

Xiao Zhan glared at him (yb) and then looked at his (xz) senior who coughed to eased the awkwardness.

"T-Then we'll talk some other time since your h-husband is here now."

When Wang Yibo heard the word "husband" from Xiao Zhan's senior, he  politely talked to him, "Thank you senior for taking good care of my wife. We'll go now."

If Xiao Zhan's glare could kill, Wang Yibo will be vomiting a lot of blood now.

When they left, Xiao Zhan's senior was still standing in the same place while beginning to realized that he was being forced feed of dog foods.

Back to the two of them, Wang Yibo happily led Xiao Zhan to the car and while they're inside.


"Yes, ge?"

"Why did you say that?" Xiao Zhan seriously asked him.

"What did I say?" Wang Yibo feigned innocently.

Xiao Zhan deeply sighed, "Okay... Act like you don't know, but I will ignore you... Really..."

Wang Yibo was taken aback by Xiao Zhan's word, "Ge..."

"Don't looked at me with that puppy like eyes..."

Wang Yibo looked away and did not say anything like a child being bullied by someone.

"This person!" He was supposed to get angry, but seeing Wang Yibo like this, he could not proceed anymore.

"It's not that I don't want you to be introduce to everyone as my partner... I even want them to know that you're my lover..." Xiao Zhan reasoned out.. "But lately, you're getting out of control... Even to those insignificant people, you acted like------" before he could finished it, Wang Yibo said something in a low voice.

"Ge, I'm jealous..."

Xiao Zhan looked at him with a puzzled face, "W-What are you jealous about?"

Wang Yibo hold his hand and kissed the back of his palm...

"You're such a great person... You're handsome, you had that warm smile... You have a good personality. What if those people you've talked with everyday at the University will like you? What if you find someone you think that is much better than me?" Wang Yibo said sulkily.

"Didi------ you seriously...." Xiao Zhan was speechless for a moment.

They were both silent and then Wang Yibo could not help it anymore and talk to Xiao Zhan...

"Ge, are you angry?"

Xiao Zhan looked at him and asked him, "Don't you trust me?"

Wang Yibo embraced Xiao Zhan this time, "I do trust you, ge..."

"Then why are you thinking about that? Listen, no one is greater than you and I will only love you in this lifetime..."

"And the next lifetime too, ge?"

Xiao Zhan chuckled when heard those words from Wang Yibo, "En, from the next and the next and the next.... Happy now?"

"En... Happy!"

"Didi, you're such a vinegar jar..."

["Vinegar Jar" is a chinese slang means a person with a jealous nature.]

"Only to you, ge..." Wang Yibo said and then kissed him (xz) in the lips..

"I know..." Xiao Zhan answered and kissed back.

"Let's go home, ge... Grandma is waiting for us..."


As for Wang Yibo, there will be moments that he will be jealous and sometimes possessive in the future, but he will always remember this day that his Zhan-ge promised him that he (xz) will only love him in this lifetime...

And from the next and the next...



From the next and the next... But this next that I have will be the last extra chapter of this story. ?