Chapter 29: Odd
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Ren began to drink. 

The pure cold water slipped down his thoughts refreshing him. 

‘It’s so nice…’

Here in the jungle, this was his greatest luxury. 

Ren missed the food of Earth… the hamburgers. 

Ren’s mouth watered just thinking about it. 

‘Will my body even like the taste of human food…?’ 

The bodies of snakes were biologically very distinct from that of humans.

Ren’s mind drifted to other matters.  


Host Name: Ren

Species: Draconic Ekans (Adolescent)

Element: Poison

Level: 2 [Limit: 5]

Bio-Energy: 78/50

Length: 179 cm

Spirit: 18

Power: 14

Wisdom: 9

Agility: 12

Defense: 12

Skills: Breathless Breathing Technique [22%], Poison sting [22%], Terrorize [47%], Acceleration [65%] Tier 2 - Limit breaker [14%] Pokémon Appraisal [35%] Spirit Concentration [16%]

Passive Skills: Spirit Manipulation [99%], 

Racial Skills: Shedding [20%], Draconic body [4%]

His stats had slightly increased, while his length had grown significantly. 

‘Spirit manipulation…’ 

Ren stared at his [spirit manipulation] skill at 99 percent.

For the past few days he had consistently practiced using the skill

Finished drinking, Ren raised his head and observed the surroundings. 

It was normal. The sound of water trickling over the pebbles. The distant roars of pokemon fighting in the distance echoed out. 

‘There’s something wrong…’ 

It was not something audio based or visual based. 

It smell… with his enhanced sense of smell, Ren could smell something weird. 

‘What is that?’ Ren pondered. 

It was a sweet type of smell. If anything, it reminded Ren of Honey.

He retreated away from the stream. 


Ren could feel the smell gradually decline the further he got from the stream. 

‘That means… its coming from the other side…’ Ren concluded. 

The smell originated from the other side of the riverbank. 

Ren had first noticed something wrong with the other side of the riverbank when he had first fought the Lotad. 

The trees were significantly larger, the vegetation was thicker and more concentrated. 

It was as if something was artificially making one side of the riverbank grow faster. 

Ren was filled with curiosity. 

He had already found against the Cubone and his wounds had barely healed. 

He did not want to hunt. 

‘Let’s scout it out…’ Ren decided. 

If there was danger, it was always best to know about it beforehand. 

Ren gathered aura round his tail. 

[Compression x1] 

He compressed the aura. His spirit was rapidly used up. 


Ren activated accelerate. 

His body leaped through the air, over the riverbank and onto the other side of the river. 

With [Compression], he was able to drastically increase the distance that he travelled with accelerate. 

‘Over 8 meters…’ 

It was a personal best. 

As soon as he reached the other side, he could almost instantly feel the sweet smell intensifying. 

It was much stronger… almost intoxicating. 

Ren could feel his mind waver. 

His body began to lightly tremble. 

He wanted it. His body wanted it. 

Ren quickly snapped out of his fit.

His body stopped shaking. 

 ‘What was that…?’ Ren questioned. 

Ren curiosity was further piqued. What was the source of this smell? 

Ren could tell that it was still quite a distance from him, yet it still slightly affected his mental state… 

‘I have to be careful…’ 

Ren’s body slithered into the thick foliage. 

He continued for a few minutes, carefully traversing more than a hundred meters. 

The fights of monsters echoed out in the distance. 

‘Mmmm… there’s one nearby…’ 

He could hear the screams of pokemon quite close to his current position. 

Ren headed in the direction of the screams. 

He stared out from within the bushed at the battle before him. 

Before him stood two pokemon, covered in injuries. 

On one side was a penguin like, blue pokemon. A sharp yellow beak accentuated its bald head. In its beak was a chunk of flesh. 

Its large round shaped body was covered in red; it was impossible to identify the source of the blood (whether it be from itself or its enemies)

On the other side stood a brown fur coated, small monkey. Its half a meter tall body was covered in wounds and its tail flame was dim. 


Ren activated his skill 

Two status screens appeared before his eyes. 


Species: Piplup 

Potential: White 

Level: 1/5


Species: Chimchar 

Potential: White 

Level: 1/5


Ren overlooked the battle with interest. 

Enemies of this level did not pose any danger to himself.

‘Rather… who is going to win…’ 

Based purely in terms of physical stats, perhaps the Chimchar was stronger. It was quite obvious who the winner in terms of element was. 

‘This Piplup is going to win.’ Ren identified. 

The Piplup was a water pokemon, while the Chimchar was a fire pokemon. Adding to the already extremely wounded body of the Chimchar, Ren was sure that the Piplup would win this battle.

The two pokemon continued fighting. 

The Chimchar used the flames from its tail to attack, while the Piplup continuously shot out ice shards from its beak. 

Ren had noticed this. 

Not all pokemon had the ability to manifest aura outside of their bodies. Most pokemon, particularly white tier pokemon simply used a set of preset skills. 

For instance, although the Piplup’s [Ice Shard] skill seemed to belong to the yellow aura category, the Piplup was not actually skillfully controlling yellow aura. 

It was just instinctively activating one of its only available skills. 

White tier pokemon like Ren, who were able to skillfully control aura were a dime in the dozen. 

‘I don’t even know if I would be considered to be a White tier pokemon anymore…’ Ren thought.

Not only were his skills and stats superior to most blue tier pokemon but even his race had undergone a change. 

He was an anomaly. 

‘All I know is that I am somewhere between Red Tier and Yellow Tier…’ Ren thought. He was able to kill red tier pokemon of the same level as him. 

Ren continued to observe the battle. 

Sure enough, over time despite both Pokemon becoming more and more injured, one clear winner began to emerge. 

The Chimchar collapsed onto the ground. It had lost too much blood. 

The Piplup did not let the chance go. Shards of ice manifested themselves and pierced deep into the throat of the Chimchar. 

The Chimchar’s body went limp. 

Ren was instantly shocked. 

‘What the hell is it doing…?’ 

Ren was not shocked that the Chimchar had lost. 

Rather Ren was shocked at the Piplup’s actions.

The Piplup did not stop and consume the Chimchar’s body. 

Rather as if it had become possessed, the Piplup’s battered and bloody body moved away from the corpse of the Chimchar, completely disregarding it. 

Ren realized what was wrong. 

‘The smell…’ Ren thought. 

It had intensified to a shocking degree. 

Ren’s mind became more and more muddled. His thoughts began to go awry. Strange figures entered his vision. 

‘Fuck…’ Ren thought. 

He used aura to block his nose. 

The feeling of intoxication slowly subsided. 

Even he, an intelligent pokemon had been slightly affected. How would a common tier pokemon that relied on pure instinct resist its charms? 

The Piplup’s body slowly began to move forward. 

‘This is becoming dangerous…’ Ren thought. 

Something or someone was able to attract and manipulate pokemon from a far away distance. 

Whatever it was… it was deadly. 

Ren was caught in a dilemma. 

To chase or not to chase…? 

‘I have to go…’ 

It was just like the time with the ants. If he had not gone and explored the ant colony, not only would he have not been able to surpass his limits but he might have also gotten caught by surprise by the ants and die!

It was better to scout out the threat and understand it.

Ren resolutely headed into the foliage in the direction the Piplup had disappeared.

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