Chapter 31: True Monster
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Ren stood at the entrance of the tunnel for a few seconds in shock before realizing his mistake. 

‘Hide!’ Ren thought, as his body slipped out of the cave tunnel and into one of the corners of the cavern.

His body slithered forward, away from the Cave tunnel.

His heartbeat rapidly slowed down, as his body pressed against the walls of the cavern.

Luckily, while the middle of the cavern was illuminated by the bright crystals, the corners of the cave were darker and less visible. 

From his position, Ren observed the situation inside of the cave. 

A bloody sight entered his eyes.

From the mouth of the cave, one Pokémon after the other entered the cavern. In their intoxicated states, the Pokémon mindlessly stumbled towards the tree before being crushed under the palms of the Ape Pokémon. 

‘Oranguru.’ Ren identified. 

The Orangutan Pokémon. 

Ren aura travelled towards Ren’s eyes. 


Instantly, the information of the Oranguru appeared within his mind. 

Species: Oranguru (Mutated)

Potential: Red

Level: 5/5 (Perfect)  

[Oranguru can provide 25 bioenergy points.]

‘What the hell.’ 

A Pokémon that had reached the level 5 limit? Ren was a Pokémon that could compare to level 2 Red tier Pokémon and maybe level 3 if he tried hard enough. 

But a level 5? 

‘More than that… what’s up with the perfect next to its level?’ Ren thought to himself. 

Did it represent something about what would happen after level 5? Every single Pokémon that he had met, regardless of their tier had a max level of 5.

Ren wanted to now more about what came after that. Perhaps this ‘perfect’ thing was some clue. 

‘No…that’s not important right now.’ Ren soon shook away his stray thoughts. 

He turned his attention back to the cavern center. 

At the center, after the Oranguru had finished killing its prey, it would drag its prey into the pile of corpses at the bottom of the berry tree. 

A shocking possibility entered Ren’s head. 

The fact that it was moving the corpses of the monsters to the bottom of the tree was suspicious. 

‘Is it feeding the tree?’ 

This could be one of the prerequisites required for the tree to mature! 

Ren observed as one after another, the Pokémon in line were killed and dragged to the bottom of the tree.

Over time, the number of Pokémon entering the cavern began to slow down

Ren decided that he had had enough. 

He had sufficiently scouted out the area. 

He had found out about the situation. As for the goal of the Oranguru or what the berry’s effects were? 

Ren did not have nearly enough power to find out. 

If he waited any longer and no more Pokémon entered through the cave tunnel and the Oranguru began to pay more attention to its surroundings, he would be fucked!

He began to slither back. 


A loud roar echoed throughout the cavern, stopping Ren in his tracks.


A skill activated.

‘The ceiling? What the fuck?’ 

Ren turned his head to towards the cavern ceiling. He was momentarily dazed by the bright light emitted by the crystal, before quickly adjusting to its glare. 

‘A Pokémon?’ 

A figure of a large Pokémon crashed through the air, towards the body of the Oranguru. 

It was the Larvitar! 

The Larvitar had dropped down from the roof of the cave.

Its clenched fist was coated in a deep green aura. 

Ren marveled at the figure of the falling Larvitar. 

Intelligence of Pokémon drastically increased, the greater their potential was. The Larvitar knew that it stood no chance against the Oranguru. 

The Oranguru was a strong Red tier monster that had maxed out its level. It stood at the top of the Red tier potential Pokémon. 

It was a true king of the forest. 

The Larvitar understood this. Using the experience and knowledge that it had gained over the past month or so of hunting, it had devised a simple plan. 

Attack from the sky!

Like a meteor, the Larvitar came crashing down. 

It activated the strongest skill that it had [Roar], freezing the Oranguru in place. 

Green aura further concentrated on its outstretched fist. 

[Dragon Punch] 

Another skill activated. 

Its body cam hurtling down. 

Ren observed the Oranguru.

It just stood there. 

There was no panic in its eyes, only a pure fighting spirit. 

Waves spread out from the Oranguru’s body. 


The effect of the [Roar] was negated. 

The Oranguru could move again. 

‘That does not change anything…’ Ren thought. 

The Larvitar was nearly upon it. 

The Oranguru raised its arms into the air. 

In an instant, the earth on the cave floor floated up and covered the Oranguru club in a layer of Earth.

[Earth Power] 

‘What the fuck… isn’t the Oranguru meant to be a Psychic Pokémon?’ 

This was what it meant by 'mutated'. The Oranguru had gained the ability to use another element!

Another rare skill activated. 

The Oranguru’s toes pierced deep into the ground, solidifying its position. 

In one smooth action, the Oranguru swung its club upwards towards the Larvitar. The air seemed to be cut. 


The two opposing forces met in the middle. 

Sparks seemed to fly out, caused by the friction between the two Pokémon. 

The Larvitar’s momentum carried it forward, pushing the Oranguru further into the ground.

The Larvitar had the clear advantage. 

The Oranguru also noticed this. 

The Oranguru was not a single element Pokémon. It could control two elements!

With a load roar, it activated another one of its skills. 


The Larvitar’s punch lost its force, as the Larvitar’s mind went blank. 

The Oranguru did not let go of this chance. 

The Oranguru’s muscles bulged as the club struck forward, crushing the arm of the Larvitar and propelling the Larvitar’s body a few meters away. 

The Larvitar’s mind went blank for a second, before the pain finally registered. 


The Larvitar’s anguished screams echoed out as the Oranguru rushed forward. 

Ren could see the fear in the Larvitar’s eyes. 

‘It has probably never faced such a defeat…’ 

It had thought that its strategy would work, yet it had not. If the Larvitar continued fighting, then it would surely lose. 

The Larvitar turned its body around towards the exit (cave tunnel). 

It wanted to run!

The Larvitar’s legs bulged as green aura surged forward. 

It propelled its body forward. 

The Oranguru also observed the fleeing Larvitar. 

It was not about to let its prey leave. A Larvitar’s would easily be the same as 10 common Pokémon!

The Oranguru charged forward after it.

The chase was on. 

Not wanting to draw any agro from the two monsters, Ren stated put in his position. 

The gap between the Oranguru and the Larvitar began to close as the Oranguru quickly gained pace. 

The Larvitar also noticed this. 

It was so close. Soon it would be enter the cave tunnel. With the large size of the Oranguru, it would not be able to move very well within the tunnel, giving the Larvitar a chance to escape. 

Alas, it was not meant to be. 

When the Larvitar was but a few meters from the tunnel, the Oranguru once again activated its skill. 

[Earth power] 

With great proficiency, the Oranguru controlled the earth under the tunnel to rise. 

Red aura spread from its hands to the ground under its feet. A wall of earth and mud quickly formed, creating a barrier that prevented escape. 

Seconds after, the Larvitar reached the exit. 

It clawed at the exit, with its arms and claws. 

It was too slow! 

It could feel the feeling of death!

The Larvitar turned its head towards the incoming Oranguru. 

It roared into the air. 

If it was going to die anyway, it was not going to die without a fight! The battle instincts of the Larvitar activated as it charged at the Oranguru. 



That was the only word on Ren’s mind. 

The Larvitar and Oranguru had traded a few blows. In the end the Larvitar continued to progressively get weaker and weaker until it perished. 

Ren did not even have a chance to step in.

On the other hand, only minor injuries covered the body of the Oranguru. 

The Oranguru stood on top of the body of the Larvitar. 

It was the worst possible situation. He would not be able to escape without attracting the attention of the Oranguru. 

‘Don’t detect me…’ Ren willed. 

The Oranguru stood on top of the corpse of the Larvitar for a second before turning its head to the earth wall it had created to block of the tunnel. 

Sure, it had stopped, the scent of the Berry tree from attracting more Pokémon. 

The Oranguru did not to attract anymore Pokémon. 

It could tell. 

The fruit was nearly done. 

The ritual was nearly finished. 

After it sacrificed the corpse of the Larvitar, the fruit would be ready. It would then be able to undergo a metamorphosis! 

It used another skill to scan the surroundings. 

Its eyes turned to a corner of the cavern. 

It had detected something with its [Scan] skill. 

It would finish the ritual later.

First, it had to deal with some annoyances. 

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