Chapter 32: Strange Confrontation
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The Oranguru charged forward. 

‘Huh…? Where is it going?’ Ren wondered

The Oranguru was not charging towards him. It was charging in a completely different direction. 

[Ding! You have succeeded in hiding you presence. You have unlocked Draconic Ekans skill ‘stealth’]

Ren did not pay attention to the system’s voice. 

His full focus was placed on the charging Oranguru.

The Oranguru’s arm reached into the air. Earth particles began to surround it. 

‘Earth power!’ 

From a different corner of the cave, a figure emerged from the shadows. 

‘There was another one…’ 

From the darkness of the cave walls emerged a white ghost like Pokémon. 

A short green substance hair like material filled its head, covering its large eyes. Two pink horns struck out from its head. 

Its body was a pure white.

‘A Ralts…’ Ren thought as he observed the Pokémon. 

One of the most beloved Pokémon in the world of Pokémon.


Species: Ralts (Mutated) 

Potential: Red

Level 2/5

Another Red tier Pokémon had been attracted by the sweet smell of the berry!

‘Another mutated Pokémon… When the fuck did they become so popular?’ Ren thought.

The Oranguru continued its charge on the Ralts. 

The Ralts bravely stared at the Oranguru. 

Just as the Oranguru reached her, The Ralts floated into the air, narrowly avoiding the punch, while simultaneously activating a skill. 

Red aura congealed in front of the Ralts. 


A beam of red energy burst out of the Ralt’s body towards the Oranguru. 

The strange thing was that when this beam reached the Oranguru, it did not hit the Oranguru, but rather passed through it. 

‘A mind skill…’ 

It was just like his terrorize.

This was the essence of Mind skills. These types of skills were not tangible like other types of skills. 

They would target the mental processes of the target. 

The Oranguru stared at the cavern roof for a few seconds. 

The Psybeam was not like Ren’s terrorize. 

Although it was also a type of mind skill, it was a mind skill on a higher level. 

Rather than causing the opponent to hallucinate and hesitate, the [Psybeam] crushed the mental abilities of a Pokémon, preventing them from thinking. 

It was the strongest skill the Ralts had. 

Of course, there were limitations on this skill. 

The chances of the attack being effective decreased, the higher the level of the target it was used on. 

The Ralts landed on the ground and looked hopefully at the still body of the Oranguru. 

It had poured nearly half of its spirit into that attack and had caught the Oranguru by surprise from a close range. 

Although it understood the large difference in levels, it hoped that its skill had been effective.

Alas, it was not meant to be. 

After a few seconds in the frozen state, a loud roar echoed out from the frozen body of the Oranguru. 


The Ralts had failed to take one factor into consideration. 

The Oranguru was also a Pokémon with the psychic element. It could also use mind skills. 

The Oranguru had used the skill [Mental Defense] to block the skill. The fact that it had been frozen for a few seconds spoke of the great power of the skill [Psybeam]. 

 The Oranguru stared at the Ralts ferociously. 

It charged on all fours. Sharp nails glistened under the shine of the energy stones on the roof of the cave. 

The Ralts immediately escaped. 

For next few minutes, The Ralts continued dodging the blows of the Oranguru. 

Occasionally, when the Ralts was in danger, it would activate its mind skills and slow down the Oranguru, allowing it to avoid the blows. 

‘I have to do something.’ Ren decided. 

Although the Ralts had avoided serious injuries, Ren could tell that its movements were slower. 

The exit was still blocked. There were no other exits within the cavern. 

If he tried to excavate through the Earth Barrier, he would most likely be found out and attacked before he escaped. 

‘That only leaves one option.’ Ren thought. 

The Ralts was his last line of defense. If it died, then the Oranguru might activate its skill again. 

Even with his new skill [Stealth] he was not confident in avoiding the Oranguru’s strong [Scan] again. 

Ren decided to join the fight. 

It was his best chance of survival.

Red spirit congealed in front of his body, morphing into the shape of a needle. 

‘Copy x 3’ Ren thought. 

Three more identical needles were formulated.

[Compression x 1] 

The needles compressed, becoming half their normal size. 

Ren controlled the needles to enter his mouth.

[Poison sting] 

Poison from his fangs, entered the needles.

In his early days in the world, he had disregarded his poison skill due to the large time that it took to effect his enemies. 

Over the course of his training and hunting after his fights with the ants, he had experimented and tried developing new moves that more effectively used poison. 

This was what he had come with. 

Combining aura and poison together; a poison aura construct!

Ren stared at the running Oranguru. 

‘Too far…’ Ren thought

The Oranguru was too far away to get a critical hit. 

His range had improved with his constant practice to about 4.2 meters. 

Ren activated [stealth]. He could instantly feel his body functions slowing down and his presence growing weaker. 

‘It won’t last long…’ Ren thought. 

He had just got his stealth. Moreover, he was planning on moving.

Ren moved as quickly as he could around the cavern outer wall, towards the Oranguru. 

The Ralts and the Oranguru continued their battle. 

It was hard to even call it a battle. It was basically one Pokémon chasing the other. 

Ren could see the desperation in the Ralt’s eyes. 

It knew that this was not a plausible solution, yet it had no choice. It had only wanted to check out what the sweet smell was. Now it was caught in a potentially life threatening battle against a Pokémon that had strong defenses both physically and mentally. 

Ren shook his stray thoughts away. 

He was not helping the Ralts out of pity. He was simply doing it for himself. If the Ralts targeted him after, then he would not show any mercy.

Ren’s body moved forward before stopping. 

‘They are coming…’ 

The Ralts and Oranguru were coming closer and closer towards him. 

This was his chance! 

Ren poised his body. 

‘7 meters… 6 meters… 5 meters…’

Ren’s stealth was rapidly declining. His heart rate was increasing. 

It was now or never. 

The Ralts floated into the air to dodge one of the Oranguru blows. 


Ren opened his mouth and spit.

The four needles were channeled forward at extreme speeds. 

Like a flash of lightning, the four needles shot through the air and pierced into the stomach and limbs of the Oranguru. 

‘ROOOOOAAARRR!’ a pained roar echoed out from the Oranguru’s mouth. 

Something had hit it! 

It looked down to its stomach and legs, observing the sight of bright red needles piercing into its flesh. 

The needles dissipated into the air, leading to the wounds opening up and the blood continuing to flow out of its wounds.

It stared at the source of the attack. 

From the darkness of the shadows, a Snake Pokémon emerged. 

It was an Ekans.

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