Chapter 33: Speak
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Ren emerged from the shadows of the cave.

The Oranguru had already noticed his position. He would now have to fight in the open.

The Oranguru disregarded the Ralts.

Although the Ralts was annoying, it did not pose a large physical threat to the Oranguru. The only method the Ralts could attack was through mind skills.

These were easily countered by the Oranguru.

Rather, the Oranguru was more concerned about the Ekans.

The Ekans clearly had the ability to injure it! The Oranguru.

The Oranguru charged forward, its claws outstretched.

Ren used his spirit to congeal a spear in front him.

‘Go!’ Ren thought as the spear shot off towards the Oranguru.

The Oranguru raised its arms, coated with earth and reflected the spear construct away.


Ren activated [acceleration]. He did not leap into the air. Rather, he made sure to maintain a low height.

Within a second, the two Pokémon were within striking distance.

The Oranguru smashed its club down.


It activated its mind skill, causing Ren’s mind to go blank.

Like a natural instinct, Ren activated his mental defense, through directing spirit around his brain.

The Confusion’s effects were bypassed.

Ren formulated a shield, giving him the opportunity to avoid the punch. Ren quickly wrapped his body around the Oranguru’s leg and travelled up the Oranguru’s body.

He could feel the toned muscles of the Oranguru beneath him.

The Oranguru could also feel Ren.

Its claws precisely aimed at Ren’s body.

Ren narrowly avoided the blow and used his spirit to formulate a needle. He pierced it at the Oranguru’s side.

Simultaneously, Ren bit into the other side of the Oranguru.

The Oranguru grunted in pain.

Its body wildly moved from side to side, disorienting Ren. It used its free hand to grab a hold of Ren’s body.

Its sharp claws pierced into Ren’s body.

‘Fuck’. Before the Oranguru could strengthen its grip, Ren bit into the hand and then used [acceleration] to escape.

His body landed a few meters away. Blood continued to flow from his open wound.

‘Are we both going to die, Ekans?’

A soft, melodious voice rang out within his head.

Ren was shocked.

What was it? A voice? This was not the voice of the system, nor was it his own thoughts.

Something was in his head.

Something had called out to him?

If it was not him and it was not the system there were only two other possibilities. He was either going crazy or something was talking to him.

Ren could feel a strange sort of aura within his mind. He did not perceive it as malignant. It was just there… a connection.

Ren rapidly turned his head.

His eyes landed on the Ralts. It was the Pokémon that the Oranguru had fought.

Was this the Pokémon that was talking to him? Perhaps it was some other Pokémon in the area.

Surely not, Ren reasoned.

As far as he could tell, nearly all Pokémon regardless of their tier were barbaric monsters.

Sure, some of them had more intelligence than others, like the Larvitar. Was it smart… as in human smart?

No way.

At the end of the day, it was a simple bloodthirsty monster.

Ren would have no hope of having a conversation with it.

Still no matter how unlikely the chances, Ren had a sliver of hope.

Perhaps there was another Pokémon in similar circumstances to him. Perhaps there were other human souls trapped in Pokémon bodies.

This small hope fueled Ren’s desire to know.


A single thought expressed his hope.  

Ren waited for a few seconds, all while keeping a majority of his attention on the Oranguru.

‘Guess it-‘

‘Yo-you-you can understand me…?’ the melodious voice stuttered in his head.

Ren turned his head to towards the Ralts.

He could see it shaking as it stared at him.

‘Ralts?’ he asked once again to confirmed.

‘Ye-Yes. I am a Ralts…’ The voice said shakily.

Ren’s was lost for words.

 What was this? It really existed. An actual intelligent Pokémon?

Was it a hallucination?

No… Ren had put up some defense around his brain. Most hallucinations should not be able to work.

‘Why can you-‘

‘Ask Questions later. Listen to me.’ Ren said.

Ren also wanted to continue question the Ralts, but decided against it.

Ren had more pressing issues to face.

The Ralts was also in the same position. It did not have the ability to escape from the cavern.

Now, that Ren knew that the Ralts was an intelligent Pokémon, a plan began to formulate inside of his mind.

They would have to work together and combine to kill the Oranguru!

‘Ok.’ The Ralts replied without any hesitation.

Ren could not help but think that the Ralts was simple minded.

Without even considering it, it had agreed with Ren.

‘ROOOOAAARRR!’ A loud scream interrupted Ren’s thoughts.

The blood had stopped flowing from the Oranguru’s wounds. It was not that the Oranguru had healed itself.

The Oranguru had used aura to temporarily close its wounds.

It was no ready to attack. This time, its prey would die!

Ren stared at the charging Oranguru.

‘When I tell you to use it, use your ‘Psybeam’ on the Oranguru, ok?’ Ren stated.

‘Ok.’ Once again, the Ralts affirmed without any questions.

Ren observed the charging Oranguru, waiting for the right moment.

Red aura congealed around his body.

Three identical spears formed around him.

‘3 meters… 2 meters… Now!’ Ren thought.


The Ralts released its skill.

A pillar of light extended from the Ralts towards the Oranguru, hitting the Oranguru on the head.

Ren did not let the chance go. While the Oranguru’s mind was temporarily blank, Ren released his spears.

With great rotation and momentum, the spears pierced forward.

One of them pierced towards his head, while the other spears pierced towards its shoulders.

‘What the fuck…’

With a thud, the spear heading towards the Oranguru’s head was reflected by Earth.

Unconsciously, the Oranguru had activated [Earth power] to block the spear heading towards its head.

‘Luckily… my other two spears…’

His other two spears had penetrated into the shoulders of the Oranguru.

The Oranguru was awoken from its state of confusion.

The first thing it felt was pain, followed by anger.

Its bloodthirsty eyes stared at Ren.

It was not just once. This snake had injured it multiple times!

The Oranguru stopped underestimating to the two Pokémon before it. If it wanted to avoid anymore injured, it had to be more pragmatic.

The Oranguru no longer charged forward.

Red aura escaped from its body into the surrounding Earth.

[Earth Thorn]

The Earth below Ren’s feet began to rise.

He could feel a prickly sensation.

Ren jumped out of the way. In the place that he had been standing stood a large spike, more than 40cm tall.

‘If I had stayed…’

His whole body would have been pierced straight through!

Ren grit his teeth.

His injuries continued to sting. Although he had used spirit manipulation to block blood flow, the wounds were still there.

Now the Oranguru was using a more diverse range of skills.

Not only was its physical body and strength monstrous, but it could now also use long range attacks.