Chapter 39: Team
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Ren glanced at the Ralts. 

‘Are you ready?’ Ren asked. 

The Ralts looked nervous. This was its first ambush.

‘Y-Y-Yes.’ The Ralts said stuttering on its words. 

Ren could guess that it was nervous. 

‘Don’t worry. This is just a trial. We are just um… trying to develop our skills. So don’t worry, ok?’ Ren tried his best to calm it down. 

Ren’s conversation skills were not the best. 

It seemed to work. 

The Ralts stopped shaking. 

Ren and the Ralts peered out of the bush at their target. 

Before them was a bipedal insect Pokémon. The beast’s body was light brown and covered in thin black stripes. 

The creature was currently gouging on the corpse of a white tier Pokémon.

It was a Pinsir.


Species: Pinsir 

Potential: Blue 

Level 2/5


This Pinsir was not too weak nor was it extremely strong. 

It was the perfect opponent to test their skills. 

Ren motioned to the Pinsir with his head. 

‘Use one of your mind skills on it.’ 

The Ralts looked Ren and nodded. 


Red aura gathered over the Ralt’s mind. 

‘Mmmm. What skill is it activating’ Ren thought. This was not how the Ralts normally activated its [Psybeam] move.

Was it a new skill that it learned? 

Ren’s question was soon answered.


The mind skill activated. The Pinsir stopped moving. 

The Ralts had learnt the ‘mind skill’ that the Oranguru typically used.

Ren launched himself forward.  


He was more than 5 meters away. The effects of confusion were wearing off rapidly. Ren realized his mistake. He had not timed his movement properly, nor had he asked of the Ralt’s skills and effects of those skills.

The effects of the confusion soon wore off while Ren was midair. 

The Pinsir roared into the air. 

Ren stared at it. 

‘Ok… this should still be ok.’ Ren calmed himself down. Blue tier Pokémon were not a problem for him. 

The Ralts also emerged from the bushes. 

‘Activate your mind skills when I tell you to, ok?’ 

The Ralts affirmed. 

Ren controlled his body and landed. a meter away from the Pinsir.

Ren controlled his aura to exit his body. 

‘Chains.’ Ren visualized. The individual spirit parts fit together, forming a chain. 

‘Go!’ Ren motioned. 

The Pinsir simultaneously noticed Ren and charged at him.

The Chain shot forward. 

The Pinsir gathered green aura onto its claws. 

[Hyper Cutter] 

Its claws took on a metallic shift ad they deflected the chains.

It was too bad that that Pinsir was in Ren’s range of control. 

The chains rapidly changed direction, wrapping themselves around the body of the Pinsir and tying its arms to its body. 

One end of the chain pierced into the flesh of the Pinsir.


The Pinsir was now inactive.

‘Activate your Psybeam now!’ Ren called out to the Ralts. 

The Ralts rapidly gathered aura in front of it and shot it forward. 

The Pinsir was not able to move.

The beam of energy hit the Pinsir’s mind at full force. 

Instantly, the Pinsir lost a significant portion of brain functioning. 

Its eyes turned red. It was turning deranged. 

The [Psybeam] skill was the racial ability of the Ralts. It was one of the strongest mind skills but it had a few significant weaknesses. 

It took a significant amount of energy to cast one of them. The skill was not fast and could be dodged by a faraway Pokémon. 

The reason it was so effective in the battle with the Oranguru, was that the Oranguru’s attention was focused on Ren.

Ordinarily, the Ralts would have to go into close-range battle to fully use its skills. 

Ren activated his [spirit control] 

‘Jaws!’ he thought. 

The Aura contorted into sharp rows of teeth, reminiscent of a jaw.

‘Bite.’ Ren thought. 

The jaws pushed forward and clamped down on the head of the Pinsir. 

The Pinsir’s face and parts of its brain were torn off by the jaws. 

Ren deactivated his chains. 

The Pinsir fell onto the ground dead!


Ren immediately turned to the Ralts who had emerged from the bushes. 

‘Tell me your skills.’ Ren asked. 

Ren had noticed some serious problems with their coordination throughout the course of the battle. 

It was fine since they were battling a blue tier, weaker Pokémon. But against a much stronger, more intelligent Pokémon? 

It was not enough. 

If they wanted to work together, they had to use greater teamwork. 

‘Uh… I have one… one skill that shoots out a beam… and one that lets me get out of the way and one that makes the scary monsters stop and…’ 

Ren listened. 

‘I can’t understand…’ The Ralts explanation skills were quite terrible. 

‘Can you tell me the names of these moves?’ Ren asked hopefully. 

Ren instantly understood how stupid his question was. 

This was a Ralts that had just been born. How could it understand ‘move names’? The Ralts probably acting purely on instinct like most other Pokémon.

‘Mmmm… I think they were… were called [Confus-fusion] and [Psy-Psybeam] and [Dodge] and [Lide… life dew]’ The Ralts said. 

Ren was shocked. 

‘How do you know these names?’ Ren asked. 

It was not normal. The Ralts did not have the memories that he had of another world. So how could it know the names of these skills? 

The Ralts looked confused. 

‘It’s in my head?’ The Ralts replied confused at the question.

‘But why is it in your head?’ Ren asked. 

How did it have this knowledge? 

‘I don’t know… it just is?’ The Ralts said after some consideration. 

Was the Ralts some type of special Pokémon? Did this relate to its high intelligence? 


The Ralts knew the exact name of its skills. It might be able to come up with some imitations, but the exact name?

‘Do you have any more of this information?’ Ren asked. 

The Ralts looked even more confused. 

It raised its hand and pointed at him. 

‘Don’t you have it too?’ The Ralts said as if it was completely normal. It thought that all Pokémon had the knowledge that she had. 

Thoughts ran through Ren’s mind.

Did all Pokémon have certain knowledge? 

No. That could not be. What about him? 

Perhaps he was an outlier. 

‘What other knowledge do you have?’ 

‘Well… I know about my skills and the best places to hide and the different types of berries and the best ways to hunt and the different potential.…’ 

The Ralts continued on 

Ren felt a headache. 

‘Ok that’s enough.’ Ren said raising his tail to tell the Ralt’s to stop.

The Ralts stopped talking. 

He contemplated the situation. It made sense. Knowledge was definitely useful. 

‘Perhaps it’s like a tier system?’ Ren hypothesized. The greater the ‘potential’ of the Pokémon, the greater the ‘knowledge’ that they would have.

Ren once again questioned this strange world. 

Why were Pokémon left on a beach without their parents? Why were there no herbivorous Pokémon? Why did he not encounter extremely high-level Pokémon? Why was there a level cap of ‘5’ on all Pokémon? 

What type of sick fuck had reincarnated him? 

Ren organized his thoughts. 

He was not born with any ‘knowledge’. He would just have to use the Ralt’s knowledge to compensate.

‘What is potential?’ Ren asked the Ralts. 

He had to confirm his information. 

The Ralts was silent for a while.

‘Um… it’s the thing that all Pokémon are born with. It determines the stats gained per level and the types of skills a Pokémon can learn. Those with greater potential have a greater chance of awakening their ‘aura’. There are different tiers; A, B, C and D Potential Pokémon. It also says something about ‘better Awakening’ or something. I am sorry umm I don’t know what any of that means…’ The melodious voice resounded within Ren’s head. 

The Ralt’s head dropped. 

It was as if the Ralts was reading off something. 

It pissed Ren off. Why was it apologizing?

‘Do not apologize when you did nothing wrong! Only apologize when you have done something wrong!’ Ren preached. 

‘Ok!’ The Ralts said devoutly. 

Ren made sense of the information that he had received. 

‘I go the potential system all along…’ Ren thought.

Ren reorganized his knowledge. 

White Tier potential Pokémon are D tier

Blue Tier potential Pokémon are C tier. 

Red Tier potential Pokémon are B tier. 

Finally, Yellow Potential Pokémon are A tier.

[Ding! Knowledge of the host had expanded. Host’s understanding of the world has increased. Appraisal skill percentage rapidly increases] 

The sweet rings of the system went off in his ear.

Ren could feel his understanding of the world increase. His vision slightly improved.

Ren also confirmed the Ralt’s skills. 

Apart from the duration of its skills, Ren learned of the Ralt's new skill, [Life dew]. 

It was a useful skill that helped heal the injuries of its allies.

Ren would take this into account in future battles.