Chapter 40: Life is but a farm
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Over the course of the next few days, Ren and the Ralts continued to hunt. 

Ren used his newfound knowledge of the Ralt’s skills to create proper battle strategies. Ren and the Ralts had to learn that they were no longer simply individual parts but one unit. 

One unit needed two parts working in harmony to effectively function.

Ren was the attacker and main attacker. The Ralts provided the support and healing. Together they were able to rapidly make their way through enemies. 

‘It isn’t so bad…’ Ren thought. 

He had originally begun traveling with the Ralts out of pity but that had slowly morphed into something more. 

It was interesting. 

Although unintelligent in the workings of the world, the Ralt’s optimism and conversations provided some color in his monotonous life.

‘It’s just a bit tiring…’ 

Despite his pleas, the Ralts would continue coming into his home. 

Day after day after day. 

Ren wanted to at least rest in peace!



Host Name: Ren

Species: Draconic Ekans (Adolescent)

Element: Poison

Level: 3 [Limit: 5]

Bio-Energy: 81/70

Length: 332 cm

Spirit: 39

Power: 25

Wisdom: 17

Agility: 27

Defense: 29

Skills: Breathless Breathing Technique [32%], Poison sting [37%], Terrorize [62%], Acceleration [75%] Tier 2 - Limit breaker [25%] Pokémon Appraisal [51%] Spirit Concentration [31%], Stealth [7%]  

Passive Skills: Tier 2 - Spirit Control [5%], 

Racial Skills: Shedding [35%], Draconic body [11%]


Over the course of the last few days, Ren’s body had reached the 3-meter mark. He was nearly as long as a full-level normal Ekans. 

Would his evolution still be the same as a normal Ekans? 

Ren observed his surroundings. 

A body of water of indeterminable depth lay in front of him. The pond was about 15 meters wide and off irregular shape.

Tall pine trees surrounded the water. Soft rocks and pebbles littered the shores. 

It was like a paradise in hell.

Ren and the Ralts had decided to hunt water Pokémon.

Over the course of the last few days, they had followed the river upstream. 

The stream diverged at one point. 

One path went off towards the top of the mountain that Ren had fought that Oranguru on. That was the source of the water. 

The other path went off in another direction. 

Ralts and Ren had followed the path and eventually come to a large pond. Within the pond there were tens of fish. 

The fish were attracted by the kelp at the bottom of the bond. 

Ren hypothesized that consuming it would bring some benefits to their growth. That was why the fish had diverged from the main path and come to this 

Ren did not want the kelp. 

He wanted the fish! He wanted the tens of bioenergy concentrated in this location!

Previously, Ren’s encounter with the Lotad had made him vary of the water. He had avoided all contact with the water and water Pokémon. 

Water was not his natural area of expertise. 

Ren knew that if the battle devolved into an under waster brawl, he would be killed by Pokémon weaker than him.

It was different now.

He had improved his abilities and he had the Ralts. 

Using their abilities together, Ren was sure that he would be able to make a killing. 

The hot sun shined down on the water, creating a blue luminescent glow over the surface of the pond. 

Ren stared at the water eagerly. 

He turned to the Ralts. 



‘You know what to do, right?’ Ren asked. 


‘Ok good. On my mark, activate your improved [Confusion]’ 

Ralts nodded. 

Ren’s pure red aura congealed in front of him. 

The aura quickly formed a 7-meter chain. The chain circulated around his body.

‘Ok… now the ends.’ 

Ren stared at the chains intently. With great precision, Ren reshaped one of the ends of the chain into a sharp shape. 

Ren envisioned a harpoon, basically a spear attached to a chain.

The Ralts kept its eyes on Ren, observing his intent bout of concentration. 

Ren listened to the cries of birds in the distance and the loud roars in the distance. 

Ren’s mind was a blank. 

He waited. 

‘Now!’ Ren shouted. 

The Ralts immediately activated its prepared skill. 

[Confusion: Widespread] 

A wave of red energy emerged from the head of the Ralts and spread into the surrounding water. 

Immediately, small shadows became more and more concentrated. 

Ren’s body tensed up. 

It would soon be his turn. 

Ren set up the harpoon. 

This was Ren’s plan. First, use the Ralt’s skills to confuse the fish and make them unconscious, then use his spirit construct to kill and reel in one of the fish.

There was only one small problem with the plan. 

‘I have to be extremely quick.’ 

That was the tradeoff. Aura was not all-powerful. In return for a greater range, the power of the Ralt’s [confusion] had gone down. 

It had gone from being able to stun a white tier Pokémon for 10 seconds to only being able to stun such a Pokémon for three.

‘Three… two…’ Ren counted in his head,

A shadow emerged from the water. It was a confused, 50cm, yellow-colored Pokémon. A Feebas! 

More and more fish emerged. 

They each lay on their sides, confused.

Ren released his harpoon, targeting the Feebas that had emerged first. 


Species name: Feebas

Potential: D 

Level: 2/5


The harpoon shuttled through the air. 

Ren had been practicing his aim for this moment. 

A swishing sound rung out as the Harpoon cut through the air. 

The still Basculin and Feebas in the pond began to move. 

The effects of the confusion were wearing off. 

With a soft squelch, Ren’s spear pierced through the flesh of his target. Instantly 

‘Yes!’ Ren thought. 

He had hit it!

The Feebas did not have an opportunity to resist. 

It instantly died.

Ren instantly began to wind in the chain.

The fish around the chain began to wake up. They did not dive back under the water to continue consuming the kelp. 

No, they were more interested in the blood that had escaped from their fallen comrade. 

They were hungry!

The fish began to swim rapidly towards the chain. 

‘Ralts, Can you use another confusion?’ Ren asked the Ralts.

‘No…’ The Ralts replied with a downcast look.

He had to quickly wind in the chain. Unfortunately, that was a problem. Ordinarily, controlling a spirit construct within his range of influence (8 meters) would not be too troublesome. 

This changed when considering the fact that a 5-kilogram fish was attached to the chain. 

Ren’s winding in speed was too slow! 

Ren did not want to lose his catch. This was the pride of a fisherman! 

 Ren immediately considered the Ralt’s skills. 

The Horde of fish rapidly approached the harpoon. 

The Ralt’s did not have any more wide scale attacks. He needed to come up with something himself. 

Ren thought back to the fisherman in his old life. 

They would hunt fish that were deep within the water. 

What did they use? 

A reel! 

Ren needed to construct a reel. Not a small reel but a large enough reel for his chain! 

Ren immediately began the construction process. 

‘Ralts, tell me where they are!’ Ren instructed the Ralts. 

‘Their position?’ 

‘Yes! Tell me how close they are to my harpoon.’ 

The Ralts nodded affirmatively, before observing the situation. 

‘They are about a meter away and they are getting closer.’ The Ralts said in an orderly manner. 

Over the course of the last few days, Ren and the Ralts had developed strong teamwork. 

The frame was formed. 



Ren attached one end of the chain to the reel. 

Ren then controlled the massive reel to spin. Meters of the chain were quickly wrapped up. 

‘They are nearly there!’ The Ralts exclaimed. 

Ren made the reel spin faster. 

With a burst of energy, the Feebas corpse smashed onto the beach. 

Ralts stared at it. 

‘We did it!’ Both the Ralts and Ren exclaimed at the same time. It was a weak, low potential corpse, yet it represented something more. 

The development of Ren and the Ralt’s teamwork!

The group of fish, seeing their prey disappear, swam back into the water depths. 

‘We’ll get you soon!’ The Ralts said as it raised its arm into the air. 

Ren looked at the cheerful face of the Ralts. 

The Ralts had changed. 

It was not as depressed as before. It was more cheerful, more vibrant. 

It made him proud. He had helped it grow. 

‘Hey, come one over here.’ Ren said as he beckoned the Ralts to the corpse of the Feebas. 

Ren motioned to the Ralts. 

‘You eat it.’ Ren said as he motioned to the corpse. 

‘But I did not do much…’ The Ralts said as it looked down. It had only used one skill.

‘Look. It is because of your hard work that we even reached this point. You worked hard and you developed your [confusion] skill. So eat it, ok?’ Ren said as he motioned to the corpse. 

The Ralts was silent for a while. 


The Ralts floated to the corpse of the Feebas and began to [Drain] it. Bioenergy entered its body. 

Its stomach expanded a bit before decompressing.

‘Ok, let’s continue!’ Ren said.