Chapter 41: Revenge
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Ren once again prepared another harpoon.

A harpoon and chain rapidly emerged in front of him.

‘Ready, Ralts?’ Ren asked the Ralts.

‘Ready.’ The Ralts replied.

Ren was prepared.



Ren and the Ralts continued to hunt fish throughout the next few hours.

They caught a variety of fish from Feebas to Remoraid to Basculin.

Ren’s bioenergy and length rapidly increased.



Host Name: Ren

Species: Draconic Ekans (Adolescent)

Element: Poison

Level: 3 [Limit: 5]

Bio-Energy: 100/70

Length: 351 cm

Spirit: 41

Power: 27

Wisdom: 17

Agility: 29

Defense: 31

Skills: Breathless Breathing Technique [32%], Poison sting [37%], Terrorize [62%], Acceleration [75%] Tier 2 - Limit breaker [25%] Pokémon Appraisal [51%] Spirit Concentration [31%], Stealth [7%] 

Passive Skills: Tier 2 - Spirit Control [7%]

Racial Skills: Shedding [35%], Draconic body [11%]



In the short span of a few hours, he had actually grown by about 19 centimeters!

Ren stared at the water.

‘Once again. Are you ready?’

‘I am.’ The Ralts replied.


The Ralts activated its confusion again.

[Confusion: Widespread]

Shadows got larger and larger, as fish floated up to the surface.


Ren said as he shot the harpoon at one of the larger shadows.

The fish emerged from the water.

Ren’s harpoon concurrently hit the largest fish.

‘This one is a large catch.’ Ren thought as he reeled in the prey.

It was a large one-meter Remoraid.

Ren began to reel in the fish.



Ren felt a sharp sting on the back of his body, followed by a loss of feeling on his upper back.

Ren’s body was jolted forward, soaring through the air.

The Ralts was shocked. Ren was shocked.

Ren’s control was disrupted and the spirit constructs disappeared into nothing.

Ren’s body crashed into the hard rocks near the bank of the water.

‘What the fuck was that?’ Ren wondered.

What had he felt?

Even though he could not see it, Ren could tell that his back was bloody.

Ren slowly turned his head around.


From behind the pine trees emerged a bipedal creature.

A large blue, baldhead.

A body covered in a thick brown shell like armor and a swirly club like tail.

It was the ‘tiny turtle Pokémon’, a Squirlte.

Ren subconsciously activated [appraisal].


Species: Squirtle

Potential: B

Level: 3/5


Ren glanced at the Ralt’s shaking figure.

‘Ralts, heal me.’

They would have to work together. Ren could not move.

The Ralts seemed to not hear him.

It stared at the Squirtle with intense anger.

Its body continued to violently shake.

Noise from the outside world seemed to be almost blocked out of its perception.

‘How dare you…’ The Ralts said.

The Ralts felt anger. Anger on a level that it had never felt before.

It glanced at the wounds on the Ekan’s body. The blood that dripped down onto the pebbles.

The Ralts remembered the warmth that the Ekans had shown it. The Ekans had taught it how to hunt it. It had shown it the best methods to use its skills.

More than anything, it had shown it kindness. It was an unfamiliar yet such a warm and loving concept.

This piece of crap did this to its friend.

Anger controlled its mind, aggravating the Ralts further.

The Ralts had never felt this way before.

It wanted to kill the Squirlte.

It wanted to tear it apart.

The Ralts charged forward.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ Ren shouted out at the Ralts.

It was going to be killed! It was charging at a strong Pokémon foolhardily. Although both of them were B-ranked Pokémon, the Ralts was a Long Range attacker and supporter while the Squirtle was an all-rounder.

So why the hell was the Ralts charging?

‘Ralts! Don’t go!’ Ren yelled loudly.

The Ralts did not seem to care.

The Squirlte also observed the charging Ralts and smiled. Its pure white teeth were on display.

It had already taken out one of its targets. The other one did not seem to strong. After it finished off the weaker one it would quickly finish off the stronger one before enjoying a very good meal.

Yellow aura gathered in front of the Squirtle.

[Water gun]

A bullet of condensed water shot out from in front of the Squirtle, targeting the heart of the Ralts.

‘Dodge it!’ Shouted Ren.

The Ralts dodged the bullet at the last second, with the bullet grazing its shoulders. Blood flowed out of its wounds.

Yellow aura condensed on the Squirtle’s tail.

[Aqua tail]

Its tail become clear, like water.


The Ralts activated its skill, stopping the Squirtle for a small while.

That was all the time that it needed.


The Ralts gathered its aura and released it. The beam of energy rapidly traveled towards the Squirtle.

The Squirtle, seeming to sense the danger, awoke from its stupor and dogged to the side.

It bounced of the floor, charging forward towards the Ralts.

Its tail was still shining.

Its [Aqua tail] was poised.

The Squirtle activated another skill.

[Rain dance]

Its movement speed rapidly increased as its movements became confusing.


Ren desperately tried to move his body.

The Squirtle had used its strongest skill [Hydropump] to shoot out a shot of highly concentrated water into Ren’s back,.

The wound was extremely deep; nearly pierce right through his body. If started to make big movements… he would actually die.

Ren cursed his weakness and he cursed his laziness.

He should have been more vary of his surroundings.

The thought of the Ralts dying… it filled him with unimaginable sadness.

‘Have I become this attached…’ Ren thought in a self-deprecating manner.

The Ralts saw the Squirtle rapidly charging towards it.


In desperation, the Ralts once again activated confusion.

The Squirtle’s [Rain dance] was canceled.

The Ralts could not do anything else. It's [Psybeam] was under cool down.

 The Squirtle began moving again, rapidly catching up to the Ralt’s retreating figure.

The Ralts could see it.


It was going to die.

The Squirtle leaped into the air and the Ralts closed its eyes.

There was no pain or feeling. Was this how it was like to die, the Ralts wondered.

It slowly opened its eyes to a shocking scene.

A large Red shield covered the Ralts like armor. The Squirtle desperately tried to break through the shield with its [aqua tail] yet it could not.

‘RALTS DON’T GIVE UP! DON’T DIE!’ The screaming voice of Ren rang out in her mind.

The Ralts instantly woke up.

‘Even now, you still protect me.’ The Ralts thought.

The Ralts looked at its injured companion.

Ren’s blood…

Had it been so preoccupied with the battle that it had not even thought about its precious friend’s condition.

Why did it not heal him?

Was it this useless?

Was it this weak?

Every single time… it could never do anything for itself and relied on others.

The Ralts quickly floated to the injured Ren and activated [Life dew]

The wound in Ren’s back instantly began to shrink.

It was not perfect healing but it was good enough.

The Squirtle finally broke through the barrier and rapidly charged towards the two of them.

[Rain dance] activated.

Ren turned to the Ralts.

‘We’ll talk about this later’ Ren said coldly.

Ren turned towards the Squirlte.

‘For now, we have to work together’ Ren said.

The Ralts nodded its head fiercely.

The Squirlte stopped moving and activated another skill: [Water pulse]

A wave of water energy spread out from the Squirtle towards Ren and the Ralts.

Ren countered with his own skill.

[Spirit control: Dark pulse]

A wave of dark, poisonous energy spread out from him.

The two waves met in the center, clashed for a while before dissipating.

The Squirtle continued its charge.

[Aqua tail] activated.

Ren did not have much spirit left.

He only had one more shot left.

‘We have to finish this now. Use your confusion when I tell you.’

3 meters… 2 meters…

‘Now!’ Ren called out.

[Confusion] activated, momentarily stopping the Ralts from moving.

Ren channeled his spirit in front of him.

[Spirit Control: Sludge Bomb]

A ball of condensed spirit rapidly shot from Ren’s mouth, covered in a coat of poison.

The Squirtle began to wake up but it was too late.

The ball of condensed spirit made contact with the Squirtle. Instantly the ball exploded into small shrapnel-shaped pieces of spirit, piercing deep into all parts of the Squirtle’s body.

The Squirtle was shocked.

‘Use Psybeam, now!’ Ren shouted out.

The Ralts used its [Psybeam] and the Squirtle fell to the ground. Its brain was fried and it was dead.