Chapter 43: True Nature
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Ren gasped at the sight before him. 

Ren could see the waves on the ocean. 

He could see a few mountains littered around the area yet behind the gaps of the mountains the coast and freshwater. 

Lush green forests covered the land, with plains and streams of water snaking in and out of the gaps in the trees.

Birds of prey littered the sky, occasionally diving down and catching unsuspecting Pokémon traveling unprotected on the plains.

That was not what bothered him. 

‘What the fuck!’ Ren exclaimed. 

The oceans seemed to extend around the landmass. 

Either he was on some type of outcropping piece of land or he was on an island. 

The Ralts floated next to him. 

‘What’s wrong?’ it asked as they staring out at the ocean. 

‘We are on an island.’ Ren said. 

A piece of land on the middle of a large body of water.

Eva tilted its head in confusion.


The Ralts had lead Ren to the top of the mountain.

Ren and the Ralts stood on the ledge on the top of the mountain. It overlooked the immediate surroundings. 

Ren had expected to see some shocking views, but this…?

An island. He was on a goddamn island. 

It made him reconsider everything.

‘When did you even find this?’ Ren asked Eva. 

‘Um... when I was running away from a scary one, I found this place.’ The Ralts replied.

Ren assumed that a ‘scary one’ referred to some Pokémon.

‘It was a few days after I had hatched out of the egg.’ The Ralts clarified. 

‘Is it embarrassed?’ Ren thought. 

He turned his attention back onto the surroundings.

Ren could see the large body of water surrounding most of the area. 

‘What the fuck…’ 

All of the strange instances since coming to the world flashed through his eyes. 

Why were there no parent, stronger Pokémon? Why was it that when he first walked into the forest, there were no roars, yet a few days later when he had finished his evolution, it was filled with the sounds of battle. 

‘It must be some type of birthing area.’ Ren concluded. 

It explained some of the questions that he had.

Only baby Pokémon were present on the island.

This new revelation only continued to create new questions.

It was a shock to him. Why did that do that? For some reason, parent Pokémon left their offspring on this island to battle one another.  

According to Ren’s knowledge of Earth and the Pokémon world, this did not occur. Most Pokémon looked after their offspring.

There was also the fact that Ren did not see any herbivorous Pokémon. It was a question that had been bugging Ren for a long time.

Why was that? Herbivorous Pokémon were necessary for the ecosystem. 

Yet even Herbivorous Pokémon like the Buneary had all been turned into Carnivores. 

‘This really is different… it must be from some corner of the Pokémon world or…’ 

This world… his surroundings did not correlate to the world of his memories. The environment… the habits of the Pokémon. 

Ren also thought of another thing. 

‘Are there Pokémon from other batches here…’ Ren thought aloud.

‘Other batches…?’ Eva inquired. 

Ren began to explain his thoughts. 

‘You hatched out of an egg, right?’ 

‘Yes.’ Eva confirmed. 

‘When you were on that large beach…’ Ren said as he pointed to the large beach outlining the island in its pristine sand, ‘You saw many other eggs right?’ 

‘Yeah… some scary monsters came out of them.’ Eva said as it thought of its times on the beach.

‘Exactly… but what about before that?’ Ren asked. 

Eva tilted its head. 

‘You’re confused, right? Ok. In other words, before the eggs appeared on the beach, do you think that this island was uninhabited?’ 

The Ralts opened its eyes wide. A look of understanding overcame it. 

‘Yes. Where did the previous batch of Pokémon from the eggs go?’ Ren asked.

Eva looked at Ren. ‘Then what about that Oranguru?’ 

Ren was struck. He looked at Eva in amazement. It had actually thought of something interesting. 

The Oranguru was sort of an outlier.

Ren began to consider the problem. 

Other Pokémon did not have the healing abilities that Ren had.

After an intense battle, a normal Pokémon would need to extend for an extended amount of time to recharge their abilities and energy.

As for Ren? His species and system allowed him to enter one battle after the other. The very reason that he was able to survive for so long was due to his high wisdom, unique skills, and high intelligence. 

Then what about the Oranguru?

When Ren and the Oranguru fought, the Oranguru was on level 5. Moreover, it had reached the ‘perfect’ state, which Ren assumed required more than simple ‘bioenergy’. 

There was definitely a possibility that the Oranguru might have been able to do it. But in the case that it had not… in the case that it was a survivor of one of the past waves… that would be…

‘No, it’s too early to assume that.’ Ren said succinctly. 

The Ralts nodded.  

Still, it made Ren even more curious. Had a large amount of Pokémon from previous batches survived?

Ren soon dismissed that idea. If that were the case, newborn Pokémon would be simple lambs to the slaughter.

If not for this, how had they left the island? They had certainly not swim away. The sea was certain death.

Ren had no method of knowing.

Eva tapped Ren’s body before nervously pulling away. 


‘Yes. What is it?’ Ren asked. 

‘What do you want to do now?’ Ralts asked as it motioned to the mountains in the distance. 

‘Do you want to explore them?’ Eva asked as it pointed to the surroundings.

Ren followed the Ralt’s outstretched hands to the mountains.

Most of them were about the same size as the mountain that he was standing on. Ren’s eyes landed on the mountain in the middle of the island. 

It was taller. 

Much taller. 

What type of Pokémon was hiding on that mountain? Would his questions finally be answered?

Ren began to breathe in hard. He wanted to know! 

If he wanted to find out more about this world, if he wanted to explore the reason for all these mysteries, Ren knew that he would have to explore the rest of the island. 

Ren calmed himself down. Rational thoughts filled his mind.

‘It’s not the time for that.’ Ren responded. ‘We have to finish one more enemy before that.’ 

It would only continue to get harder after this point. Ren wanted to at least finish off one more of them. 

A yellow-ranked (A) Pokémon. 

Good thing he knew the location of one of them.

 Ren beckoned to Eva. 

‘Let’s go.’ 

Ren turned away and headed back down the slope.

‘Ok!’ Eva said cheerfully and followed him.


Ren and Eva lay hidden in the foliage looking out at a clearing. 

Ren had taken Eva and moved to the outside perimeter of the Ant’s area of action. 

After his last encounter with the ants, Ren had made sure to actively avoid them. He had shifted his hunting area, preferring to hunt upstream, near the mountain. 

Over the course of the last few weeks, the ants had extended their area of activity past the plains and well into the forest. 

Ren understood his limits. 

Sure, he was stronger now and could probably take on more ants but what about after that? 

He would have to battle the Queen without fully understanding her abilities and powers. Besides, he did not think he was strong enough. 

Ren had devised a simple plan. Work from the perimeters where the ants were more spread out and make his way into the colony.

They waited for a bit. 

Finally, a dark shadow emerged from beneath the foliage. 

‘A Durant.’ Ren thought.

‘Get Ready.’ Ren said.

‘Ok’ Eva replied.

They prepared themselves for the battle.