Chapter 13 Classes again… I did not leave Earth for this
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2nd Welkalach of Fezariel 1205

7.00 am Zeyle's house

Lucy's POV

Hello there, teacher Lucy here~ this morning I am going to continue teach this total moron here some common sense. 

" How much of yesterday's stuff do you know before sleeping," I asked Christine.

Christine now has some bumps on her head, as well as some water droplets that still remain on her hair. What happened last night, guess yourself. It definitely involves some beating and some water... hot water...

" We have 8 continents and we are on one of them!" She said excitedly and I asked back. " and what is the name of that continent"

" I think it's Zara... or was it Zaku... ah I know Zajaan!" The first one is a Spanish outfit brand... the second one is a mobile suit... and the heck is the last one...

" Sis, why are you being so noisy" the kids came down asking while rubbing their eyes... oops I might be too loud...

" I'm sorry for waking you all up, how bout this, help big sis buy breakfast for dad, myself and all of you guys, no need for big sis Christine, here use this to buy, you can buy candies if there is extra but no eating candies before breakfast ok?" I said as I gave them 50000 Zars. an average meal here costs 5000-8000 Zars so 5 kids and 2 adults should be enough with 50000 Zars.

" Really?? YAY! Let's go!" " I want to eat chips!" " I want honeybread!" the kids shouted while running out. These are good kids, they always help out whenever me or the old man is busy.

" You will not be going out until its lunchtime, OK?" I said towards Christine. " If you don't remember what I'm going to say next, no lunch and dinner for you today. Not having food for one day should be fine. Especially with the excessive fat on your body." I added. It's unfair... why did she get such huge mounds while I'm almost flat...

" Anyways we are going to start with currency. The common currency used in the Zarcara continent is the Zars, the one used in Desarrkti is the Dekti and in the Kesintorr is the Torr. These currencies are always maintained to be on a 1: 1: 5 relation. so means one Zars is equal to one Dekti and equals to five Torr. Though I probably will never bring you to the Kesintorr continent so you can rest easy. You won't be needing to do many calculations. Yskrasidria doesn't have a common currency as the dryads and treants are not interested in trading so the currency used will be depending on which town you visit there. For earth standards, you can say that 2000 Zars is equal to one US Dollar. Get me so far?" I asked Christine. I really need to keep asking her questions to let her stay awake... she looks like she's going to fall asleep again...

" It seems like you're a bit tired no? Do I need to wake you up?" I asked nicely. "No thanks...."

" These coins here are Zars current coinage. I heard that the Dwarven Kingdom is going to mint a new type of coins that are harder to counterfeit and are better for storage. A copper coin is worth 100 Zars, a bronze one for 1000, a silver coin for 10k, a trilver coin for 100k. Before you asked, a trilver is an elven variant for silver. The silver is infused with a lot of nature mana which gave it a tint of green, making the metal lighter and easier to form objects. Gold coins are not used as they are rare metals and even if they are given out, it's more of a ceremonial item than a currency. Energized Silver coin is the highest denomination of the coins as it is worth ten million Zars. These types of coins are only manufactured in the Aregios Kingdom and are only used in transactions between countries. There are no coins to represent 1 million Zars btw. Now tell me each coin and its denomination." I reminded Christine.

" Er..... Copper for 1k, Silver for 10k, tree silver for 100k, and er Energy Silver for 10 million," she answered... nice interpretation of trilver for being tree silver... " Though the names are a bit wrong ill just accept this for now since you got the numbers correct. The last thing I want is that I give you money and you got totally scammed..." I added. Petrasha would be a better person for managing our finance...

" Next is the calendar of this world. We do not follow the Gregorian, Julian, Lunar, or whatever calendar there is on Earth. The calendar here is called the Astric Calendar and rather than only day month and then years, we use days, weeks, months, and years. We are currently in the year 1205. The year is based on the year that the humans are derived out from all other continents except the Hikurat continent. It is better if you ask the history stuff from Petrasha. She should have access to the Grand Dwarven Library so it would be better if you let her explain to you someday. I'm lazy to tell you all history stuff when I know that you will be asleep halfway. So either you find her to let her teach you or just pretend to not know anything and get treated like a baboon. Each year has 300 days which are divided into 12 months. Which means that each month will have 25 days. These 25 days are divided into 5 weeks with 5 days each." I said.

" Why don't they just use like 1st of January stuff, why must they add weeks, it's annoying," she said. While I agree adding weeks is annoying, it can't be helped.

" The reason they added weeks is because of the moons. You see Astrea has 2 moons. One is called Alkar and the second one is called Beltar. Alkar orbits around Astrea with a cycle of 25 days. Which is why the months have 25 days. The second moon Beltar actually orbits around Alkar. At a very high speed too. It only takes 5 days for Beltar to perform a full orbit around Alkar. This is what makes the weeks... Annoying as it may, it is actually a pretty good way to determine a day without looking at Calendars... Just go out and see the moon. A full Beltar means it's the first day of the week. If Alkar is full then it's the first day and week of the month." I told her... this new system is annoying but at the same time, it's convenient. Especially if you are outdoors.

" The Alkar moon is not bright enough to show during the day but at the night time, you can see a dim blue glow from it. Belkar on the other hand is bright enough to be seen during the day with its glowing green light. Provided it's the first day of the week anyways." I added. At first, it feels weird to see a glowing green moon at day, but then again in some places on Earth, you can see the moon in the daytime so I guess it's not that weird... except it's green. Good thing the bright moon isn't the blue one or there would be a lot of blue jokes.

" Also in here, we don't use January, February, and such. In here months are called Triels. The names for months are still a bit similar to Earth though, only for the first letter. The sequence for the months is like this: Jariel, Fezariel, Meruriel, Ateriel, Mayizriel..." then I heard Christine trying to laugh. " May is real ahahahahah" she then laugh out loud. " While it is funny, do not cut into my sentences again. After Mayizriel is Juliel, Juriel, Ausiriel, Secafiel, Olukiel, Nezariel, and finally Desariel. most of these would only have the same first letters as the Earth calendars." I said... The names are pretty shitty from an earthling's perspective... " Anyways months might be the same but the biggest difference is the weeks. On Earth, we used Monday until Sunday for the days, but here we use a different system. We use weeks to differentiate it, a week is called Kurach here by the way. The five weeks are respectively Maelach, Tekulach, Welkalach, Felerach, and Sukurach. To determine the week, they first see how the Alkar moon is at that time. If it is a full moon it is the first week or Maelach. A third-quarter is Tekulach, New moon is Welkalach, First-quarter is Felerach, and going back to a full moon is Felerach. Though only the first and last day of the month is a full moon. So the first day of the first week of the first month in the year 1234 would be 1st Maelach of Jariel Year 1234. Understand?" I said to Christine. This is a huge info dump but I hope she knows the basics... at least know what is the word for the week and month here.

" Big sis we are back! We bought bread and buns! We also got some meat for dad too!" ah such good boys and girls... I'm melting here~~

" Ah, food wheres mine wheres mine!" Christine said while the kids look at her confused. " But Big sis Lucy said you don't need any?" They said. " Yes, Big sis Christine don't need food today. She has been a very very naughty girl so she is being punished today." I answered them.

" What did she do? Did she wet the bed?" " Did she play go outside when it's night?" " Did she sleep with dad?" Man these kids sure are imaginative... what's with the last answer again... " Zack... where did you hear those stuff... " " Dad says that if a boy and a girl like each other very much they will sleep on the same bed!"



Someone else also won't be getting their meals provided today.

1.00 pm Edolophine Town Center 

Christine's POV

" And with this, your ID has been successfully made. We welcome you to become a resident in Zarcara." the elf receptionist said to me while giving me my card. It looks like your normal IC without the picture, ID number, nevermind. It's not like the IC card. On the ID card contains first my name, then it's my race, my affiliated continent, and finally a blood signature of mine. It still feels creepy that my ID card got my own blood on it.

" You go back home while I go and meet lord Ganmol. I still have something I have to do with him, old man's house is easy to recognize so it wouldn't be hard for you to miss it. If you made need to do more work, ill skin you alive." Lucy said to me... where did the peaceful Luca go... this one is just a demon reincarnation.

" Demons are actually a good species here. Don't bring that conception from Earth to here. You will get into trouble if you keep that conception of demons here. Don't tell me I didn't warn you." Lucy said suddenly... is my face that easy to read.

" As easy as it is back on Earth".... shut up.

Should I wander around... I kinda want to experience that common fantasy troupe~ a bunch of old man ganging up on a good looking girl in a dark alleyway~ Hrmmmm lets go~

After wandering around I realize, there aren't really that many alleyways... at least dark alleyways... even the most isolated ones would have street lights and at least a few people walking around... THIS ISNT THE FANTASY THAT I EXPECTED!!!

" Look a pretty elf..." " Yeah, she sure is pretty" " What do you think she's coming here for ?" oho? I heard some people talking about me when I walked into a random alleyway~ I'm going to experience the cliched fantasy troupe here~ I feel myself getting wet~

" What are you doing here pretty miss?" "Yeah, did you get lost somewhere?" oh I remember these guys, they are the one that tried to hit it with me the first day I came here... isn't that yesterday... let's play with them~ " Yeah I got lost in here, I was unfamiliar in this area and was trying to find the crafters guild..." hehehe, they would then try to woo me to follow them~

" Crafters guild huh, that's actually at the other side of the town... How did you get here anyway, here let's bring you back to the crafters guild. It isn't right for someone this pretty to be lost in these alleyways. Let's go boys." "OUUUU" .... huh? somethings not right here...

Huh? Someone's wet fantasy dream doesn't seem to be coming true?

Next chapter will be all about human history~

What is going on with my isekai world? Why am I still studying after coming to another world???

Sounds like a good novel name XD

Also the Maps in Chapter 12 is now updated and should show properly now.