Chapter 14 Turns of Events
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2nd Welkalach of Jariel 1205

Lucy's POV

After dropping the baggage called Christine, I head to the Crafters Guild to meet with Lord Ganmol. I still have some questions to him and also hoping his phone can manage another call to Petrasha.

As I walked towards the Guild, I also saw Lord Ganmol talking with another elf.... Old man Zeyle? What are they talking about.

I tried to walk closer to listen to what they were talking about but they found me.

" Oh Lucy my girl come, we have something to talk about." said old man Zeyle. This is the first time he wanted to talk with me directly in 5 years... something must be going on.

"Let's go inside Sir Zelye, it is not suitable to talk about these matters outside." " Sure Ganmol." ... they're friends... and dad definitely isn't just a small town's guildmaster... if I had to guess, he is either the manager of the entire Kingdom's or even the continent's Guild Master. Judging by how Lord Ganmol is being polite to that old man, he must be the Continent's Hunter Guild Master. Well, that explains why he has money to raise kids every time he found one.

We entered the same room as me and Lord Ganmol met yesterday.

" Er does this meeting really need me inside it? I feel like I'm joining in some big world-breaking business," I said sheepishly. Although one of them is my foster father, being next to two big wigs at the same time while being in the middle is very awkward.

" Don't worry, this plan will definitely need you and your friends inside here Luca. " the old man says... wait... Luca?

" I don't think I told you my old name before..." I replied, becoming warier and warier

" Don't worry. Your friend Petrasha or Peter told us. He told us, higher-ups, to use all of your old names as a method to find you all and get you all together." wow... Peter did this... as expected for someone who climbed the ranks of nobility. Unlike me who is just living a quiet life in the countryside.

" What are you going to do with us once you get all of us together?" I asked. There's a lot of troupes where the otherworlders are literally stripped of their freedom and forced to produce otherworldly stuff for the locals...

" Nothing really. He just requests us to help her. Who couldn't reject the request of the second-in-charge of the Dwarven Kingdom? Especially one that keeps inventing cool stuff like this ManaCom." old man Zeyle said. " So no slavery?" I asked.

" Who would be in their right mind to put innocent people into slavery for Astrea's sake... you guys didn't even perform any crime so why should we even enslave you?" said Ganmol this time.

" Then what are we discussing this time?" I said.

" The humans... They are trying to come back again. Not just our continent. The demons are also having traces of humans coming." said old man Zeyle.

" Your friend Petrasha is now developing new tools in order to assist us in the defense against the human nations. We are also increasing the patrols at the sea. According to our scouts, human technology has greatly dwindled when it got hit back a thousand years ago. At that time, the closest we can get to attacking them is just their shores. We managed to bombard them with firestones and caused quite a lot of damage. They always settle near the sea in order to get fishes which we used to destroy every settlement they have that are facing the sea." Ganmol said. So a thousand years ago the humans attacked us and we managed to push them back and almost wiped them out. If it isn't because of the manaless condition within that continent. And it means after so long, the humans have now bounced back and even created regained seafaring methods.

" From your face, I can know that you half understand our situation here right, Lucy?" Zeyle asked. " Sort of... I still don't understand what am I supposed to do with this though..." I replied.

" Well depending on all of your skills, we might be able to form much better plans in fighting them. Where is your friend by the way. She might also want to listen to this since it involves your gang. It is better if we can explain it to you two first so that we could form a plan with you two included. Petrasha is exempted as she is better in the backlines producing items to assist you two. I know Miss Lucy is a capable fighter but we don't know about Miss Christine yet." er Lord Ganmol... including Christine might be the last thing you want to do. I highly doubt that incompetence can do anything.

Suddenly, we hear a knock at the door. The people outside then said " Lady Lucy, there is someone called Christine who wanted to meet you. Her entourage said that she was lost and brought her here." That punk.... how hard it would be to go home! It's almost a straight line that you can't even miss! Didn't I even brought you to the town center from our house??? " Lord Ganmol... I don't know how would that idiot assist in your plans but I must say. It is best if you can ignore her. She would be more of a piece of baggage than a help." I said to Lord Ganmol and then went ahead to get Christine. That punk is in for some serious scolding later.

Ganmol Warhammer's POV

" Well isn't she an energetic girl ahahaha," I said to Zeyle.

" Yes, she is.. though she can be a bit rough at some times." He said back. It's quite a shock, the strong elf that can crush stones with bare hands is scared of his own daughter. Well, they said being a parent does make them weaker... guess it's true.

" Well the turn of events is starting to be concerning, they are starting to scout back our lands to find ways to infiltrate through. We cant let them get in touch with the humans that stay hidden in our continent." I said towards Zeyle. If they manage to contact those refugees in our land, we are not sure how much damage it will cause. At the very least it would only be a village, but if they managed to get a foothold in our continent, it will be hard to fend them off again without low casualties.

" I'll send seeker teams to scout out the forests within the elven kingdom, the beastkin kingdom should be fine on their own, they don't need us to tell them to find the humans. As soon as those ships appeared, hunting teams has been formed in every single town and village within their Kingdom. Sandra is fine on their own, there isn't anywhere for the humans to hide within those dunes of sand. If they tried to dig deep they would only become food for the sand whale." Zeyle said. Thats good. The beastkin always hates the humans, they treat them as if they're lowly livestock. Some even enjoy ripping off their ears and tails... Thinking about it makes me shiver. 

" We must not let them be able to invade our kingdoms again!" I said.

" We must protect our future from the evil human scums!" Zeyle said.

" For Astrea!"

1st Welkalach of Jariel 1236

Beno's POV

How long has it been since I'm here... I already don't know... The light never came deep in here. The only indicator is the number of times my limbs being torn of and how many times I've been scaled. I've counted it all... what I assume every 5 days is a limb... and every 10 days is my scales. This the amount of time needed for them to regenerate... they have torn my limb 30 times... descaled me 15 times... but somehow... the pain never reaches me. I never felt the pain of those what should be painful actions. 

I can feel something very weak in the air... It is similar to oxygen but I don't really need to breathe it in since I tried not breathing at all. But I'm still alive even after what I think a day is. Is it perhaps mana? Maybe what keeps regenerating my body is mana. I heard the priest said that dragonkin are notorious for being able to regenerate infinitely if they are in a mana-heavy area. So with my slow body regeneration speed does it mean that this is a place where there is literally no mana? That makes sense if it is that way... Because of that, I have been trying ways to store mana into my own body, so I can use it in one go to try to escape... I think I should have more mana to attempt to run away today... I just have to wait for them to come. Cause if I didn't remember wrong... today is the day they will come and torn my legs again... 

Don't think I will always be docile you bastards...

After about an hour of wait... the usual guy came, it's a butcher... it came and told the guards to bring me to the chopping table. That's right... come, you bastards... I swear I will give you all a clean death. 

They removed the chains while holding me and move me to the table. They were laughing about plans to use my scales to make armor and then to conquer the cursed continent. No... You all are the cursed ones...

I had enough. I used a portion of my mana to turn my fingers into claws and shove it into the guards that are holding me. One hand at one guard. They sure died fast despite being someone who locked me down for months. The butcher is the next one... He tried to chop me using his butcher knife but I used my tail to block it, the scales haven't fully regenerated so it still chopped a little bit into my flesh. But I can't feel any pain anyways so I let them. After blocking the knife with my tail, I immediately turn myself and swing my tail into the butcher, making him go splat onto the wall.

With this all 3 people underground are dead. They said they locked me down cause they don't want my wails to go above ground. Well, guess what, your dying screams won't go above too! I should have some time before the guard shift changes, I should escape using this time... but somehow... looking at the corpse of the dead humans makes me hungry... I think it makes sense... I am a dragon after all. Dragons are known to eat a lot of meat, and in front of me, are bastards who treat me like meat. I guess it's time for some payback time then. I wonder how human meat tastes like... let's not eat the butcher, he's too fat... I don't want to get sick...

It seems the humans are starting to act up again~ and look what do we have here, someone finally found food! Too bad one of them is too greasy to be eaten~

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