Chapter 15 Information is Gold
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1st Welkalach of Jariel 1236

Beno's POV

" Blergh... these two guards taste so bad... must be because they're old fucks..." I then look at the fat butcher... no don't think of that... greasy meat will only make you sick... Don't eat that Beno... bad boy... or is it girl... bad girl!

I'm still hungry... there should be more humans outside... but they will hunt me down once I show myself... maybe I should hide myself for a while. Yeah, let's do that!

Once I was halfway through the staircase, I sense someone coming down... I need to hide...but where to... I immediately climb up the walls and head to the ceiling of the stairway... hoping they won't notice me...

When the sounds get closer I can see that it's a group of 4 people, two guards, the priest, and a stranger... who is that I never saw him before. That guy is chained too... is he like me? Getting captured and then tortured? But he looks like a normal human except for his cat-like ears and tail... it can't be, right? Do they also want those parts? For what? I don't think cosplaying would be liked in this kind of community... whatever... they haven't noticed me... once they come near ill just drop myself down and kill them. ESPECIALLY THAT PRIEST.

The guards this time... they look younger than the 2 guards before this... their meat would be more tender right? Before back on earth, it's always the young beef that tastes the best... I wonder if it applies to humans to... Should I eat that cat guy (?) too? Whatever kills the humans first think later.

As they walked below me, I dropped myself down while having my claws out. My claw immediately pierced the priest's head as he is not wearing any headgear while one of the humans still got his brain penetrated by my claw, just not that gory. The last guard and the cat guy are shocked by what happened. The soldier quickly regain his composure and tried to charge at me. But with a swing of my tail and he got slammed to the wall with his armor caved in into his body. I look at the cat guy... he seems scared of me... Well, I guess that's normal. You don't see a girl around the age of 12 or something just come down from the ceiling and slaughter 3 grown-up men... even though I'm much older on the inside... am I? I don't know... I think I'm around the age of 20 when I died? How old was I again... argh whatever

" Are you ok?" I tried to ask the cat guy. But it seems he fainted on the spot... Maybe I should leave him here and go? But there's meat here... Argh fine buddy ill protect you for now... I brought the catkin and the soldiers back down. At the same time, I tried to use my hands to extend the underground jail, digging the wall and using those boulders to fill the stairway, hoping it will look like the place collapse after a battle. I truly am clever right? I patted myself on the back. I feel lonely... Wish I could be with my friends now... wait... do I even have friends? Of course, I do! There's Luca, Adeline, Marco and... and... I can't remember... whatever Beno don't think about hard things now, it's time to eat!



As expected, young human meat is more tender than those old guards! It is a good decision to bring these two guards down! I especially like the thighs! They're juicy and meaty~ then there's the phallus... should I eat it... it looks meaty for sure but urgh... why do I feel disgusted by even seeing it... let's just throw it at someplace first~ "poi" I made a sound and there we go no more distractions~ the catkin sure can sleep after 2 hours and he still hasn't wake up~ I want to sleep too... No bad Beno, you got the bible that the priest keeps talking about you need to learn more so you can escape!

I took the book and tried to read... urgh so many words... I don't like reading long texts of words... Maybe I should let the catkin read it for me? It's better than reading it by myself right? I am such a clever girl~ I wish mom could pat me on my head... I miss mom... The catkin still hasn't wake up... maybe I should expand this place... or maybe...

I could dig myself a tunnel to outside! I am such a genius! If I could just directly dig outside then I don't have to fight a ton of enemies! Those cannons look like it could be really painful... but I can't feel pain can I? I tried scratching myself with my claws. Hmmm I don't feel pain even if my flesh got literally torn off of me... 


Why haven't I thought of it?

Since I could regenerate... couldn't I cut myself and eat my own meat to be full? I am a genius! But which part should I cut through? I can't cut my legs I need them to walk... I also cant cut my arm, it will affect my working speed... meh it's not like those humans will be digging through that staircase soon. I have made sure that half of the staircase is buried in rubble now! so unless they also have a dragon it's going to take days or even months to dig through that! Arm it is then~ left or right though... I am a right-hander so left arm it is then, *swish* with that a part of the flesh from my left arm is cut down and I ate it. 


It tastes sweet. Should meat taste sweet? Hrmm I tried swinging my left arm, still functional though I feel it a bit clumsy. Well, at least it means I still can use both arms! Free food without sacrificing firepower! Who said about no pain no gain! I gained free meat without pain! Anyways let's start digging! If I didn't remember wrong the sea should be on the south side~ which I think is...

I don't know where is south...

Maybe the catkin knows where is the south... but he's asleep... maybe I should wake him up... let's see what I have that I can use to wake him up...

I start grinning and went to find that ding dong that I threw away just now, and I start slapping him with it! 

Somehow this feels relaxing~

" Wake up kitty~ wake up~" I chanted. Hoping that it would help waking up the catkin. After 5 minutes of unsuccessful attempts at waking him up by slapping him, I placed the ding dong in front of him and start sorting out my loot. 

Here is what I have now: 4 sets of full iron (?) plate mail armor though one of the helmets has a hole through it and all chestplates have different degrees of bending, 2 broadswords, 1 longsword, and one spear, all from the guards that I killed. From the priest, I got a white robe, his hat that now had a hole through it along with his staff. Is it even a staff, I feel that it is just a metal stick. A metal stick that isn't pointy enough to kill people. And lastly, I have these coins~ the brown one I assume is bronze, silver, and finally gold~ though there's only a single one of them. These guys are damn poor... what do you guys live in your life to only have one gold coin~ you pooooooooooooor guys...

Nothing I can do~ 

Let's see, o there's a picture here~ It looks like a girl, I guess this is the guard's daughter huh... but which one does it belongs to... not that I care~ young girl meat should also taste good right? I mean my own meat tastes sweet so a human girl's meat should taste similar huh... maybe I should try it out after I regain my strength. Though I feel pretty much better already. I can feel that I haven't even used half of the mana that I stored for the past 2 months and I can feel that eating also gives me mana... well good tasty meat. Those old meat feels disgusting.

OI catkin wake up already, I need you to read these out for me already~~~ I went ahead and brought three of those dongs and placed it in front of the cat kin~ if I didn't remember wrong isn't there a place where they place 3 sticks on the ground to pray for dead people? This would count, right? I continued to skim out the meat from the young guards while waiting for the catkin to wake up.

5th Welkalach of Jariel 1205

Lucy's POV

" As I said we have to go to where Petrasha is now! You lazy prick!" I yelled at Christine

" Don't want to~ I just want to laze around here and do nothing! Tell her to come here!" Christine yelled back.

" Look you lazy prick, the humans are planning to invade here again! We need to go to meet Petrasha to discuss about stuff! And to get information about them too! Weren't you the one interested in why we are so hostile against humans?" I yelled back AGAIN.

" Just let Petrasha invent a phone library and bring it here~ I'm lazy~"  this woman! You are literally the embodiment of sloth! Though called that would be insulting the demons as well, they are a pretty hardworking race... 

" Are you going to just wait for Petrasha to literally invent everything for you? How about we let her find a way to live for you too?" I said to this dumb woman.

" Can she really do that? I would like her to! I don't even mind being her tester~" ... this piece of useless shit...

" Either you follow me to Petrasha, or I will kill you and feed your body parts to whatever animal that wants to eat it!" I said while I brandish my new sword that I asked Ganmol to make. It is a 90 cm broadsword made out of steel. He even carved the word Lucy on the hilt! I really hope I could get one made from better metals but those available here are either too expensive or isn't better than steel. But it would be enough to chop this bitches into pieces anyways!

" Move right now! You can enjoy your useless life after we reach Petrasha." I said to her.

" Fine fine let's go... You are going to feed me right~ I don't have any money~" she said while winking at me.

" Go sell your body like some whore and earn your own money then. You still owe me an apology for rescuing you from that awkward as hell situation you caused at the guild." I said while thinking back at the events there. Seriously, this is not earth doesn't mean that it has the same shitty characteristic earth has. Plus they are way older than you... by at least 5 decades I think...

" Get up already! I even prepared the food and map already... we just need to walk there... it isn't even that far. At most, it would only take 5 days! So get your lazy bones moving right now!." I said while forcefully lifted Christine up.

" Alright alright... Let's go... it's our first adventure together after reaching this world!" Christine suddenly said, being pumped up for future events. Though... she is probably thinking pervert things... wait... am I in danger now?

Oho? Beno get meat! But it seems something isn't going right with her...

It seems we are finally getting the first adventure in the novel! How would the adventure of Christine and Lucy goes~