Chapter 1- Am I special?
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Chapter 1-Am I Special?

(If you haven't read the glossary I strongly recommend it but if you don't its still ok)

As I opened my eyes, there was a woman in front of me. I asked her, "Who are you?" She responded, "I am a goddess.”

 I scoffed and said, “you have gone the wrong way miss.”

She turned around and continued. “I am the Goddess Godie!”

 I snorted and said “Godie?” I thought to myself that it sounded as if a person was trying to act lazy but did it on purpose! 

She said, “stop laughing!”

 I retorted, ”sure...godie.” 

Then she said, now I will begin to explain the process in which this is going to work and function as! I said let me guess, I am going to be reincarnated in another world and I must not say anything about my past life but my lover and trusted ones got it. 

Godie asked me how did you know about the process, it is top secret, I said bruh are you kidding me , it's a genre everywhere it's on almost every single platform, manga, anime, light novels, visual novels you name it, aren't you supposed to be a goddess? Plus it's popular and it is easy to make, so a lot of writers make one! 

She said so you know what is going to happen? I responded yes basically, this is a trope that has been common for such a long time, then god said, since you already know the ropes of this, I will just send you right away, Do you have any requests for the new world?

Yeah, I want to have blonde hair and be handsome, hehe. She responded with a ok and told me ok, be careful and remember you got a goddess blessing, and remember to not mention what I told you, you already know this stuff anyways. As I was being about to be sent and reincarnated, I said my thanks and left

. (Godie)-He finally left, why do they always act like they know everything, I didn't even get a chance to tell him that everyone over there is reincarnated, but he can’t be that dense can he?

-(Man’s voice) Nah no way he can be that dense and self centered and think hey am I protagonist of this story, after all, its satirical

-Godie- What story?

-Man- I don't know if something took over me and made me say that!.

-Lets watch television (man)

As I woke up I was in a dense forest, field with lush green plants, and great tall trees, I wondered wow. Usually in a isekai I would have been in a village but I am at a stupid forest, well might as well explore! WOW would you look at that! It's a village! How cliché, well at least I don’t have to search for a village because there is one here, I should go check it out, As I walked over to a man.

I introduced myself and said Hey I am Isekai man! Nice to meet ya! The man said, hello isekai man, I am Nikola tesla, it is mighty fine to meet you! I thought, Nikola tesla? Isn’t that one famous guy who did electricity stuff? No, this had to be a coincidence. There is no way there is another guy who reincarnated to this world, I am the hero of this story after all I think anyways.